Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

Keveh Kins

Pun Enthusiast
Finally played a round of this. Made it to the final three and then got absolutely Zacked :monster:

I really think they've done as good a job with the controls as they possibly could do given that it's on phones and tablets. Every now and again they're a bit janky and annoying, but for the most part they work pretty well.

The thing I've found most annoying is trying to press some of the smaller icons on my phone, like to cast spells and whatnot. I haven't played around with the settings much though so this could be fixable.

Also, the sheer amount of credits and rewards and stuff is overwhelming me. Dafuq is all this stuff?

Oh well, I have purple hair so that's a plus.

I still play every weekend, usually after midnight on Friday nights will a beverage by my side. Would be up to helping you secure a win @Keveh Kins, but other than Friday night I can't guarantee what time I'll be on.

Last weekend I got the Too Good to Lose title for winning 5 consecutive matches in a row. The last 3 of those were ranked matches. Sometimes I think to myself "Should I become a First Solider streamer?"

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