Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

We tried doing complicated time zone maths but I think the simplest way is just drop a message here or in dms when you're on and someone usually hops on with you if they're free.

That said, I am also GMT and can usually get on from around 8pm on weekday evenings. Not today, but if I get time later in the week I'll let you know!
This was a sick match actually, including defeating someone who beat me in a previous match (someone in a Rufus skin called Bowl) just after they killed the scorpion bomber, so I got all the good items off their corpse :monster:


I'm off work today because I feel like ass, so this was a nice way to cheer up, even if my head still hurts.

Personally, I put it down to a sighting of my lucky talisman in the lobby

Holy shit, I refuse to give this game money and only draw on the LBM thing when the game gives me tickets, and its been ages since I've drawn anything but gun skins... but look what I just drew with event tickets!

Not just Barret, but Cloud too!

Can't decide who to stick with so I'll probably just alternate. Cloud is cooler but Barret is hilarious.
received_323503026395483.jpeg Yes, that is a sword in his gun hand.

All in all, a decent way to spend a sick day, even if probably not the best for my headache. Saw a couple people online but really wasn't feeling up to being functional on voice chat so sorry for not teaming up! Next time!

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Snuck a quick game in on my break this morning, managed to win after a fairly chaotic three-way battle at the end :monster:

I love love love love LOVE blizzard materia.

I've only played as warrior class so far but I'm thinking of changing it up to sorcerer or whatever the magic class is

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Hey guys! Thought I post a playlist of the Soundtrack I've ripped from the game. It includes the amazing 25th Anniversary Collab theme and music from the Opening Movie without SFX!
You can download all the tracks at the SoundCloud site (desktop version), just hover over the track and click on "..." to bring up the menu and click download.


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Started this event late but finally got everything from this 25th anniversary event. It was fucking fun.


Apparently the Planet heard I loved Intermission so much, it decided to let me play as Yuffie here too. :monster:

Now if only I could get Sephiroth...


LMAO didn't think I'd get to it but apparently I did. I doubt I'll make it to Prime before season end, but that's fine. It keeps rising and rising, and I honestly don't have that much time to devout to keeping the rank, but it's cool I'll at least get the 1st Class award.

Overall, I can't say enough praise for this. It's just a fun game especially with folks to play as. Really can't wait to see what Season 2 does.
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