Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier


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Dude, we're seeing parts of Midgar that literally have never been traversed or explored before. That's 100% fantastic and a unique undertaking for a new FFVII game. Definitely a "miracle." Just because it's not PS5 quality doesn't discount it's novelty.


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first soldier really good?
i dont like shooter games like dirge of cerberus, now first soldier
ever crisis gonna be a real rpg
OK I'm jumping back in. Loving the weird glitchy outfit with the red eye it seems we all got for free! I guess it reflects Anomaly Cloud?

Got a win on my second go!

Only had one match plateside so far but I headed to the mako reactor and damn it is detailed. Has a whole interior and everything. You can't land on top though, I tried...


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My wife got me a PS5 and FFVII Remake for my birthday/Xmas. (They're very close). It was an incredible gift and way outside our normal budget.

I just dropped some bones on a tablet for First Soldier. I totally presented it to her as "Hey hon, you wanted a drawing tablet. Here's the specs I need on a tablet. Why don't you pick one out?"

She said, "Is this for Final Fantasy?"

I looked at her for a moment and then she picked out a tablet. I'm both lucky and spoiled. I'll be joining you all on First Soldier before long.


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Double post, apologies!

Folx! I won a round! It was my fifth match. I'm rocking the dragoon. I have to say, I'm really sold. I'm using touch controls and it's odd, but man has this thing been fun. And checking out the Midgar places... sweet.

Not prepared for the massiveness of the undercity
Oh definitely hook your ps4/5 controller up to your tablet, the game is so much more fun that way.

Congrats on the win! It took me a looong time to get my first one. I'm so used to the undercity that plateside still feels new but also tiny haha. I like how many more large buildings there are though.

I've been playing as machinist to complete the challenges, and while the hoverboard is fun, I am so ready to go back to warrior...


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I have to figure out how to connect my PS5 controller to it. I had a nother victory today with 10 kills. Second victory out of 8 matches, and my first ranked one. Nothing really fancy but I'm totally down for this game. I'm honestly loving it so flipping much.

The chocobo farm thing? My gods that's fun. Like, way more than it should. I have a Red Chocobo named Sparklelord in honor of my friend's FFRPG choco from years ago. Just hilarious. And that you can explore sections?! Like just run around and explore?! I practice sniping an my goodness that was fun.

I'm happy to add friends and/or join the mentor system (not that i understand it at this time) if folks are still doing group things.
Sure, I'm leafonthebreeze on there too if you want to add me.

To hook up your controller, just press the ps button and the share button (the little oval one on the left) at the same time until the light starts flickering. Then go to Bluetooth settings on your tablet and search for devices, controller should pop up. Connect it and you're good to go! Super simple.

Although sounds like you're doing just fine with touch controls!


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We've discussed a few times if we see Young Sephiroth in the First Soldier Trailer. Well...

In this:

We get this:
野村氏: said:
現在はトレーラーでお見せしたオリジナル版「FFVII」と「CC FFVII」の作成をしていまして、トレーラーの最後に出てきた髪の短い若いセフィロスが、「FFVII FS」からのシーンになっています。
This is Nomura. The larger conversation is regarding his work and Ever Crisis. The last bit is what's interesting to me:
"トレーラーの最後に出てきた髪の短い若いセフィロスが、「FFVII FS」からのシーンになっています。"
This is referring to young Sephiroth that showed up in the end of the trailer. Right, we saw him at the end of the Ever Crisis Trailer, here:
We've had discussion about his design and his katana. (Single bladed, it isn't Souba, it has a sort of Shinra logo for the tsuba/crossguard). I and others have pointed out the similarities to this character seen in the First Soldier video:

The outfits looked similar to me (silver pauldrons, kinda standard Shinra uniform, and the short white hair. Many speculated when we first saw this, is it young Sephiroth?! As this thread has shown, the devs confirmed that this wasn't Young Sephiroth.

Then we get this quote. My understanding of this sentence is that we're told Young Sephiroth is from a scene in First Soldier. I can't say this is confirmed or they weren't being truthful or anything like that BUT, I do feel this points/suggests that White Haired SOLDIER candidate is Young Sephiroth.
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