Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster [PS3/PS4/Vita]

Replaying X for the first time in at least...gotta be 10 yrs? I have a lot to say actually, seems like this thread is more about game mechanics/quests/etc than plot discussion...but anyway, an aside:
I never noticed this before, and I must find out what the name of the song is, plays as you are preparing to leave Besaid with Yuna, she is convinced to leave behind her 'luggage'. The main melody, is like an almost direct interpretation/variation of Aeris' Theme, only a different key...found it very interesting

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They sometimes don't. My favourite song in FF9 was Sword of Fury, and they only played the damn thing once in the first hour and then you never heard it again. Complete madness.
For some reason I thought Uematsu only composed a few tracks in X. I just checked though, and it's actually about 2/3rds of them by him.
Geez man, yeah, I had always been under the impression almost all of it was him (FFX was the one that featured a 'recording journal' during production, wasn't it?? With long shenanigan-ridden asides, like taking his young nephew clothes shopping before the two of them end up hopelessly distracted by women's underwear, lol), so you had me worried for a minute there. A big part of why the FF Golden Age IS the "Golden Age" is Uematsu's unshakeable presence.
Fun Fact

In FFX-2: International+Last Mission for the PS2 there is an early Advent Children trailer accessed from the start menu. Select the rightmost option, 特典映像 (Bonus Video), to see it.

I've had a sealed copy of this version of the game for years but only bothered to boot it up right now because I wanted to confirm that it doesn't have HDD support and indeed FFX-2 does not make use of the HDD. Also confirmed that the original JP release of Kingdom Hearts II doesn't make use of the hard disk drive for the PS2.
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