Final Fantasy XVI

The names are fine, I dig the normalcy, but those ages are throwing me for a bit of a loop. They're nothing out of the ordinary in terms of JRPGs, I'm just getting old, I guess. I know there's going to be some sort of timeskip, but I was expecting younger Clive to be on the "older" side of FF protagonists, like 19 or 20.

The art looks great. The banners look really cool and the different realms sound promising in terms of worldbuilding. I really enjoyed how FFXII felt like an actual world with different cultures, so I hope this is similar in that respect.


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Jill is a pretty mature looking 12 year old. I imagine her character design won't change too much during the timeskip though.
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What do you know... Yoshida tweets that FFXVI will be getting a teaser site in late October... and we're getting a teaser site in late October...

Grabbed the world map in the background!

I find it interesting that the Mothercrystals are all named some variant of "Drake's X". The one major FF character I can think of that is a drake (dragon)
is Bahamut and... I'm guessing he'll (she'll?) have a different role to play this time around than being an Eikon. It does look like there's roughly one Eikon/Dominant per Mothercrystal though... Drake's Tail is the only Mothercrystal that seems to be missing one.

Given what is said about the Iron Kingdom, I wonder if that is where Clive went after the Ifrit incident. The idea about killing a Dominant certainly feels like it would naturally come from there. The Iron Kingdom would also be the one to go after Rosaria's Dominant given they and Rosaria seem to be vying for control of the same Mothercrystal. So maybe Clive wants payback?

On the standard of the Crystalline Dominion, there's four circles that look like mini versions of the other countries standards. The smaller version of Sanbreque's standard is greenish-yellow, while the smaller version of Waloed's standard is a very dark blue. I'm guessing the Eikon of Sanbreque is Garuda (or another wind-themed summon; we see Clive use wind-themed attacks in the trailer) and the Eikon of Waloed is Shiva.

But yeah, looks interesting so far. A bunch of different cultures and government types with a dash of metaphysics to spice the politics up. You can kinda just see how the tentative peace could give way without too much of a push...
I'm confused why they're pointing out the Jpn website specifically, the ages are explicitly given on the international ones as well :wacky:
Jill’s age is explicit in English. But Clive’s (and therefore Joshua’s) has some potential wiggle room for reading comprehension, as it only says Clive is 15 when he wins his first Ducal tournament. Now presumably the pre-time skip part of the game will likely start right after said tournament, but the more pedantic minded (which to be fair many fans can be) could understandably wonder if said tournament is supposed to be an event that occurred years in the past of of the starting part of the game (likely not, but the lack of specificity in the English wording allows for such potential misunderstanding).
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