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Mad Max (1979)

Has the recipes of a pretty good movie, what's holding it back from reaching that level and making it just a fine movie is the lack of stablishing context, something that could have been fixed with about 10 extra minutes.


Mad Max: Fury Road

Impecable action all around. Excellent action directing, pacing & composition, that's all that needs to be said.

I've been going to the Neuchatel International Fantasy Film Festival, and last night I saw a very odd film. "Fly Me to the Saitama," an adaptation of a manga by the same name. It's a fantastical riff on the rivalary between Tokyo and its neighbouring prefectures Chiba and Saitama. The manga was originally BL, so one of the 'male' leads. Momomi, was played by a woman whom everybody addressed as a man (like the principle boy in a British pantomime). Momomi was the student president of Tokyo's most elite school. The other male lead, a 17 year old exchange student, was played by Gackt. The script and settings were unbelievably wacky, and the actors all played their lines as if they were in a serious drama, which made the whole thing hilariously funny.

8/10 would recommend, but you'd have to be in the mood for it.

The other film I saw was from Malaysia, "Fy By Night", describe in the program as "Intense Neo-Noir." It was very much of the school of Tarantino, except that I hate Tarantino films and I liked this.


Harbinger O Great Justice
The Lion King
I quite enjoyed this. There were a few parts in the end where there was a scene cut that was a little odd, but it was just neat to see the story in a different way, especially since I'm less attached to the old Disney films while she's more attached to them, and it's interesting to see what we enjoy the same and differently about them.

Spider-Man Far From Home
Jeeze damn this was good. It hit me way, Way, WAY harder than I was prepared for because of personal reasons, but damn was it a fantastic Spider-Man film through and through, and that ending was just everything.

My favourite YouTube creator made a review where it's described as, "Wes Anderson's The Wicker Man" and by god, it was fantastic. It's also exceptionally poignant for personal reasons, but jeeze man. It's fucking intense.

X :neo:


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I really enjoyed this:the body (el cuerpo).
its well scripted with a Great storyline,while it never gets massively exciting it was tense enough all the way through to keep me interested.
Watched the Rocko's Modern Life movie/special (it's like 45 minutes long so it's not really typical movie-length) since it's up on Netflix now. I enjoyed it - it's fun and it has a good message.
I'm sure a certain subset of people out there are salty because of the trans character, which is kind of funny on a meta level in that these people are missing the (very clear) point of the whole special and are literally doing the thing the show pokes fun at. :monster:
It also completely nails the look of the '90s show, and it's nice having it on Netflix since pausing lets you catch the background gags.


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Watched Blade Runner (Final Cut) for the first time, it was an interesting watching and I liked its world-building, its themes, its atmosphere, but for some strange reason it put me to sleep when I watched it. I guess there's something about its execution that doesn't work for me, even though I usually like slow-paced movies. It looked pretty. I may watched BR2049 later.

Another one was Man of Steel, as someone that never quite liked Superman, this was a solid and enjoyable movie, the only thing that's relatively weak is
Superman killing Zod, it's not bad but it could have worked better if the movie dwelled why killing is such a burden for him
that issue aside it was a solid 8/10.

Suicide Squad (2016), easily the worst DCEU movie, it was not as boring as expected but was way more uninteresting than I anticipated.
Resident Evil: Vendetta. Not quite as good as the previous two, the animation looks off somehow, but one thing I love about this universe is how the death always has weight. Constantly being the sole survivors is really grinding down the leads.
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