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First time watching a 20yo movie :awesome:

Yes, it was very good and I understand all the hype back in the day. Wish I could have watched it years ago, when I still didn't know that much about ancient warriors and how armors work (is not that I'm an expert, but I know juuuuuuuust the right amount to roll my eyes sometimes. It sucks).

Reason for not watching and forgetting it ever existed? One of my brothers wouldn't stop harping about it (he did that with stuff, while calling everything I liked "pure garbage"). He was so annoying I became fed up and erased the film's existence from my mind. Wish it had never happened that way.

Anyway, it was fun to see how Joaquin Phoenix already had a knack for playing dudes with a perchance for murder and tons of daddy issues :awesome: Quite mellowed from Emperor Comodo's real life deeds. Guy was a deranged monster.
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Watched the movie adaptation of A Street Cat Named Bob and bawled my eyes out. What a wonderful little creature and what a triumph.

Spent fifteen minutes blubbering to our cat after it about how much we love her and how she's so important in the family and doesn't even realise it.


Bill & Ted, :awesome:

And John Wick 2, we're slowly headed to the third. Definitely not watching as many films as we were trying to catch up to all the Marvel ones though.
Watched a series of short films made by local folks at a local film festival.

The first and third film featured really strong sexual assault / predator themes, which were pretty unsettling to say the least. I'd argue poorly conceived also.

The second film was an animated short about the social impacts of the Corona virus shutdown.

There was a 19th century period piece telling the story of Indigenous women interacting with a white pregnant woman whose husband went off to war, ending in what looked like was implied to be the suicide of the white woman who miscarried during the story (in a violent altercation with a sleazy soldier), and it was told like it was a good ending to happen, which had me wtf'ing, but I may have missed something... but I'm pretty sure I didn't >.>. There was a foreshadowing Dreaming story told in the short of women who drowned, so yeah. Her husband had just returned from the war to see her sink into the ocean at the end. So yeah.

There was a strange film about a man's cat who turns into a woman, who he then dates, which to me was a cringy concept, but was somewhat funny in parts too (lots of "woman performs cat mannerisms, with subtle set up and rewarding execution"). Funniest part was the end, where the lady jumps in a pool to save her owner/boyfriend from drowning, and thus overcoming her fear of water, but it turns out it was a dream, and someone else came to the rescue instead. She turned back into a cat as a result (there was a plotline where she was told to choose whether she wanted to be a woman or a cat at the end).

Then there was a documentary about executed people's last meals, presented like a food commercial of said meals, as a critique of capital punishment among other things (critique of the rich and religious customs were also tied in), which I enjoyed. The directors were in marketing.

The final short was a well-needed and good comedy set in the future. It was about a robot serving customers, who reprograms itself to tell jokes to impress one of them, but this causes it to malfunction and experience daemons and want to end its life. Basically a story about dealing with mental illness. Given most of the films in the series had morally questionable endings, this one looked like it was heading in that direction also, but fortunately there was a happy ending instead.

The directors to most of the films then had a quick chat afterward. One of the sexual assault stories was directed by a guy who was in a relationship with the lead actress, who by the end of the production was no longer in a relationship with said actress. I really wanted to string the dots together, as I found the story so stupid and poorly executed (despite the director's claims as to otherwise, apparently he consulted experts, etc), but the actress was at the screening also, so hey.


We watched Sleeping Beauty and Malificent back to back yesterday, :monster:. Slept partway through the first one, honestly everything but the prince / princess has more personality than those two, :monster:. It was hurky as fuck, but the animals etc became a signature Disney thing.

Malificent was pretty good, interesting take on the story. And they had
Jolie's daughter
play young Aurora, :monster:


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Malificent was pretty good, interesting take on the story. And they had
Jolie's daughter
play young Aurora, :monster:
I love that scene because
her kid wasn't at all scared by seeing her mom in horns & makeup and is just adorably curious. :awesomonster:

I think that the last film I watched was probably Bill & Ted 3, which was most excellent.

X[/v] :neo:


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One of my friends strongly recommended Borat 2 - he said that it’s basically a wall-to-wall political mockumentary that’s surreally absurd even by today’s standards. Does that line up?

That friend and some of my other High School friends had a group online Halloween watch party last night, and we chose Midsommar. Have you guys ever watched a movie, appreciated its artistic skill and storytelling, but somehow despised the whole experience? That’s how I felt about Midsommar, more or less. It’s a fantastic movie that I never want to see again - I’d rank it more as “disturbing” than “scary.”

When it comes to Halloween movies, I think I’d take the campy 80s slashers or the fun monster movies from the silent era and onward (Nosferatu, Phantom of the Opera, etc) than this genuinely disturbing modern stuff.
The Predator (2018)

Saw this movie yesterday. I'd previously seen a video critiquing the movie, absolutely tearing it apart, so I was expecting it to be pretty bad, but I would say it was surprisingly average. Presents autism in problematic ways, which made me cringe, but there was some unrelated comedy bits in the film also. The funniest part I think, without being too spoilery, was how two of the cast died, and I'm pretty sure it was done intentionally for comedic effect. Folks who have seen it may know what I'm talking about. 2.5/5 stars.


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Watched "The Throne" which goes into the last few days a Prince Sado. The movie definitely made my cry during a few scenes. The score was really great. There's something about Korean movies that I really like. I don't really know what it is


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The new Pixar movie "Soul", available on Disney+. This now ranks among my top three Pixar movies of all time. It is a perfect marriage of both familiar Pixar aesthetics and experiments with new styles.
Loved Soul, its themes felt the most adult of all the Pixar movies I've seen. Also, there's a lot of HDR eyecandy in this. The Great Before had the most pleasing color palette <3

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I saw the new George Clooney film, The Midnight Sky.

It was ok, I suppose. Clooney was killing it, visuals were nice to look at, some wonky cgi notwithstanding, and there are a few genuinely tense scenes.

But overall when the credits rolled I just felt kinda, I dunno, underwhelmed I suppose. I don't see myself going back for a second viewing


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The new Clash of the Titans, in 2D. Very good, but if you know mythology from more than just JRPGs, you may wish to repeat the MST3K mantra to yourself ("it's just a movie, I really should relax"). Djinn appear, being from Arabic folklore, and the Kraken is from Norse mythology.

Good old fashioned fun (if you've seen the original, or Ray Harryhausen's Jason and the Argonauts, it's similar in tone - this is an action romp). I loved Pete Postlethwaite's brief appearence, and I was impressed by Sam Worthington. Disappointed they made Hades the villain of the piece, but I can see where the filmmakers were coming from ("ooh, the god of hell, he must be nasty").
News of the World

New movie available on Netflix.

Tom Hanks plays an old man who travels from town to town in the southern US of 1870, earning his money by reading the news to townsfolk. When he comes upon a lost, orphaned girl he has to find a home for her. It becomes a road movie with familiar beats but I had a great time seeing it unfold. The two main characters are people of their time but the movie sneaks in some not-so-subtle nods to how the topics of this film are relevant even today.

It is essentially a Western but with the wholesome and sincere flair that Tom Hanks can so often bring to his roles. The movie is still on my mind 24 hours after having watched it and I feel it has earned a stay in my long-term memory.

I recommend this movie.
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