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Netflix Castlevania Series!!

Twitter post on the official Netflix account reveals the names of new season 3 characters and their voice actors, among them the identity of the mysterious librarian-looking guy in the poster.
- Twitter post





Saw that some people are also speculating The Judge is going to be the show’s version of Zead/Death. Though others say Miranda might also be Death. Also wonder if the promo art is implying that Lenore will eventually turn against Carmilla to aid Hector? Maybe taking on aspects from Rosaly/Julia from Curse of Darkness? Hope that Saint Germain’s time travel powers are going to be kept for the show.

I also wonder if Alucard getting two apprentices from Japan is some form of long term setup for the Dawn/Aria of Sorrow games storylines, since they take place in Japan and Alucard has relocated there. Also wonder if “The Captain” character might be the show’s Grant Dynasty.

As for further far future spitballing, I'm guessing, with the assumption the show is not going to have infinite seasons, and thus not adapt every single Belmont/game era, that the Richter and Soma games/storylines will likely serve as the Acts 2 ands 3 of a thematic trilogy for the series. Saint Germain could also end up being another connecting thread along with Alucard if the time travel elements are kept. So at least Alucard won’t be lonely throughout the centuries.
Season 3
The Psychedelic Horror season:​

This was the first line.

I’d written a short document. I printed it off and pasted the pages into a large Field Notes Dime Novel Edition notebook. And I went to a hotel room in London and didn’t come out until I’d broken down the whole season.

I remember clearly standing on the hotel balcony around 1 in the morning, looking down on East London, and suddenly realising the sound of Saint Germain. A few months later, Bill Nighy agreed to take the part of Saint Germain, which was good, because I would have been fucked if he’d said no, because he was that sound.

Also, seriously, how good is my life that I got to write for Bill Nighy?
Source: https://warrenellis.ltd/work/how-castlevania-season-3-started/

The image url for the photo in the blog reads "phantomloop". I wonder if that has any sort of significance to the plot of season 3.

I wonder if they are going to do any spin on Dracula's curse (the "Curse of Darkness" as it were). Is the malignant "magic" (putting that in quotes since in the show Dracula is very anti-magic) of Dracula going to fester in the countryside and corrupt people's hearts? Are the remnants of Dracula instead going to be the cause for some of the new monsters arising? Or will there be no such thing as Dracula's curse?

In the game Curse of Darkness it was never made clear if Trevor Belmont was particularly murderous and douchey because of the curse or if that's just his default. One thing I can see the show doing though is that Trevor and Sypha find their hearts blackened by all the fighting, feeling themselves becoming monsters because of staring too long into the abyss. That'd be one possible take on Dracula's curse without actually involving neither Dracula nor the curse.

EDIT: This actually leads to one of my most confident predictions for the ending of season 3 when it comes to Trevor and Sypha.
Sypha will reveal that she is pregnant and this motivates the duo to take it just a little bit easier with their monster hunting so they can have time to raise their child in a good environment. Thus ends the story of this Belmont generation and season 4 will jump forwards in time by at least a few centuries.
As predictable as this is I'm kind of hoping for this route.
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