Pics for Bounciest Boobies, Best Ass, Hottest Male, Hottest Female, etc.

Wait am I actually nominated for that category? xD
And to answer your question, unfortunately I did not.

Atleast not when it was at its manliest and most bad ass.
Can you give a description of what it looked like in its prime. Perhaps compare it to another beard? What kind of beard was it? Was it a Santa beard, a Gandalf beard, a goatee, a soul patch, an Abraham Lincoln beard, a chinstrap, etc.


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Are you trying to insult my beard?
Didnt you just read its glorious description?

I battled my beard for 10 full days, battling as we fell through moria and then finally I managed to slay it at the peak of zirakzigil.
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Here Matt
, but my freshly trimmed beard is in it, so it is automatically magnificent. Now shoo :reapermon:


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Tenny - You're not winning anything yet because the bounciest boobies and hottest female thread aren't up yet. :monster:
Gabe, did you at least take pictures of your beard when it was still a beard, even if it wasn't at its manliest? If so, then poast them. Tres and Lex(you could probably just use your profile pic as a best beard pic btw, Lex) you guys need to poast beard pics. Especially you, Tres, I could partially see your beard in your asspic but since it was an ass pic and not a beard pic, I didn't get a good look at it.


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If im actually in the beard category I'd like to back out of it lol, Im to lazy to go digging around for my beard photos.

I could try to draw up a rendition of my battle with beardrog though :monster:
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Well yeah, you're 15. We can't all have facial hair that REALLY counts as "beard" rather than "stubble" before we're 16, like me :awesome:
That's not why, I figured the definition of what counts as a beard could be stretched a little for the category so that moar people would be eligible.
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Matt, woah woah woah, you should probably ask Tenny for permission before reposting her pictures like that. Yes, they were in the old thread, but she didn't bring them into this thread. Maybe she wanted them to stay there. Please ask.


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Oh, with the pink stripes? I see.

Yeah, ask me first.

Especially since if I post anything like that it should probably be new. :P
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