Pics for Bounciest Boobies, Best Ass, Hottest Male, Hottest Female, etc.

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Dawn: You look great in all of these, but may I say you look divine in purple.


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Why not see both? :awesomonster:

And yes, Dawn's pics are amazing. Basically all the women's pics in this thread are amazing. :monster:

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Gabe, did you at least take pictures of your beard when it was still a beard, even if it wasn't at its manliest? If so, then poast them. Tres and Lex(you could probably just use your profile pic as a best beard pic btw, Lex) you guys need to poast beard pics. Especially you, Tres, I could partially see your beard in your asspic but since it was an ass pic and not a beard pic, I didn't get a good look at it.
I already posted mah beard pics: :monster:

But I'll go ahead and attach a new one I just took two minutes ago as well.



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Holy shit Avec. I totally just lost.
I thank you for your flattery, but you tell lies! I don't know why I even posted pictures when I know there's no way I can compete with you! :P At least I knew my place well enough to not submit any pictures for the Bounciest Boobies category :monster:
Just be glad I've been retired from the Hottest Female category this year.


I don't have a beard (tried to once, but it's probably not going to score with the ladies, so muh), but I do usually not shave for a week, fgj :monster:.


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@GLD: Purple is such a lovely color. I'm glad you liked it! ^_^

@Avec: I admit, that's one of my favorites. I just had to prove that a girl can game AND wear sexy lingerie at the same time!

also, yes moar boob pics (2011? Why not, boobs are timeless!) and beard pics. B&B! :P


Well, I guess I'm obliged to poast pictarz if I am to have any chance of winning this (as is my just right, off course). So,

Duh, what makes you think he's not Thor in disguise? :lol:

I see myself Forever Alone and it makes sense. I see Yop Forever Alone and it doesn't. Dammit, go make us proud!!
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I'd say your responses and my forevar alone is just proofz that it's not just about appearances / pics, :monster:. I'm just difficult, I guess. And don't get out much, :monster:.

It's also a moar recent development. I should make a comparison image again wicba, comparing my not too charming graduation pic(s) with how I look like right now.

Also, vote 4 me, :monster:


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I only just realised I'm nominated for hottest and bounciest boobies. Sadly at the moment I look and feel like a binbag full of yogurt so I shan't be posting pics, but thanks guys its nice to be nominated :)


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It has just occurred to me that I don't believe I saw Yop shirtless and I shared a room with him! I demand pics.

Also, put me down for all categories, pics will follow. ;) I think the manbird muscles qualify me for best bloke too.
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