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so you can't put a ps4 disk in and play that?

when they were shifting from psp to psvita they did a thing where you download an application to your psp and it let you register your umd games so you could get highly discounted download versions for the vita (i think it was like 100 yen?). can they do something like that for registering ps4 games if it's going to be download only, but also don't make me pay for them again.


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If game prices were tied to inflation, they'd be $80USD now. $60 dollars in 2006 money is about $80 now, and I seem to remember games being that price back then.
Now, the fact it's 80 euro changes everything. That's like 95 bucks in USD. Games in the 90s could reach that level of expensiveness on SNES, but we're past the days of cartridges upping the production cost when blu-rays exist now.

It really just seems they're trying to make next-gen feel "premium" through expensive game prices. And when game profits are through the roof because of anti-consumer models like microtransactions, it's a shame that they're pushing the profit margins even further. I'd happily take more expensive games if that meant no microtransactions, but I doubt that's realistic.


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I pre-ordered through GAME but I'm hanging off to see if I can get a pre-order in on UK Amazon as I trust them more (game have a history of over-subscribing pre-orders then cancelling). Gonna need to sleep now though so hopefully I don't miss the boat with Amazon in the morning. If so, at least the GAME pre-order is in.


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If the PS5 is backwards compatible only in the sense you can buy PS4 games again to digitally to play on it, it's frankly close to worthless.

Glad I didn't get my hopes up on that feature because I'd have been let down. I had no faith in that feature to begin with so I'm comfortably numb :monster:

Don't think I'll get this at launch. Only game I'm interested in is RE8 Village, so.... I'll get it then.
Interesting take here, given the discussion of game prices earlier
Yeah, despite the $100 difference, the model with the disc drive is more appealing to me for this reason. With digital-only you're beholden to when there's a sale on PSN - and if they're selling consoles at a loss and making up for it via game prices who knows how frequent those will be. I don't really tend to sell games after I've played them, but for those that do that's another reason to go with the disc drive.


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Yeah I'll go with the disc drive. Not only will I save money in the long run but also I can't use backwards compatibility for all my PS4 discs without it. :P
And I plan on selling my 4K Blu-ray player and just going back to using my PlayStation as my dedicated DVD/BD device.

I just checked amazon again and it's already sold out. Good thing I stayed up last night. :lol:
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