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Amazon UK have been out of stock for a while now, but I managed to get a pre-order in there this morning when it went live at 0900 so I will be cancelling my order with GAME (probably). I'm hanging off for a bit because I want the dualsense charging station with GAME, but I didn't get it on Amazon. So I'm waiting for that peripheral to come back in stock on its own, then if it doesn't I'll just amend my GAME order to just get the charging station from there.


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Did anyone really believe it would be this backwards compatible? It's a miracle we got this much. Going back 3 generations is unfathomable.

Consumer good will? The business perspective that embraces previous loyal purchases as a product investment that is to be rewarded, rather than phased out towards obsolescence?

Pfft, what is this, the fucking 70s?

To be fair, the costs of adding such long-lasting support for obsolesced formats would balloon the cost of a PS5 to nearly double the price it is now... And given stagnant wages, economic turmoil, and the shrinking margins for disposable income, there'd be no way a majority of gaming consumers would even be able to afford such an 'Omni-Playstation.' So, kudos for Sony for doing this much. :monster:

It's best to just take as much care of your older consoles as possible, and never sell them.
It's more that PS1 is super easy to emulate at this point, so there's no reason these mini-PCs shouldn't be able to just play it. PS2 isn't hard to emulate anymore either. As I posted before, I understand that PS3 wasn't realistic.

Yes, I have my PS2 and 3 hooked up, so it's fine. But seriously it would add almost no extra cost to emulate PS1 on this thing, lol.
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I cancelled my pre-order, I had pre-ordered it in May...

In Norway it costs 5999kr($685) for the Standard Edition and 4999kr($570) for the Digital Edition.

I was expecting more like 4500kr-5000kr for the Standard Edition and 3500kr-4000kr for the Digital Edition :/


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NOK 5900 isn't much considering what we pay for a computer or a phone (which is easily double that amount) , but it's still pretty steep for a game console. I'm dreading what they'll be charging for games :/
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