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I don't have a PS5 and it is still early to know how big of a problem this is. It does seem that putting it horizontal will eliminate shorts from the liquid metal running across the circuit boards. To me it seems you will still lose some of the liquid metal through the sponge resulting in loss of heat sync / cooling ability which could lead to possible over heating?

It's still early and no one knows how big or small of an issue this is. Could have been a small batch of production, whole first Gen, could just be these units wete used in a area with poor air circulation or a hot environment.

Anyways good luck to everyone hope your PS5 last a life time


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I don't think there's anything on PS4 the PS5 can't you probably could. I know I boxed mine up. (And used an external HDD to use for the PS4 games since they don't really benefit from the SSD)


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the controller that came with my ps5 has started drifting to the point that it was getting too stressful to keep using. i luckily had another one spare (bought one of the limited edition red ones before i even had a ps5 because i liked the colour lol). can't remember when i got it, but i was hoping i wouldn't need to use it this soon. i've tried the little fixes for it (rebooting the controller, disconnecting/reconnection, lifting the analogue stick and turning it). only things i haven't tried yet is cleaning the base of the analogue stick with alcohol, and anything that would involve opening it up


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From recent investors meeting.


30% of PS5 userbase having never played on PS4 is crazy. That's a lot of new players to the ecosystem.


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Motherfucking Dragon's Dogma 2!!!!!!!

Looks incredible while retaining the original's identity!

My favorite surprise from the showcase so far.

Edit: Wtf Spider-man 2 looks INCREDIBLE
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Saw insiders retweeting this report:

PS5 Pro
  • improved and consistent FPS at 4K resolution
  • a new ‘performance mode’ for 8K resolution
  • accelerated ray tracing
  • studios receiving development kits by late November 2023.
  • is targeting a November 2024 release date


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This is one of those things that I think would be awesome if you lived with family and had one main TV, so that you could still play games while other people were watching shows similar to what the Switch does. I think that there's also probably a decent bit of user data (though I'm also curious how this breaks down in Japan vs. other locations) on the % time people use the handhelds while they're still at home. While it doesn't really manage to be a portable PlayStation which means that this falls off as anything to use if you travel at all... I have to say that it's honestly something that I think I'd genuinely use as sometimes just the "playing a game where you can move the screen location with you" has a decent amount of appeal.

I'm curious if/where that price point breakdown actually makes it an investment that people will go for, as I think that the $199 is leaning in HARD on FEELING like less than $200, which means that it's probably something where they want to lower costs for it and make it more viable as an accessory like VR that feels like less of a heavy investment.

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Tomorrow’s broadcast will focus on updates to previously announced games coming to PlayStation consoles. From indie and PS VR2 highlights, to major upcoming titles from our third-party partners, our latest show has something for everyone!

Previously announced: check. Upcoming: check. Major third-party: check. I'd be a bit surprised if we didn't see Rebirth.

But if not, TGS is next week.
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