[PRE-ORDER] Shinra company enamel pin


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Tumblr? There's a big FFVII fandom there.
Yeah, I have a Tumblr, so I definitely go there, too. Some of the people ordered last time was actually from my Tumblr so hopefully, if we really open another pre-order, Tumblr can draw in some people.

Anyway, I made a list at the first post, so anyone reading this and interested. Just comment below and I will add you to the list.


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Oh, nice to hear, I think I should make a list here to gather the people that want it, if I can have up to 10 here, I will try to ask around on Reddit and other places for more.
Im willing to buy more then one if needed. Would be nice to get a few actually kinda wanna try and make a shinra and turks cosplay group going so it works


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There were two batches. People who ordered a badge in the first batch should have had the badges by now. The second batch was still waiting on more people to show that they were interested before an order could be placed so nothing has been done with that one yet.


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Hi, I hope it's ok that I've joined the forum just to reply to this! I'd love 2 pins if you're able to make more, and if you're willing to ship them to the UK??
Oh wow haven't noticed this but yes, of course, we are having enough people now so let me setup the pre-order site. I think it will take about 2-days. So Thursday maybe, just before TGS, I hope we can have some amazing news of Shinra at the event, too.

Psst Channy did you ever get ours?
I did send a private message to Channy after and she said she did.
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