[PRE-ORDER] Shinra company enamel pin


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Tumblr? There's a big FFVII fandom there.
Yeah, I have a Tumblr, so I definitely go there, too. Some of the people ordered last time was actually from my Tumblr so hopefully, if we really open another pre-order, Tumblr can draw in some people.

Anyway, I made a list at the first post, so anyone reading this and interested. Just comment below and I will add you to the list.


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Oh, nice to hear, I think I should make a list here to gather the people that want it, if I can have up to 10 here, I will try to ask around on Reddit and other places for more.
Im willing to buy more then one if needed. Would be nice to get a few actually kinda wanna try and make a shinra and turks cosplay group going so it works
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