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So, unbeknownst to me, until about 6:30, I received an email saying the Final Fantasy VII Remake 1st Class package was once again on sale. So, I rush to the page, and lo and behold, it's back on waitlist!!! I wrote Square a temper tantrum of an email...


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Sorry I've fallen behind. Hope to update fully over the weekend. In the meantime, here's a fresh update!

Trading Arts:
Final Fantasy VII REMAKE Trading Art 5Pack BOX
Release Date: April 2020 | Price: 3,870JPY |5 Packs/Box | Size: Cloud: W66mm x D25mm x H97mm / Tifa: W46mm x D23mm x H91mm / Aerith: W60mm x D54mm x H90mm / Sephiroth: W124mm x D93mm x H106mm / Barret: W62mm x D24mm x H101mm / Base: W49mm x D49mm x H2.5mm
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I'm in the market for some FF7 shirts (OG or Remake) for some conversation starters. Anyone know a good place?
There's several online stores. Nothing official that I could find, and I'm wary of them because I know some of them steal art and don't pay royalties to the artists.
I personally designed my own and had my sister print it on a Silhouette machine.
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