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I have some bugs that have been driving me mad! I thought it was my old phone but I have a new shiny one now.

These are mobile-only problems.
I think they're all part of the same thing, maybe xenforo or the forum or something somewhere not recognising certain inputs from certain keyboards? For the record the one I use on mobile is the standard Samsung keyboard, previously I was using an HTC so not the same keyboard but standard again. Maybe it's a standard Google one idk.
When i hit Enter, it bumps me out the textbox and closes my keyboard.
When i hit Backspace, it bumps me out the textbox and closes my keyboard.
Sometimes when I have been typing for a little bit the text stops appearing and the only way to see it again is to lock my phone and unlock it again. These are definitely intermittent, a couple of times just typing this it's let me backspace, but most it bumps me out every time. Can anyone help? Is it me? It's driving me mad a little bit but it doesn't happen literally anywhere else.


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I'm having a similar mobile problem, pressing the "delete" and "enter" key closes the keyboard for me. It seemly the same across all forums that use xenforo, this problem is absent in other forums that use a different service.


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Ergo, V
Not sure if it's just me or not but having a lot of issues with trying to use the return key on my mobile to go to a new line and the cursor not moving until I literally click down.

The text box adjusts in size so it's registering the click but just not actually jumping to the next line.
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