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^This is why I do not go underwater in the Aquatic Ruin zone. Ever since I was a little kid that theme would make me panic. :(

@Kyrie: Yes and no. ABC was looking for something that could pull in MORE ratings than Power Rangers from what I understand. They couldn't be content with a good show, it had to be the BEST show. When Sonic didn't do it, it got moved to before anyone was awake. :P

Rather sad. :(
I have it for one of the alarms on my phone...but I've never had the nerve to use it. I feel like it would be one of the more horrifying ways to wake up :monster:
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I always have to laugh at the remakes of sonic.
The game companies spend god knows how much to create these new titles and make them 3d to try and grab a new generation of gamers yet 9/10 of the people who play sonic titles would be happier if they made it 2d again and made it more like the original titles.

I think any game they make though could be better than that of the sonic game they brought out on the ps3 when it was first released...
Metal Sonic confirmed for Sonic Generations.

SEGA has revealed that popular nemesis Metal Sonic will be a part of Sonic Generations, acting as a "rival" character. What's more, he's getting his classic look, as seen in Sonic CD.

Not much has been revealed about Metal Sonic's role, but SEGA's choice of words -- designating him as "one of" the rivals -- seems to imply he'll be one of several past villains to make a comeback.

Metal Sonic's got a massive fanbase, so this is sure to go over quite well.
Pretty cool. I'd rather like to see his Sonic 2 and Sonic & Knuckles incarnations myself :monster:


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But in Sonic 2 wasn't Metal Sonic essentially just a recolor of Sonic (gray instead of blue)?

I guess it was kind of cool but his Sega CD version looks like a bit more of a stand-out character.
Nah he's all big and silver and nasty lookin'

And then in S&K he was blue and skinnier, but still big (and easier to fight, imo)

And then Sonic CD had the little, lanky metal sonic.
I always thought that distinction was kinda silly. Robotnik was obviously going for the same thing all three times, they were just progressively upgraded versions. "Silver" Sonic could barely move, "Mecha" Sonic was slightly more agile, "Metal" Sonic could match Sonic move for move. They're all metal. (And yes, I'm aware Sonic 3 came out after CD) Also Metal Sonic looks less cool than the others, imo.

Silver implies it looks identical but silver, which it doesn't. And what's even the difference between metal and mecha anyway :P


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Naw, Metal Sonic has completely different specs and abilities than the other two. He's an entirely separate model, the first. That's like saying a Game and Watch, Gameboy, and DS are essentially the same. XD

And screw you, Metal Sonic is the most badass of them all. He was also arguably the most difficult, seeing as how you had to outrace him, not beat him. I'll never forget that epic footrace on Stardust Speedway. All those other versions sucked ass. :monster:
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