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I prefer Sonic and all other characters be mute, and express communication via body language alone, like in the OG games. Is that just a me thing? I think a relatively recent series of animated shorts was like this, but I could be remembering incorrectly.


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Playing now. The ranking on those cyber world stages seems really unbalanced. The first sky sanctuary one has an S rank that requires beyond flawless execution, but then the first city themed one has a baby s rank time. Weird.


I finished Frontiers a few days ago. I enjoyed it enough that I 100%'d it and would do so again.

Below is a copypasta of the review I wrote on Steam (I wanted to channel my annoyance at the hyperbole aimed at Frontiers from both extremes of the spectrum re: it being overly praised by some and overly criticised by others).

The bottom line is it's a fantastic Sonic game, feels fantastic to play and I thoroughly enjoyed it. More of this please.

The review:


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Judy Totoya made a comment about Wood zone and Sand showers removal from Sonic 2:

Wood zone had “gameplay issues” and Sand shower had issues with moving sand. It must have played a bit slower than they wanted. They also didn't get implemented further than what we've seen.

Casino Night was changed because it didn't have the atmosphere of a Casino.
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I just gotta say this game fucking slaps and people hating on it have no idea what they're talking about. Holy shit, Sonic Team finally got it together.

Just beat Chaos Island and the Knight Boss Fight... And I have to say every Titan Boss is epic asf. I cannot believe how good they made these Super Sonic boss fights. Knight gave me goosebumps.

I had to save this boss fight because of how cool it was. Like holy shit, they really outdid themselves.

Also the Cyberspace levels are fun. I love the challenges in these special stages. The music is amazing too. By far, 1-2 is the hardest one so far. Took me several tries to S Rank it. You pretty much have to do a perfect run to make the time.

So far this game is a dream come true. I really hope this starts a new trend.


Listen closely, there is meaning in my words.
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Two Years Later:
*Sonic Team throwing the baby out with the bathwater and starting from scratch again*

Hey, let's just enjoy the journey now. Because this is fucking incredible. It's inevitable but let's rock out to this moment of goodness :monster:

And holy shit, "Find Your Flame" is god-like. They really went hard with these lyrics. Tyler Smyth did Infinite's theme and this blows the water out of it. Like, goddamn, how can all these boss themes be such bangers??
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