TLS Virtual Big Meet Up


I'm glad everyone had a good time! I meant to come back on camera later but I was too tired for all the drunken fun so apologies for brb'ing and then not returning.

It reminded me of my earliest days on TLS - really multicultural, everyone was chill and nice and there was that kind of fun/ nervous energy from some of the new faces. There's some new blood here and I'm proud that the drunk!TLS community legacy will continue. Definitely worth a push for us to do more community events, thanks for coming everyone :)


Return of the Dead-eye
As I said on Discord, huge thanks to everyone for stopping by and making it a success, notable shout-out to Force for bringing the party games. I could not move my hands the following day, Tee KO destroyed my digits. :monster:
The scavenger hunt was a complete fail though, what do you fuckers want, blood? :awesome:
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