TLS Virtual Big Meet Up


Great Old One
Nah, it's not super bad but I'm experiencing problems with concentrating and thinking, so I've been on sick leave since Tuesday. I didn't throw up or anything but I did see some colours and I was/ still am a bit nauseous. Getting a little bit better each day. Basically my horse bolted like fuck and I wasn't gonna be there for it so I let myself fall off. Hit the frozen ground/ road with hip first (bruise is impressive) then hit my head. (I was wearing a helmet and had I not, lord knows.) Bad decision, next time I'm staying on and hope I don't die instead :monster:


Yeah you should be able to share video in the voice channel - we also have a music bot I'm sure (if not it's not too hard to set it up again) so it should be fairly simple to get everything going. I can drag a voice channel to near the top of the discord so it's a bit more visible for folk. I'll be there but I might be dipping in and out.
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