Translated Interviews from the Kaitai Shinsho (AKA Dismantled) Complete Guide

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The Bracelet
In the early stages of development, Cloud's left arm was sealed with the bracelet [on his left wrist]. When he escaped from the spirit world, the seal would be broken and he’d be able to use both arms, increasing his powers.
Thus, hope for the Compilation Buster Sword design emerging after the Lifestream sequence in the remake lived on~

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Another possibility is that the pendant slides open, the top and bottom halfs rotating to either side.
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Age: 48
Height: ?
Blood Type: ?
Birthday: ?
Hometown: Cosmo Canyon
Weapon: Headdress

(See p. 71 for weapons; p. 100 for Limit Breaks)

The so-called last survivor of a species long revered as guardian deities of the Planet. Capable of human speech and equally intelligent, they boast a far longer lifespan than the average man, yet have since been brought to the brink of extinction. Red XIII throws himself into battle initially to protect the people of his beloved Cosmo Canyon, and later to defend the Planet itself.

“There’d never been a four-legged playable character in Final Fantasy before, and with Red XIII I think we were able to provide a whole new experience. In the beginning, his design was very animal-like, and I wasn’t planning on having him speak the human language, but things ended up getting shifted around a lot. I also gave him some Native American features to match the feel of Cosmo Canyon” (Tetsuya Nomura, Character Designer).

In the early parts of the story, he gives off a prudent, taciturn air that suggests a mature age, but in human terms, he’s only 15 or 16 years old (though his actual age is 48). Red XIII’s tribe has exceptional longevity, with the ability to live over 500 years.

Initial Equipment
Weapon: Mythril Clip
Armor: Mythril Armlet
Materia: Fire, All, Sense

Name Origin
Named “Red XIII” because [the creators] wanted a character with a number in their name. His real name, “Nanaki,” was given to impart a Native American feel.

The majority are “warrior talismans” passed down through his tribe; only the “XIII” on his left shoulder was engraved by Hojo. Because of this tattoo, Red XIII seems to dread that his consciousness will come under the control of a certain someone, just like those of the other tattooed subjects who fell into Hojo’s hands.

A red flame smolders at the tip of his tail. Even when trying to disguise himself as a human (i.e., a Shinra soldier), he can’t seem to hide his tail. Incidentally, he doesn’t seem interested in women with two legs.

Initially he’s scornful of his father Seto, who he believes abandoned his mother and the people of the valley when Cosmo Canyon was invaded by the Gi long ago. However, after learning the truth from his “grandpa” Bugenhagen, he comes to rethink his outlook on life.

Selected Quotes
“Hojo named me ‘Red XIII.’ A title with no meaning whatsoever to me. Call me what you wish.” - After encountering Cloud and his team
“It’s no easy task standing on two legs….” - Aboard the cargo ship
“If it’s all the same to you, I’d prefer we make haste. The heat here is drying my nose.” - Upon arriving in Costa del Sol
“I’m back! Nanaki is home!” - Upon returning to Cosmo Canyon
“I’m gonna see things through. I’ll see what happens to the Planet and then come back and tell you all about it.” - In the Cave of the Gi, after learning the truth about Seto
“I’m number 13. Am I gonna go crazy like they did?” - In the Ghost Hotel at the Gold Saucer
“All the life on this Planet—no, the very fate of the Planet itself—rests on our shoulders now….” - At the crossroads in the Northern Cave

Dialogue-Based Character Analysis
From the time he appears as a research specimen in the Shinra Building to the events that unfold in his hometown of Cosmo Canyon, Red XIII’s speech undergoes a radical shift. We can see how deeply this teenager (in human terms) was affected by his misunderstanding of and disgust toward his father Seto. But when he finally stops trying to be mature beyond his years, he seems to regress into more child-like behavior….



blood type ●?

武器→P.71 リミット技→P.100








かつてコスモキャニオンがギ族に攻めこまれたとき、父親セトは母親と谷の人々をおいてひとりで逃げ出した——そう信じて父を軽蔑していたレッドXIII だが、“じっちゃん”ことブーゲンハーゲンに真実を知らされ、自分の生きかたを見つめなおすことになる。

「ただいま~! ナナキ、帰りました~」(コスモキャニオンに帰ったとき)

By the way, something was grating at the back of my mind and I looked at Barret's character entry in the UO and sure enough:

[Image caption:] The pendant on his chest is an item entrusted to him by his close friend Dyne.

So, it is what it is. I personally don't think the dog tags were supposed to be Eleanor's pendant, especially in light of that concept art. I think there's a bit of bad design–scenario communication going on combined with historical revisionism. And Remake attests to this.
Yuffie Kisaragi

Age: 16
Height: 160cm
Blood Type: A
Birthday: November 20
Hometown: Wutai
Weapon: Shuriken

(See p. 72 for weapons; p. 100 for Limit Breaks)

A ninja girl who hails from Wutai. Seeking to revive her hometown, which has been reduced to a mere husk of its pre-war self, she heroically (?) resolves to gather materia from all over the world. She initially approaches Cloud and his team with the intention of taking their materia (though it’s hard to say whether she ever abandons this goal). In the final stages of the game, she powers through her motion sickness and joins the fray as a full-fledged member of the team.

Initial Equipment
Weapon: 4-Point Shuriken
Armor: Carbon Bangle
Materia: Throw

Motion Sickness
She’s even worse on vehicles than Cloud. Unable even to enter the airship’s cockpit, she always looks sick to her stomach when flying.

Name Origin
No particular reason other than the sound and feel of the name.

The urge to acquire materia informs all of her actions. Her decision to embark on an adventure with Cloud and the others after they rescue her from Corneo’s clutches is based more on her conviction of taking their materia than any sense of indebtedness.

Yuffie has a habit of punching the air with her fists when certain things happen. Her strikes don’t look like they’d inflict much harm, but having learned the basics from Godo, her martial arts expert father, they may indeed pack some destructive power. Then again, as with her rope escape training, there’s a good chance she slacked off and never learned the skill properly.

“There’s a version of Yuffie that made it all the way to the polygon modeling stage but ultimately got scrapped. Her clothing was simple and her legs had nothing on them, and the whole model had a red and white color scheme. But it just wasn’t photogenic. I knew this young female character had to be cute, so I redrew her from scratch and came up with the Yuffie we have now. I had her wear various accessories that matched her ninja lineage” (Tetsuya Nomura, Character Designer).

Loose Socks
Yuffie and Godo have father–daughter quarrels on a daily basis. Below is a reproduction of their fight over Yuffie’s clothes.
“You’re still dressed like that! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”
“This is my vibe. And what I wear is up to me—don’t go getting up in other people’s biz!”
“Vibe? Biz? What are all these nonsense words? My daughter’s some kind of delinquent!”
“And my father is a lazy old bum!” [The original Japanese conversation centers around the use of foreign words rendered in katakana.]

Selected Quotes
“Don’t look at me! I’ve got nothing to do with this one!” - In the area around Wutai. Immediately afterward, she takes the party’s materia and flees.
“Normally I’d kick that creep’s butt. Bang! Bam! Pow! He wouldn’t stand a chance.” - After being rescued from Corneo’s clutches
“Urgh... What do you know about it?... Seasickness… motion sickness… it’s the worst…. Just do me a favor… and leave me alone.” - In the airship passageway
“Cid... running errands?” - On the airship, upon seeing Barret giving Cid directions
“It’s a document. It says once the battle’s over, I get to have all your materia. Read it through and sign it, okay?” - Showing Cloud her contract before storming the Northern Cave
“Hoo boy. The last episode of Materia Hunter Yuffie is looking a lot like Materia Forever [a reference to Space Battleship Yamato]...”

Dialogue-Based Character Analysis
As one would expect from the party’s youngest member, Yuffie makes many self-centered remarks, and seems entirely unaware of her own adolescence. Materia is always at the center of her thoughts, and she acts wholly inattentive when her teammates discuss important strategy. Much of the movement in the game’s second half takes place aboard an airship—not exactly the ideal place for someone with motion sickness.



blood type ●A

武器→P.72 リミット技→P.100

 ウータイ出身の忍者娘。戦争で負けて以来すっかり活気のなくなってしまった故郷を盛り返すべく、けなげにも(?)世界中のマテリアを集める決心をする。 クラウドたちに近づいたのも、最初は(最後まで?)マテリアをいただくことが目的だった。終盤は乗り物酔いに耐え、一人前の仲間として戦いにおもむく。








「はぅ……。あんたにはわかんないだろ? この船酔い……乗り物酔いのつらさ……。たのむから……ほっといて」(飛空艇の通路で)

Cait Sith

Age: ?
Height: 100cm
Blood Type: ?
Birthday: ?
Hometown: ?
Weapon: Megaphone

(See p. 73 for weapons; p. 101 for Limit Breaks)

A self-proclaimed fortune-telling machine who rides a fat moogle. In reality, he’s a state-of-the-art remote-controlled robot whose true pilot resides elsewhere. At first he plays a shameless, underhanded spy, but after witnessing Cloud’s team go about their mission, he begins to have doubts about his role in everything. Toward the end of the story, he proves an invaluable asset by playing a double agent.

An item he uses to deliver commands to the fat moogle he’s standing on. The higher quality the megaphone, the more information it can convey, and the more fired up the fat moogle gets.

Initial Equipment
Weapon: Yellow Megaphone
Armor: Silver Armlet
Materia: Manipulate, Transform

Name Origin
Named after the cat-sìth, a feline fairy from Scottish folklore.

He walks around with a bouncing skip, swinging his body wildly as he talks. These comical gestures remain unchanged between his first and second models.

Being the spy he is, this feline robot’s controller is of course working for Shinra. However, as he journeys with Cloud and the others, he awakens to their mission to save the Planet.

Fortune Telling
“You have decent fortune. I see a very busy future for you. If you accept kindness from those around you and put in that extra bit of effort, you’ll be in for a big shock starting this summer.” “Be careful not to leave things behind. Your lucky color is blue.” “If you seek him, he will surely appear—but you shall lose a thing most dear.”
These are the three replies Cait Sith gives when asked to do a reading about Sephiroth. Saying he’s unsatisfied with the results of his fortune telling, he tags along with Cloud and the others so he can see what happens himself. In fact, this is a subterfuge devised by the person piloting Cait Sith.

Fat Moogle
One can’t help but notice the zipper on its back. What could be inside? Incidentally, the fat moogle is the mascot for the Gold Saucer where Cait Sith makes his appearance. You can also catch sight of one at the Honeybee Inn in Wall Market.
“The idea of a party member who combined two characters was also something I’d been sitting on for a while. As with Barret, I decided at a very early stage that Cait Sith was going to appear in the game. At one point, I was conflicted about whether to use a fat moogle or a fat chocobo for the lower character” (Tetsuya Nomura, Character Designer).

Selected Quotes
“Well, hello there stranger! Why the long face?” - Upon meeting Cloud and his party at the Gold Saucer
“...You know, there’s something I’ve been scratching my head about. It’s the way you all go about your lives, I suppose. There’s no one to pay your salary, no one to give you props at the end of the day. Yet you still risk your lives and keep on keeping on. When I see something like that, it makes a cat wonder….” - Upon being exposed as a spy
“I’m gonna protect the Planet, too! Aw shucks, I’m getting all teary-eyed…. There’s plenty of other stuffed dolls with bodies like mine, but I’m the only me. Don’t forget me even if another Cait Sith comes along.” - In the Temple of the Ancients
“Hey, what’s with the sigh of relief? As long as Marlene’s safe, who cares what happens to everyone else—is that it?” - Reacting to Barret’s relief that Marlene is safe
“There’s nothing we can do about it. It seems that Hojo’s acting of his own accord………. W-wait! I mean, it looks like Hojo’s flown off the handle….” - Desperately trying to correct his speech after his cover’s been blown

Dialogue-Based Character Analysis
Cait Sith always flavors his words with a suspicious Kansai dialect, giving a humorous feel to even the most serious scenes. However, his advice and proposals are very decent and level-headed, and his honesty is always palpable. Barret, a man with a history of terrorist activity, seems particularly disquieted by the things he has to say.



blood type ●?

武器→P.73 リミット技→P.101









「なんですか、今の「ポリポリ」ってのは! マリンちもんが安全やったら、あとはどうなってもええんですか?」(マリンが無事で安心したバレットに対して)



Ninja Potato
I'm a bit late, but I just wondered something. Did they keep Red XIII's blood type secret because in Japan it's a bit of a trope to have blood type indicate personality, and Red's gimmick is that he's not the sort of person (lab rat-dog) he initially comes off as?
Vincent Valentine

Age: 27
Height: 184cm
Blood Type: A
Birthday: October 13
Hometown: ?
Weapon: Gun

(See p. 74 for weapons; p. 101 for Limit Breaks)

A former Turks gunslinger who’s been slumbering in the basement of Shinra Manor, racked by his own sins and the eternity he has to brood on them. Long ago he was transformed into something inhuman by Hojo, and the hands of life’s clock stopped ticking for him. Because this incident occurred around the same time Sephiroth was born, Vincent is actually estimated to be in his mid-fifties.

Initial Equipment
Weapon: Quicksilver
Armor: Silver Armlet
Materia: None

A beautiful scientist Vincent fell in love with when he was younger. She served as an assistant to Professor Gast, who led the Jenova Project team, and submitted her body for human experimentation, eventually giving birth to Sephiroth.

When he activates his Limit Break, his body, which was modified by Hojo, transforms into a grotesque monster. Thereafter, it becomes a bloodthirsty machine with no regard for Vincent’s underlying will, its only purpose to attack the enemies in front of it.
[Image caption:] Level 1: Galian Beast
[Image caption:] Level 2: Death Gigas
[Image caption:] Level 3: Hellmasker
[Image caption:] Level 4: Chaos

Before he entered his extended slumber, Vincent was a member of the investigation department of Shinra’s general affairs bureau—also known as the Turks. Not surprisingly, he seems to be unacquainted with current Turks like Tseng and Reno, who are more than 20 years his junior.

“Vincent’s premise kept changing. First he was a paranormal investigator, then a detective, then a scientist…. To give the impression of a character with a burdensome past, I had him wear a cape and brought everything together with a dark color scheme” (Tetsuya Nomura, Character Designer).

Selected Quotes
“An eternity of nightmares is the sentence I serve for my sins.” - In the basement of Shinra Manor
“Do as you see fit.” - To Tifa when she resolves to take care of Cloud in Mideel
“And so I drift even further from humanity….” - Upon learning his final Limit Break
“So long as she’s happy, what do I care?” - Upon seeing Lucrecia in Hojo’s arms
“This body is the punishment I’ve been given…. I… I couldn’t stop them…. Professor Gast, Hojo, Lucrecia…. All I could do was stand there and watch…. And that… is my sin to bear….” - During his flashback at Lucrecia’s shrine
“Our time in the sky is at an end. Now we must do battle in the bowels of the earth…. The door to tomorrow lies not in the firmament but deep in the darkest pits.” - Just before storming the Northern Cave

Dialogue-Based Character Analysis
He’s exceptionally taciturn—a clear result of the many tragedies that have befallen him. From the few words he utters, we get the sense he isn’t a cold-hearted or indifferent person. Rather, he’s very sensitive deep down, and seems to harbor a sense of guilt for being too gentle in the past.



blood type●A

武器→P.74 リミット技→P.101








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Cid Highwind

Age: 32
Height: 178cm
Bloody Type: B
Birthday: February 22
Hometown: Rocket Town
Weapon: Spear

(See p. 75 for weapons; p. 101 for Limit Breaks)

A legendary airship pilot who at one point was going to be history’s first astronaut. Since the space program was suspended, he’s been whiling away his days in Rocket Town, his smoldering heart still set on the sky. When he meets Cloud and the others, his deep-seated love of adventure is rekindled, and he joins the battle they’re waging against Shinra. During Cloud’s absence, he takes on the role of leader.

Initial Equipment
Weapon: Spear
Armor: Gold Armlet
Materia: None

A very heavy smoker, he can’t help but take a puff after every fight. He also uses them to ignite the dynamite he carries around in his pocket.

Cid has appeared in every game in the series since Final Fantasy II, but how he looks and the role he plays are curiously different in each entry.
“I have fun creating his character with every new game, thinking, ‘This is how I want the next Cid to be.’ This time, I made him into a bit of a curmudgeon, though at 32 years old, he’s actually quite young” (Tetsuya Nomura, Character Designer).

Having conquered the skies, Cid’s next dream was to fly to outer space. He got the chance when he was a pilot in Shinra’s space development program, but unable to sacrifice Shera while she was checking an oxygen tank just prior to liftoff, he had no choice but to stop the rocket launch. Afterward, Shinra cancelled the space program in favor of their mako business, and Cid’s dream was left unfulfilled.

Cid’s superb flying skills are renowned by airship pilots all over the world, with stories of his accomplishments still being passed down today. The title for Cid’s Highwind airship was taken from the legendary pilot’s surname. Having said that, he doesn’t seem very savvy when it comes to modern technology. He jabs at the submarine’s control panel in an attempt to make it move, and isn’t familiar with the Highwind’s more nuanced operations.

Jumping Ability
As we can see from his Limit Breaks, Cid’s speciality in combat is his astounding jumping ability. Combined with the fact his weapon is a spear, his character role seems like that of the dragoon from previous Final Fantasy games.

Selected Quotes
“Money, cash, kale—that’s all they ever cared about. My dream was just a number on a spreadsheet to them!” - In Rocket Town, venting about Shinra suspending their space development program
“Shit, Shera. You’re slower than a goddamn snail! How ‘bout you use that big dumb head of yours and give our guests some tea!” - Bellowing at Shera in front of Cloud and his team
“Heh… So, this ship’s gonna save the Planet, huh? Feels a little hot in here all of a sudden. You really got my blood boiling now. I’m a man, too—don’t you forget it! Fine, let’s do this! Let’s kick some ass!” - Upon being asked to become leader by Barret
“The one that blew up was tank number eight…. Tank number eight… So, it really was on the fritz.... Shera… you were right all along.” - Inside the rocket, after his leg is pinned under the tank’s wreckage
“So, this Planet’s like a little kid. A little kid, sick and shivering in the vastness of space. And somebody’s gotta protect it.” - After Shinra’s attempt to thwart Meteor fails

Dialogue-Based Character Analysis
If Barret is a man of the mines, then Cid is a man of the air, soaring the skies with the same gruff speech and roughneck attitude. He’s a starry-eyed dreamer with straightforward thoughts, whose single-minded drive is the secret to his success as a leader. However, he’s extremely on edge when it comes to Shera, and tends to act quite cruel toward her.



blood type ●B

武器→P.75 リミット技→P.101








「ケッ! シエラよう。どうしてテメエはそんなにどんくせえんだよ!客が来たら茶くらい出せよな、このウスノロ!」(クラウドたちの前でシエラを怒鳴る)


Age: ?
Height: ?
Blood Type: ?
Birthday: ?
Hometown: ?
Weapon: Katana

(See p. 70 for weapons)

A Shinra SOLDIER whose countless wartime accomplishments earned him a reputation as a heroic swordsman. However, after learning he was one of Shinra’s creations, he was gripped by an unrelenting hatred for mankind. Official records state he died five years ago, yet his shadow begins to envelop the world in its darkness, spreading out from the Shinra Building….

Self Awakening
The process by which Sephiroth discovered his true nature comprised the following two phases.
  1. Investigating the deteriorating mako reactor in Nibelheim five years ago: Upon seeing human beings soaking in mako, Sephiroth started to suspect he was created the same way. Later, after poring over countless documents, he learned of the Jenova Project responsible for his birth. It was at this point he came to understand that Jenova was an Ancient (or Cetra), and that he had been charged as ruler to take back the Planet from the halfwit humans who’d assumed control of it.
  2. Falling into the Lifestream: Thanks to his strong spiritual will, he didn’t allow his consciousness to diffuse into the Lifestream, but rather absorbed the knowledge and information inside of it. There, he learned that Jenova and the Ancients are distinct entities, and that the Jenova cells lying dormant inside him are a scourge from outer space.
Name Origin
Named after the sefirot (divine emanations).

Long Hair
“He gives off an air that’s similar to Cloud’s, so I thought I should give him a distinct appearance. I based his design around a long coat and flowing hair to give the impression the two are opposites” (Tetsuya Nomura, Character Designer).

The name Professor Gast gave to a lifeform he found in suspended animation inside a 2,000-year-old geological stratum. It possesses the following two abilities.
  1. The “Reunion” ability: A property whereby Jenova can gather its disparate body parts to one place and regenerate. When Sephiroth fell into the Lifestream with Jenova’s head in his hands, it ended up determining the gathering point for the Reunion that would later take place.
  2. The ability to transform its appearance, voice, and behavior to match what’s in other people’s memories: The Sephiroth who appears on the cargo ship may be the result of Jenova’s main mass using this ability.
Equipment in Nibelheim Five Years Ago
Weapon: Masamune
Armor: Gold Armlet
Accessory: Tough Ring
Materia: Cure, Revive, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Fire, All x 3 (all at max level)

With his strong willpower, Sephiroth simultaneously creates an illusion of himself and maintains control over the Sephiroth Copies produced by Hojo. Sephiroth’s ultimate goal is to merge with all the Planet’s energy and be reborn as a god.

Selected Quotes
“How does it feel? I wouldn’t know—I don’t have a hometown….” - Upon arriving in Nibelheim five years ago
“I am the chosen one. I have been appointed ruler of this Planet. I was born to retake it from you halfwits and return it to the Cetra’s hands.” - Five years ago, on the assumption he’s an Ancient
“All of the Planet’s spiritual energy. All its wisdom… all its knowledge… I will absorb it all. I will become everything… and everything will become me.” - Confronting Tseng in the Temple of the Ancients
“Don’t make me laugh… You can stop pretending to be sad. There’s no need to tremble with rage. After all, Cloud… you’re only a puppet.” - In the Forgotten City
“Yes… this is the end of the road. This vessel has served its purpose.” - In the Whirlwind Maze. After saying this, Sephiroth’s body disappears.

Dialogue-Based Character Analysis
Any lines with a hint of humanity would have been spoken in Nibelheim five years ago. When he reappears before Cloud [later on], Sephiroth’s words have a hollow ring to them, as though he’s grown apart from mankind. What is Jenova, and what is the calamity from the skies? The story reaches its zenith as these mysteries are revealed.



blood type ●?



①5年前のニブルヘイムの老朽化魔晄炉の調査……魔晄づけになっている人間を見 て、自分も同様の方法で生み出されたのかという疑いを持つ。その後、文献を読みあさり、ジェノバ・プロジェクトが自身の出生の母体であることを知る。ジェノバとは古代種(セトラ)、おろかな人間たちからこの星を取りもどす支配者として選ばれたのが自分自身、というのがこの時点での認識。







The Shinra Electric Power Company

At the time of its founding, it primarily dealt in weapons manufacturing, but later found success when it shifted to supplying “mako” energy it sucked out of the Planet. Since then, it’s grown into a megacorporation whose influence is felt around the world.

President Shinra
A supremely influential man who keeps all of Shinra under his thumb. Coldly rational and relentlessly cruel, he’ll utterly obliterate anything that stands in the way of Shinra’s profits, no matter the cost. He’s a dictator in the truest sense, ruling through a politics of fear, yet possesses the cunning to mask this with an image of genteel leadership, which his vast fortune and media control help propagate.

Rufus Shinra
Vice President
The young heir to Shinra’s throne, he’s promoted from vice president to president after his father’s death. He’s inherited not just his father’s silver tongue but his despotic tendencies, and aims to establish a reign of terror even greater than the former President’s. A meritocrat who accepts nothing but the best, he regards chronically incompetent subordinates with an icy air.

Head of the Public Security Division
He served as the President’s right-hand man during his time in power, yet it seems his perspicacity was seldom put to the test, a shortcoming which is exposed after Rufus takes charge. Though his face and figure may look jovial, his personality is petty and vindictive, and he’s less than popular among his subordinates for the repeated thrashings he gives them.
Catchphrase: “Gyahaha!”

Head of the Urban Planning Division
A capable engineer closely involved in the design and construction of the multi-storied city of Midgar and its eight mako reactors. Unfortunately, his good faith and sincerity have all but lost him the right to speak among the morally bankrupt board of directors. Also, when he gets overexcited, he lets slip a certain dialect you wouldn’t expect based on how he normally speaks.

Head of the Advanced Weaponry Division
The sole woman among Shinra’s executives, she’s known to be very capable at her job, overseeing the backbone department of what started out as a munitions company. Snake-like in her cruelty and specializing in deceit, Scarlet has made a career out of committing atrocities. She was the one who coordinated the “cleanup” in Corel, massacring nearly all of the town’s inhabitants after an incident at the local mako reactor. She loathes the bumbling Heidegger with a passion.
Catchphrase: “Kyahaha!”

Head of the Space and Aeronautics Division
An executive who seems to have very little knowledge in the field of space. Funding was cut to the space development program when Shinra’s main enterprise shifted to mako energy—partly, one might imagine, due to concerns about Palmer’s leadership. His obesity has reached an alarming level, to the point he puts lard in even his tea.
Catchphrase: “Hyuhuhuh!”

Head of the Research and Development Division
A mad scientist who commits all sorts of inhumane acts on the pretext of research. Driven more by his passion for inquiry than any material desire, he takes a pompous attitude even with the president. He’s been conducting research on the Ancients for over 20 years, while at the same time continuing work on the top-secret Jenova Project using his own theories.

The Turks

The investigation department of Shinra’s general affairs bureau. A small unit of elite operatives who perform all sorts of shady tasks for the company, including scouting for SOLDIERs.

The leader of the Turks. According to the chain of command, the Turks are under the direction of Heidegger, but in practice, they execute their missions exactly as Tseng orders. A veteran of the unit, he’s been helping in the hunt for Aerith ever since she was a child, and seems deeply attached to her despite being an enemy.

He wears his uniform in his own special style and speaks with a unique, jester-like drawl. All the same, he’s an ace up the unit’s sleeve, able to execute a variety of missions with his top-notch skills. He has a peculiar philosophy when it comes to work, making it hard for anyone other than Tseng to manage him.
Catchphrase: [Not applicable]

A giant of a man who tends to team up with Reno on missions. Unlike Reno, he’s a man of few words, only speaking when necessary. He secretly has a crush on Tifa, but, being the professional he is, doesn’t give her any passes. He seems to be naturally bald.
Catchphrase: “...”

A newcomer hastily accepted into the Turks after Reno is injured. She’s not yet seasoned as a member of the team, and sometimes lets slip more information than is necessary to Cloud and the others. She doesn’t understand Reno and Rude’s philosophy toward work, often voicing her complaints, though she is submissive to Tseng, whom she has affection for.












神羅カンパニー総務部調査課。 ソルジャーの人材スカウトにはじまり、あらゆる裏の仕事をこなす、少数精鋭のエリート部隊。




Supporting Characters

As a member of the anti-Shinra organization Avalanche, he helps Barret carry out operations. Less of an extremist than Barret, Biggs plays peacekeeper between Cloud and his hotheaded boss. He’s solemnly devoted to Avalanche’s creed of protecting the life of the Planet, but has a tendency to vent his emotions after a few drinks.

A portly member of Avalanche who speaks with strange honorifics. Wedge (dubiously) claims he gained weight after Tifa made him taste-test her cooking. Incidentally, Biggs and Wedge are the names of the two soldiers who appear at the beginning of the previous game, Final Fantasy VI. Their names come from members of the X-wing squadron in the [first] Star Wars movie.
Catchphrase: [Not applicable]

An Avalanche mechanic capable of anything from duplicating complex gadgets to rigging up explosives. More than just a bomb maker, Jessie shows her charming side as she boldly makes moves on an indifferent Cloud. She has a somewhat careless personality.
Catchphrase: “Whoopsies…”

Aerith’s adoptive mother who lives at the edge of the Sector 5 Slums. During the war, Elmyra waited endlessly for her husband to return from the front in Wutai. One day, she encountered Aerith after her [biological] mother passed away, and from then on raised the child as her own. She loves Aerith deeply and worries about the strange fate that awaits her.

A young girl being raised by Barret. She takes care of Seventh Heaven while Tifa is away. Though shy around strangers, she also has a more mature side, picking up on things like Cloud and Aerith’s relationship. She is at once Barret’s weakness and his source of strength to fight.

Don Corneo
The boss of Wall Market, a neighborhood in deep moral decline. A notorious womanizer, he spreads his wealth far and wide trying to find the perfect female partner. Despite his lecherous ways, he’s exceptionally shrewd, and when cornered will show a glimpse of his true nature as an underworld boss. He partakes in stimulants on a daily basis.
Catchphrase: “Ho-hee! Ho-hee!”

Yuffie’s father. Once renowned throughout Wutai as a master of martial arts, he spends all day sleeping after losing the war to Shinra. Godo has his own reasons for doing so, but Yuffie, who’s bent on restoring Wutai to its former glory, can’t seem to forgive her father’s idleness.

A martial artist who travels the world teaching fighting techniques to children. Five years ago on a visit to Nibelheim, he took Tifa on as a pupil and taught her the basics of the Zangan martial arts style. His involvement with the investigation team sent to the local mako reactor proved to be a major turning point in his life. He apparently has 128 disciples all over the world.










Here's the last character entry in the book. That concludes all the non-strategy translations for Dismantled (minus location descriptions)!

Miscellaneous Characters

The following alphabetically ordered list contains the names of important characters not introduced in the previous pages. If you take the time to show these supporting characters some love, you’ll be sure to walk away with a deeper understanding of the story.

Name (Relevant Location): Comments
Black-Cloaked Man (Various Places): A man continuously on the move toward the Northern Cave, where he intends to participate in the Reunion.
Bugenhagen (Cosmo Canyon): A cheerful old man of 130 years. He understands the Lifestream and tells everyone his theory of where the Planet is headed.
Butch (Costa del Sol): A materia shop owner. He leaves charge of the store to Yuffie and ends up having his materia stolen.
Choco Bill (Chocobo Farm): The Chocobo Farm’s owner. He informs those passing through the marsh of the danger posed by the Midgardsormr.
Choco Billy (Chocobo Farm): A boy who lives on the Chocobo Farm with his grandfather and sister. He’s in charge of conducting business and boarding the chocobos.
Chocobo (Various Places): A flightless bird that inhabits various regions. Passengers can ride atop its back. It’s an indispensable companion on long journeys.
Chocobo Sage (Icicle Area): A being who dwells far to the north. His knowledge of chocobos is second to none, but he’s prone to forgetfulness.
Chole (Chocobo Farm): Choco Billy’s younger sister. She has an outstanding eye for determining chocobos’ abilities.
Dio (Gold Saucer): The Gold Saucer’s owner. He makes a hobby out of collecting rarities and showing them to others.
Doctor (Mideel): A man who saves Cloud’s life. Rumours about him circulate as far away as Icicle Inn.
Domino (Shinra Building): The mayor of Midgar, the city of mako. He has a penchant for quizzes and spends his days hard at work shifting documents around.
Dyne (Corel Prison): Barret’s close friend. The two butted heads over whether or not to allow construction of the Corel Mako Reactor.
Elder Bughe (Cosmo Canyon): A man who passes on his knowledge of the Ancients to Aerith. He researches Planetology alongside Bugenhagen.
Elder Hargo (Cosmo Canyon): A man who chronicles humanity’s past in the hopes it will aid people in the future.
Eleanor (Corel): Dyne’s wife. Dyne hands her keepsake pendant over to Barret.
Ester (Gold Saucer): A chocobo racing manager. She knows no racer faster than Joe.
Five Mighty Saints (Wutai): The five people who guard the Pagoda of the Five Mightiest: Gorky, Shake, Chekhov, Staniv, and Godo.
Gast (Icicle Inn): Aerith’s father. He was also a brilliant scientist who initiated the Jenova Project.
Hart [lit. Hut] (Shinra Building): Mayor Domino’s assistant. Could the names Domino and [Hut] have something to do with equating Midgar to a “rotten pizza”?
Hī-chan (Church in the Slums): A young girl in the church. Even after Aerith’s demise, she continues tending to the flowers diligently.
Ifalna (Icicle Inn): Aerith’s biological mother. She passed away at the Sector 7 Slums station after entrusting Aerith to Elmyra.
Jenova (Shinra Building, Etc.): A scourge from outer space. SOLDIER and Sephiroth owe their genesis to this mysterious lifeform.
Joe (Gold Saucer): A champion chocobo racer. Known for his trademark black ten-gallon hat.
Johnny (Sector 7 Slums): He sets off in search of his sweetheart, but what fate awaits him? His preferred type is a girl like Tifa.
Kotch (Corneo’s Mansion): One of Don Corneo’s henchmen. He dreams of having a “swell time” with a cute girl.
Lucrecia (Lucrecia’s Shrine): Sephiroth’s mother. In her capacity as a scientist, she offered her own body up to the Jenova Project.
Mr. Coates (Corel Prison): Known as Corel Prison’s second in command. He spends his days watching over the penal colony from inside his trailer.
Mukki (Wall Market, Etc.): A brawny older man at the Honeybee Inn. When he sees a younger man, he launches into a speech about the transience of life.
Myrna (Corel): Barret’s now-deceased wife. She died at Shinra’s hands during the Corel Mako Reactor incident.
Scotch (Corneo’s Mansion): One of Corneo’s henchmen with five underlings of his own. He wants to do “nice things” with a girl.
Seto (Cosmo Canyon): Nanaki’s (Red XIII’s) father. Even after being turned to stone, he continues to fight alone deep in the Cave of the Gi.
Shera (Rocket Town): A member of staff who worked on the rocket launch. She’s slow but thorough at her job. The rest of her life has been devoted to serving Cid.
Shinra Captain (Junon, Etc.): A captain who takes less than great care of Cloud. He wears a red uniform and has a bit of a temper.
Shinra Middle Manager (Various Places): A man passionate about work but valued little by his company. How long until he reaches the end of his rope?
Shinra Troopers (Various Places): After witnessing Cloud’s special pose, they train hard every day to master the technique.
Teioh (Gold Saucer): A chocobo who belongs to the champion racer Joe. If things come down to the final stretch, he’s sure to emerge victorious.
Tifa’s Dad (Nibelheim): Tifa’s father. He wasn’t very fond of Cloud. He was murdered at the Nibel Mako Reactor.
Zack (Gongaga): A SOLDIER who holds the key to the game’s story. He was Aerith’s first love and bears a resemblance to Cloud.




キャラクター名 / 関連地域 / 解說
イファルナ / アイシクルロッジ / エアリスの実母。七番街スラム駅で、エアリスをエルミナに託したところで息絶える。
エスト / ゴールドソーサー / 仕事はチョコボレースのマネージメント。ジョー以上に速いレーサーを知らない。
エレノア / コレル / ダインの妻。彼女の形見のペンダントは、ダインからバレットへと手渡される。
ガスト / アイシクルロッジ / エアリスの父。ジェノバプロジェクトの創始者でもある優秀な科学者。
クリン / チョコボファーム / グリングリンの妹。チョコボの能力を見る目はバツグン。
グリン / チョコボファーム / チョコボファーム経営者。湿地帯を通る人にミドガルズオルムの危険性を伝える。
グリングリン / チョコボファーム / 祖父と妹と一緒にチョコボファームに住む男の子。商談とチョコボ管理を担当。
黒マントの男 / 各地 / リユニオン参加のため、北の大空洞を目指して移動をつづける。
コーツ / コレルプリズン / コレルプリズンの表のボスとして知られる。普段はコンテナの中から流刑地を見張る。
五強聖 / ウータイ / ゴーリキー、シェイク、チェホフ、スタニフ、ゴドーの5人で五強の塔を守る。
コッチ / コルネオの館 / かわいい女の子との“スウィートなひととき”を夢見るドン・コルネオの子分。
ザックス / ゴンガガ / 物語のカギをにぎるソルジャー。エアリスの初恋の相手で、クラウドに似ている。
ジェノバ / 神羅ビルほか / 宇宙からの厄災。この未知の生物から、ソルジャーやセフィロスが誕生していくことに。
シエラ / ロケット村 / ロケット打ち上げスタッフの一員。仕事は遅いがていねい。生涯シドにつくす。
ジョー / ゴールドソーサー / チョコボレーシングのトップレーサー。トレードマークは黒のテンガロンハット。
ジョニー / 七番街スラム / 彼女を求めて旅立った彼の行く末は……?好みのタイプはティファのような娘。
神羅課長 / 各地 / 仕事熱心だが会社からの評価は低い。己の哀れな末路を知るのは、いつのことか。
神羅警備兵 / ジュノンほか / クラウドのスペシャルポーズを見て以来、その技をマスターするために毎日猛特訓中。
神羅隊長 / ジュノンほか / クラウドがお世話になる(?)隊長。赤い制服に身を包む。わりと怒りっぽい。
セト / コスモキャニオン / ナナキ(レッドXIII)の父親。ギ族の洞窟の奥で、石になってもひとり戦いつづける。
ソッチ / コルネオの館 / コルネオの子分で、5人の手下を持つ。女の子と“いいこと”をしたがっている。
ダイン / コレルプリズン / バレットの親友。しかし、コレル魔晄炉の建設を認めるかどうかで対立する。
長老ハーゴ / コスモキャニオン / 未来の人々への期待をこめて、人類の歴史を書きつづっている。
長老ブーガ / コスモキャニオン / エアリスに古代種のことを伝える。ブーゲンハーゲンと星命学の研究をしている。
チョコボ / 各地 / 各地に生息する飛べない鳥。背中に乗ることが可能で、長旅の足として貴重な存在。
チョコボせんにん / アイシクルエリア / 北の果てに住む。チョコボに関する知識は誰にも負けないが、物忘れがはげしい。
ディオ / ゴールドソーサー / ゴールドソーサー園長。珍しいものをコレクションして人に見せるのが趣味。
ティファパパ / ニブルヘイム / ティファの父。クラウドのことをあまり良く思っていない。ニブル魔晄炉で殺される。
トウホウフハイ / ゴールドソーサー / トップレーサーであるジョーのチョコボ。追い込み勝負になったらまず負けない。
ドクター / ミディール / クラウドの命の恩人。彼のうわさは遠くアイシクルロッジまで届く。
ドミノ / 神羅ビル / 魔晄都市ミッドガルの市長。クイズが好きで、毎日資料の入れかえに余念がない。
ハット / 神羅ビル / ドミノ市長の助役。「ミッドガル=くさったピザ」との形容があったが、ドミノとハットという名は……。
ひーちゃん / スラムの教会 / 教会にいる女の子。エアリスがいなくなったあとも、こまめに花の世話をしている。
ブーゲンハーゲン / コスモキャニオン / 130歳の陽気なおじいちゃん。ライフストリームを理解し、星の行方を皆に説く。
ブッチ / コスタ・デル・ソル / マテリア屋を営む。ユフィに店を任せてマテリアを盗まれてしまうことに。
ミーナ / コレル / いまは亡きバレットの妻。コレル魔晄炉事件で神羅の手にかかり死去。
ムッキー / ウォールマーケットほか / 蜜蜂の館にいるムキムキオヤジ。若者を見ると人生のはかなさについて語り出す。
ルクレツィア / ルクレツィアのほこら / セフィロスの母。科学者として、ジェノバ・プロジェクトにその身を捧げた。
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Hey everyone, I've moved on to translating the 2005 Ultimania Omega character reports. Because these passages are so long, I'll be linking a Google doc and updating it whenever I finish a new character report. With all the business of the holiday season, I'm hoping I can keep these coming out at least once per week. I'll ping this topic whenever the doc gets updated with a new report.

As you'll see when you start reading, these profiles are divided into two parts: an overview of the character's background, appearance, and overarching narrative; and a detailed list of their actions throughout the course of the story. The second part contains quotes from the game that I've taken the liberty of retranslating instead of using the official localization. As we all know, the localization misses a lot of context in the Japanese and, frankly, contains many errors. But I do try to stick to it wherever it's accurate.

First up, Cloud Strife!

English translations
Original Japanese
This is addressed in Game Maestro, Vol. 4 (Designer/Illustrator Edition), May 18, 2001. The interviewer asks about the theme of death in FFVII, mentioning Aerith being killed by Sephiroth. Nomura responds saying he got lots of people who thought he was the one who came up with the scenario where Aerith gets killed off. He says the bulk of the response to the question in Dismantled was left out and only the joke part (his suggestion to Kitase that they should kill off Aerith and bring in Tifa) was printed. As a result, he was singled out as the villain on the staff responsible for Aerith's death. He relates this all in good humor and the drawing is a light-hearted appeal to his innocence. He goes on to say Sakaguchi's direction to portray both life and death was the impetus behind having Aerith die. Reading between the lines, she was the sole heroine at that time in development, and it was decided that the heroine's death would be the most impactful. Nomura's suggestion to bring in Tifa was likely made as a joke in light of this decision.

Here's a the text in the image if anyone wants it (from Game Walker, "野村哲也の俺風味ぶらりスクウェア紀行, Vol. 5"):
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This is addressed in Game Maestro, Vol. 4 (Designer/Illustrator Edition), May 18, 2001. The interviewer asks about the theme of death in FFVII, mentioning Aerith being killed by Sephiroth. Nomura responds saying he got lots of people who thought he was the one who came up with the scenario where Aerith gets killed off. He says the bulk of the response to the question in Dismantled was left out and only the joke part (his suggestion to Kitase that they should kill off Aerith and bring in Tifa) was printed. As a result, he was singled out as the villain on the staff responsible for Aerith's death. He relates this all in good humor and the drawing is a light-hearted appeal to his innocence. He goes on to say Sakaguchi's direction to portray both life and death was the impetus behind having Aerith die. Reading between the lines, she was the sole heroine at that time in development, and it was decided that the heroine's death would be the most impactful. Nomura's suggestion to bring in Tifa was likely made as a joke in light of this decision.

Here's a the text in the image if anyone wants it (from Game Walker, "野村哲也の俺風味ぶらりスクウェア紀行, Vol. 5"):
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