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The Idea, written by Patrick Olson | Music for Scientists (Original Song)

This video was produced with countless analog brushstrokes across three paintings by artist Jon Todd, captured in 15,000 sequential photographs. These photos were layered with performances by Patrick Olson, with key frames painted by Jon Todd, and processed through a form of machine learning called Neural Style Transfer. Director Jonathon Corbiere conceived, orchestrated and shepherded the entire project.
It's refreshing to hear a science-centric song about the search for the true nature of nature. The lyrics happen to strike a cord with my data mining- and hacking endeavors.

In the case of the second video, the lead singer just passed away from Parkinson's a few days ago -- and this HD version of the video was FINALLY released a month ago. One of my favorite Canadian New Wave tracks.

Jesus Christ, I've heard this before. I'm pretty sure from this thread.
Somehow it's worse the second time :monster:
Nah, it's even better!

BTW, there's a sequel.

I know what we need.

Bit of Emily Haines on a Saturday morning... :)
OGs remember the first couple years of Metric -- the wonderfully-insane, glorious ramblings and non-sequitors of Emily Haines, in the weirdest venues you could think of -- a CBC show that aired at 12:30 a.m. (Zed), as a guest vocalist on other bands' records (or just randomly showing up in cameos in music videos)... you name it.

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Stumbled upon this band today, and my god, they tick soo many of my boxes. The guitar lead starting at 0:38 is particularly exquisite, and the vocalist has such a gorgeous voice. Had a mildly shite day so something like this was much needed.



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When I was mixing my latest original song recording, I decided to look up "What is the #1 Modern Rock Song right now" on the Googles, and got this massive jackbooted kick in the teeth from Ms. Taylor Momsen and her outfit, the Pretty Reckless (featuring Tom fucking Morello of all people).

"The world does NOT belong to you,
You are NOT the king, I am NOT the fool.
The world does NOT belong to you,
It don't belong to you...



Nanaki Skywalker

The Symptom of the Universe
Tarkatan Trash

< > RP LP RP
< > RP
> > RP
Are my go to combos.

My brother and I have a serious Jin/Hworang rivalry going to this day heh
In Tekken 3 specifically, I prefer the Arcade BGMs.

But in Tekken 1 or 2, I could go either way. For example, with the Angkor Wat BGM from Tekken 1 which got reused in Tekken 2 as Kunimitsu's Stage BGM in the PS1 port.



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In Tekken 3 specifically, I prefer the Arcade BGMs.
I weirdly loved both of those OSTs, to be frank. I am going to do the not-internet thing and agree with you, and just say that Now I Am Listening To This:

From a DBZ Genesis Game I imported a long time ago, that was my introduction to the series; before that I had only a passing awareness of it.


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For the Nujabes fans in here.

Haruka Nakamura is very talented. I'm not for sure if he actually played the instruments in this tribute or not. The original piano keys being played in this song, were sampled from a Noriko Kose song called "I Miss You." Haruka Nakamura did play the guitar on a few songs of Nujabes' while he was alive.
Reflection Eternal was the first song I ever heard by Nujabes almost 10 years ago. This tribute to him is very beautiful
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I've been on a big Mike Oldfield kick of late, particularly Ommadawn. But relistening to Tubular Bells, man oh man that bass line in the intro sequence is so beautiful. For some reason it makes me think of Ecco the Dolphin. Awesome stuff.

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