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What Comics Are You Reading?

The Twilight Mexican

Ex-SeeD-ingly good
I think I'm finally starting to make peace with "One More Day." I decided to reread "Sensational Spider-Man," vol. 2 #40 to refresh myself with its depiction of The-One-Above-All following my recent conversation with JechtShotMK9 about the cosmic side of Marvel.

This issue of "Sensational Spider-Man" is not only one of the few to actually feature The-One-Above-All, but it was also one of the last Spidey stories before "One More Day." Literally, the next issue of "Sensational Spider-Man" was part 3 of OMD.

Rereading this issue now gives me a lot to digest -- mostly in the promises of that ending, but also in the fact that TOAA advised Peter to accept his aunt's death and move on. Which Pete obviously didn't do. Almost like TOAA knew Mephisto would be coming and trying to use Pete's grief to affect reality?

For a character whose whole schtick is responsibility, it was such a disappointment to see the fundamental conceit of the character so undermined as it was by Joe Quesada's editorial mandate that became OMD -- willfully and cavalierly altering other people's lives via magic without their consent or even so much as their knowledge of it.

But then I think back to Jonathan Hickman's "Time Runs Out" story that led into his "Secret Wars" event, where we saw Tony Stark and Steve Rogers die fighting one another because they couldn't put aside their personal shit. Even as the world burned around them in its final hour.

Obviously Hickman's story wasn't even a twinkle in anyone's eye at the time of OMD's publication, but it does present an interesting analysis when "Time Runs Out" is looked at along with "One More Day." It could almost be seen as an indictment of our trust in superheroes -- our expectation of them to remain upright and virtuous where we cannot.

Again, I know these two stories were not conceived together, and nothing will ever justify Quesada's buffoonery, but it's still an interesting thought when these notions are synthesized across storylines.

It's also becoming easier to recall OMD's existence in light of the obvious signs that some people within Marvel want to either reverse it or at least address within the comics that it happened. Recently, in "Amazing Spider-Man," vol. 4 #15, we had the Prime Earth Pete and MJ recall vague memories of their "Renew Your Vows" counterparts, who are still married and have a daughter. We also recently saw Mephisto break the terms of the OMD bargain in "Spider-Man/Deadpool" #5.

Even if an overturning of OMD isn't coming soon, there's enough in place now that we can look at that ending of "Sensational Spider-Man" #40 and believe in it again.

The Twilight Mexican

Ex-SeeD-ingly good
I know I often ask "What do Marvel and DC's editors actually do?" -- but that's only because I seriously wonder what they're on payroll for. Especially at Marvel lately.

"Thanos" #2 and "Gamora" #1 came out today, and both feature Nebula. Both feature two completely different conceptions of the character, though, of completely different origin and motivation. "Thanos" #2 has a character who more or less seems to be the Nebula we've always known, though with her appearance based more on the depiction seen in the "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie.

"Gamora" #1 on the other hand just straight-up has Nebula from the "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie. Gamora herself, meanwhile, seems to be Gamora as she has always been in the comics (both in terms of appearance and origin) rather than her MCU counterpart.

This isn't to say "Thanos" #2 is off the hook for stupid oversights, though. In this issue,
Thanos's father, Mentor/Alars,
kills him. By punching him in half.

Mentor is a full-bred Terran Eternal. A son of Chronos, whose cosmic experiments imbued all Eternals on Earth at that time (including Mentor) with cosmic energy that makes them essentially immortal in every sense of the word. They can live indefinitely unless killed, and they can't be legitimately harmed by conventional weaponry or basic acts of violence (like punching them).

And even if one manages to, the only way to kill a Terran Eternal is to disintegrate their body and spread their molecules over such a vast distance they can't bond together again (as they will naturally try to).

It's not even so much that this complaint is "Thanos at full power couldn't kill Mentor if he really, really set his mind to it." It's more that this sick, dying Thanos in particular would have a hard time of it, and definitely couldn't kill him so casually like that.

If this is supposed to be yet another thing we just write off as being different due to the post-"Secret Wars" reboot, I'm going to have to start seriously assessing why I still bother and whether I should continue to.
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The Twilight Mexican

Ex-SeeD-ingly good
Ya'll are about to see me get indignant as fuck. :monster: That's because CBR has taken to shitting all over a number of things rather sacred to me:

—Journalistic integrity
—Cosmic Marvel
—Jim Starlin

I've known for a couple of years now that CBR was going downhill, but at this point, they read like fucking Buzzfeed. A constant stream of pointless, shitty and often misleading lists; poor research on topics they're supposed to specialize in; and clickbaity headlines.

Por ejemplo:

—A Guardian of the Galaxy's Final Fate Revealed in Captain America #10
Clickbait. The character in question was a member of the team for 13 issues almost ten years ago, a fact barely remembered, and definitely not the title he's most associated with.

— Guardians Of The Galaxy: Top 20 Members Of All Time
Kind of clickbaity, but also pretty pointless. For a team that's only had about 30 members ever, with several (even a couple of them from this list) being there for less time than the character from the previous article above (e.g. Angela, Iron Man, Moondragon, and Captain Marvel) or just barely there for as long/slightly longer (e.g. Ben Grimm and Kitty Pryde), assembling a "Top 20" list could have been done as "Basically anyone you should actually think of when you think of the Guardians."

—Manslaughter of Steel: 15 Times Superman Killed Someone
Clickbaity, poorly conceived headline. "Manslaughter of Steel"? It's like they wanted to say "manslaughterer" because of the play on "Man of Steel" and realized how fucking stupid that sounded, but were too goddamn lazy to think of anything else.

Anyway, the list itself is a complete waste of time. Nearly every example on the list depicts alternate universe versions of Superman, and the last three entries are all of the same alternate version. For that matter, the whole premise of that version (from "Injustice: Gods Among Us") is that this is a Superman who became a murderous tyrant. If you're going to cite him at all, you could have filled the whole list of 15 with examples of his bloodthirsty douchery alone.

—The Infinity Gauntlet: 15 Things You Never Knew
What an asinine list. Perfect example, though, of the desperate depths to which CBR has sunk, as well as their newfound obsession with the arbitrarily selected number 15 for these dumb things. They really had to reach to find 15 items for this one.

Take #13, for instance. Oh, the gauntlet is just a glove with no actual powers unless the Infinity Gems are attached? Well, no fucking shit. Maybe next they'll discover that the gems work without the glove!

... And fuck me, holy shit, that's actually #7 on the list.

Can't wait for the hot scoop that water pipes are useless without water flowing through them! Maybe we'll even find out if water flows in places that aren't pipes!

Next, how about those cropped, misleading panels of Adam Warlock that accompany that entry about the gauntlet being powerless? They imply that the single character with the most intimate knowledge of the Infinity Gems would be so fucking dumb as to try using the Gauntlet without anything on it. When has anyone -- much less Adam Warlock -- done that?

Those panels are from "The Infinity War" #4 (as detailed in another CBR article just a couple of years ago), and all six gems were actually on the gauntlet there. It wasn't working because the Living Tribunal had previously decreed that the gems would no longer be allowed to work in unison. Not because Warlock is as idiotic as this article's writer.

And then, my God, the inaccuracies and lack of research elsewhere --

"In 'The Infinity Gauntlet,' by Jim Starlin, George Perez and Ron Lim, Nebula (who’s Thanos’ granddaughter in the comics and not his daughter as seen in the MCU movies) plays a significant role throughout. She’s captured by Thanos early on and, through the powers of the Infinity Gems, is punished for her lack of loyalty by being placed in a perpetual state of pain between life and death."

"For her lack of loyalty"? No, it's because she tried to bolster her reputation and take leadership of Thanos's old crew by claiming to be his granddaughter ... which was about the greatest offense conceivable to Thanos. For a being who worshipped Death, giving the impression that he would procreate was an absolute affront.

That isn't even speculative. He states this explicitly in "Silver Surfer," vol. 3 #38, which was written by Jim Starlin as part of a prelude to "The Infinity Gauntlet."

Speaking of Jim ...

"Darkseid obtaining the Infinity Gauntlet is rather ironic as the character is often credited as being the inspiration for Marvel’s Thanos. In fact, Thanos’ creator, Jim Starlin, has made no secret of the fact that the idea of Thanos came from DC’s Darkseid and the other New Gods characters."

"In fact." El-em-eff-ay-oh.

In actual fact, Jim has made no secret that Metron of the New Gods was the inspiration for Thanos -- and a past CBR article has even reported on this! All Jim has attributed to Darkseid is that his editor instructed him to beef Thanos up physically more like Darkseid, but even so, Jim has pointed out that both characters used to be drawn far more lean:

"Well, the funny thing is, in the original drawings, Thanos didn’t look much like Darkseid – if he looked like any New God, he looked like Metron. He was skinny, and was sitting in a throne-like mechanical device. So all these theories of Darkseid and Thanos being two sides of the same coin are kind of off, because Thanos was originally more like Metron.

Though both Thanos and Darkseid, after their initial appearances, bulked up considerably… (laughs) You go back and look at the original appearances of Darkseid that Kirby drew, and he wasn’t much bigger than Superman."

And it doesn't get much more straightforward than this:

"Thanos sort of went along the same track – he just got bigger as time passed. The similarity is they’re both galactic tyrants who are into manipulating situations, and are very versatile in terms of the kinds of stories you can do with them.

But like I said, Thanos was originally based more on Metron! Over the years, though, the story’s gotten that Thanos is nothing but a rip off of Darkseid, and that’s just not true."

But hey, CBR! Don't let doing actual research on your main topic of coverage stand in the way of the 15 articles sporting lists of 15 forced bulletpoints you need to crank out by lunchtime!


Pro Adventurer
Ugh, been a long time since I posted in here, so here we go.


Monstress #10

The Wicked + The Divine #25 & #26


Elektra #1

Inhumans vs. X-men #5

Monstress is still going strong. I actually want to start over with the series though; been awhile since I read the first few issues.

The Wicked + The Divine is heating things back up after the completion of it's first major story arc. I love this series so much--seriously guys, get on it.

Elektra. I've been waiting for the first issue of this new series to hit the stands ever since I heard about it a few months ago. Elektra has always been one of my favorite Marvel heroines/badasses and I'm excited to see her in a new comic series. I think Elodie Yung's portrayal of the character in Daredevil is partially responsible for this revival and that makes me insanely happy, although I don't like how Elektra's background was changed for the show. But Elodie plays Elektra how she should be played: cold, calculating, and ruthless.

Inhumans vs. X-men: I'll be honest here, I only bought this issue because it was a variant cover with Medusa on the front and I love her. :awesome:


Dark Knight of the Red Wings
Time to update the What Am I Reading List:

BOOM! Studios
The Amory Wars - For those not familiar, The Amory Wars is the telling of the stories that Coheed and Cambria's prog/theme albums are based on. The adaptation of Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV - From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness just started.

Action Comics - I hadn't really read anything Superman related in a very long time. I decided to pick up a lot of DC's titles after the conclusion of the whole New 52 thing. I'm really digging the story telling in Action Comics.
All-Star Batman - Scott Snyder continues his run of writing for Batman in this book. It's sort of hit or miss for me. We'll see if it gets better.
Aquaman - This is much better than I expected it to be. I was never an Aquaman fan but I have really been digging this run.
Batman - I am a really big Batman fan so I basically read all of the Bat family titles for the most part.
Batgirl & The Birds of Prey
Cyborg - I'm not really sure what to make of this book. I almost feel like Vic's just not a strong enough character to carry his own book. I feel like he works better as a member of the Titans. I may drop this.
Dark Knight III: The Master Race
Deathstroke - This book is a pleasant surprise. As a villain, Deathstroke is fascinating. This book kind of bounces all over the place but it maintains consistency in its storytelling.
Detective Comics
The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom - I was never a Captain Atom fan...still not so sure I am but I thought I'd give this book a try since they are trying to "reboot" him. I'll finish the series but I'm not really feeling it.
The Flash - The Flash has long been one of my favorite superheroes and I love the stories being told in this book. However, I am not a fan of the artwork. I wish they could find a better, more consistent artist to carry this series.
Green Arrow
Green Lanterns - I wasn't sure what to think about this book at first. The two new Lanterns are okay. I don't think they are as interesting/entertaining as Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner but they are okay.
Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps - Fantastic book. One of my favorites in all of DC right now.
Harley Quinn - I thought I was going to like this more than I do. I expected more of the Bat family to appear in this. It's just okay for me. I'll probably just drop it.
The Hellblazer - Truth be told, I'm really not a big John Constantine fan. However, I read this book mainly to see if Swamp Thing shows up (which he does from time to time). I may not end up sticking with this.
He-Man/Thundercats - It just finished up, but I read anything He-Man and the Masters of the Universe related.
Justice League
Justice League of America
Mother Panic
The Odyssey of the Amazons
Red Hood and the Outlaws
Suicide Squad
Supergirl: Being Super
Super Sons
Teen Titans
Wonder Woman

I'll be checking out the upcoming Batman/The Shadow crossover. It looks interesting. I'm also interestied in the forthcoming Bane: Conquest miniseries.

Paper Girls - One of the best comics going. Brian K. Vaughan is one of the best writers in comics.
Saga - If you haven't read nor heard of this book, it's amazing. Another book written by the aforementioned Brian K. Vaughan. The artwork is always beautifully done as well by the very talented Fiona Staples.
The Walking Dead - The book remains far better than the tv series. I get irritated with some of Kirkman's storytelling sometimes but for the most part, this book is really good.

All-New Wolverine
All-New X-Men
Amazing Spider-Man
Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows
America - I'm not sure I'm going to stick with this. I love her character as it is presented in The Ultimates. I'm not feeling the vibe on her solo book. I'm probably not in this book's intended demographic.
Black Panther
Black Panther: World of Wakanda
Black Widow - It just finished up and I loved it.
Captain America: Sam Wilson - This book has had some ups and downs but the current story arc is so damn good.
Captain America: Steve Rogers - Hands down the best book in the Marvel Universe right now.
The Dark Tower series - I'm a HUGE Stephen King fan and I adore The Dark Tower books. The artwork for the overall series is varied and inconsistent but the story telling is usually pretty well adapted from the original works.
Darth Maul
Deadpool & the Mercs for Money
Doctor Aphra
Extraordinary X-Men - It just wrapped up.
Ghost Rider - I believe I saw this was ending or getting cancelled. I'm not heartbroken about that decision at all. This first and only story arc was awful.
Guardians of the Galaxy - Currently on a hiatus, I assume up through the coming Secret Empire event and then they will resume.
Hulk - I'm not really feeling this book so far. I'm hoping it gets better because this first story arc has been very slow and disappointing.
Infamous Iron Man - I really like this story a TON. Another of my favorite Marvel books right now.
Invincible Iron Man - I like where this book is heading, hopefully it keeps the momentum.
Jessica Jones - I actually like this book a lot better than I expected I would. I have never read anything dealing with Jessica Jones before so my first exposure to her was the Netflix show. I felt like the show was way too slow for my taste. This book has been really good though.
The Mighty Captain Marvel
The Mighty Thor - This book has been so damn good. I've heard lots of complaints about
Jane Foster being Thor
but I disagree with them. Absolutely love this book.
Man-Thing - I'm giving this a go because I love Swamp Thing so much. It's been an interesting ride so far. Kind of a macabre, vintage horror comic vibe.
Moon Knight - One of my all-time favorite super heroes. A strange and macabre character (just like another personal favorite, Swamp Thing).
Occupy Avengers
Old Man Logan - I'm boring of this whole "Old Man Logan" thing. Can we just do the inevitable resurrection of the original Logan and be done with this? The original Old Man Logan tales were gripping. I really don't like this time-displaced thing going on now.
Poe Dameron
Rocket Raccoon
Silk - Not sure but I think this book just ended too. I liked it pretty well. Sad to see it go.
Silver Surfer - I love the art style on this book. It feels vintage. The adventures are usually pretty much self-contained. It feels like a 50's sci-fi serial.
Spider-Gwen - This has quickly become one of my favorite reads and she has become one of my favorite Marvel heroines.
Spider-Man 2099 - This book has so many ups and downs. The artwork is always consistently good but the writing is just wildly inconsistent. I may end up dropping this in the near future.
Spider-Man/Deadpool - When this first started, I thought it was going to be a limited series and I picked it up for the novelty. However, it has continued on and the novelty is starting to wear off. I may drop this after the current story arc finishes.
Spider-Woman - I am so upset that this book has just ended. This book made me a Jessica Drew fan. I fell in love with her and the cast of characters she's surrounded with. I am really going to miss this book a lot.
Squadron Supreme - I think this book maybe over...maybe it's just on hiatus.
Star-Lord - This has been a pretty entertaining series thus far. The current story arc is really good. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.
Star Wars - I am a HUGE Star Wars fan and I have read everything Star Wars that Marvel has put out since taking back the license. Some of the story arcs in this main book have been pretty good. Some of them...not so much. This current story arc is kinda falling flat with me.
Star Wars: Rogue One - This is an adaptation of the film. It just started.
Totally Awesome Hulk - I'm just going to say it...the Amadeus Cho Hulk is infinitely less interesting than the original Bruce Banner Hulk. I'm probably going to drop this.
The Ultimates 2
The Unbelievable Gwenpool - This book has its moments but has really started to fall flat for me. I'm probably going to drop this.
Uncanny Avengers - This book just wrapped up. It was consistently a pretty good read.
Uncanny Inhumans
Uncanny X-Men - This book just wrapped up.
The Unstoppable Wasp - I'm trying to get into this, I really am. It's just not holding my attention. I may end up dropping this.
The Unworthy Thor - I believe this just finished up but it was really well done and
gave us some background on where the Odinson is and what he's been up to.
U.S. Avengers - I am really entertained by this book. It's like an 80's action flick in comic book form.
Venom - I really dislike this guy that is wearing the Venom symbiote. He's not interesting and is really just a sack of shit. That said, I hear
that Eddie Brock is about to get the symbiote back
. I'll stick with the book if that is true.
X-Men: Gold

I will be picking up the new X books and the new Inhumans books. I was never a big Inhumans fan but the previous books made me interested in them. We'll see where they go. There's some other books and one-shots on the horizon that I'll be checking out as well.


Pro Adventurer
Found a couple of good series at work last week and bought them when I went into work last night. I didn't know anything about them except that they all had pretty banging cover art and one of them was featured by Image on their Facebook. So I took a chance.


Rose #1

This is pretty interesting so far. It's a medieval fantasy, and the main character is a girl named Rose (imagine that) who's village gets fucked up by an evil queen named Drucilla who's pretty power hungry and wants to stamp out magic. Also there's these legendary guardians called Khatz who exemplify different virtues and shit. Seems pretty cool so far.

Dark Horse

The Once and Future Queen #1 & #2

This is... interesting so far. Kind of a futuristic take on King Arthur. I... here's the summary from the Dark Horse website, I don't really know how to describe it.

"It’s out with the old myths and in with the new as a nineteen-year-old chess prodigy pulls Excalibur from the stone and becomes queen. Now, magic, romance, Fae, Merlin, and more await her!"

Spell on Wheels #1

Haven't read this yet, but the cover art and title seemed interesting. Summary from the website:

"Three young witches are robbed of their magical items, and they’ll have to hit the road to track down the mysterious thief before he does any damage to—or with—their possessions."

It's part 1 of a 5 part series, so we'll see.


Death Be Damned

Haven't read this yet either, but the cover and western premise intrigued me. Summary from the website:

"Seven outlaws have killed Miranda Coler and her family, but her death turned out to be a little less permanent than they expected.
Blessed with the inability to fully die until she exacts revenge on her family's killers, but cursed to lose a part of her memories every time she's "killed," Miranda will need the help of Joseph Murray, an undertaker dabbling in necromancy hoping to bring back his wife, if she's ever to find peace."


Pro Adventurer
There's been problems with my comic shop receiving their shipments on time, so today I just got issues #1 and #2 of Marvel's Royals. Been on an Inhumans kick lately, bought a bunch of the graphic novels from work yesterday that were in the bargain section, but there weren't enough to read the complete run of any of the series I got.

Anyway, I was told that Royals is pretty good, so I'll read that in lieu of Black Bolt this weekend.


Internet Ghost
Mister Spooks.
I'm revisting an old and virtually continued webcomic called No Rest For the Wicked. It's about Princess November, who can't sleep until she finds the Moon in her grave. She's joined by the wiley Puss'n'Boots and Red Riding Hood (Who has major PTSD and a mean Axe). Its deliciously dark and whimsical.


Sadly the comic basically stopped updating, but whats there is worth reading all on it's own.
DMZ. 1-6 I've seen a few of this kind of thing. Not bad, not brilliant. I want to follow Zee around, though, not Matty. The introductions to each volume make me cringe.

Also, with Pasco, seriously, dude, you're meant to be a journalist, you're not supposed to just believe the first thing some guy tells you. Even if he turns out aboveboard, that's still stupidly trusting of him.
DMZ 8. What the hell just happened?

Really stupid politics here, nuclear deterrence is flat dumb, all that will do is ensure that the US and factions within the DMZ want to squash you flat as soon as possible. It didn't work for Big Boss, it's not going to work for you, Parco. And Mattie's descent came from nowhere, he just started waving Parco's flag for no reason.


Pro Adventurer
Got the 1st issue of a series called Kill the Minotaur from Image. Looks pretty intriguing, and just flipping through it it looks like it's going to be a retelling of the Minotaur myth and the labyrinth. And since I'm a sucker for mythology of any sort, I grabbed it.

Also, I picked up an issue of Marvel Previews (July-September), and I'm astounded at some of the upcoming stuff that I've managed to miss, probably because the shipments to my local comic shop got screwed up.

Marvel Legacy is coming up in November, that looks neat. And Generations, that looks good! And I guess there's a new Inhumans series that's been released that I didn't know about, Once and Future Kings, which I guess has a Lockjaw mini-series at the end of each issue... Yeesh, I'm way behind.


Pro Adventurer
Read the first issue of Inhumans: Once and Future Kings today at work while on break. It's a background story for Black Bolt, Medusa, and Maximus, and how they overthrew the king of Attilan to becomes its current (well, not so current in the comics right now, as Black Bolt is currently in a prison somewhere and Medusa abdicated) rulers, as well detailing Maximus' descent into madness.

Also, Lockjaw as a puppy. :monster:


Paladin of Voltron
All I know about Doomsday Clock is that Alan Moore purists seem to think it is blasphemy. But I guess it does seem weird to combine Watchmen into the regular DC canon.

BTW I picked up volume 1 of the Paper Girls hardcover. I've heard great things and hope it lives up to the hype.
Anyone paying attention to the Watchmen sequel, Doomsday Clock? I've only literally just heard about it now :awesome:.
I actually came here to ask this question. Apparently it's good, but I'm not entirely comfortable with the idea. Not because I worship Alan Moore as a god, but because the ending pretty much hinges on not knowing what happens next, whether the plan works or not.


Harbinger O Great Justice
In the last two days, I just read all of, All You Need Is Kill, the final volume of Blame!, as well as everything in Blame! Academy And So On.

I feel immense satisfaction as well as a sadness that I've completed them.

X :neo:


‪‫‬‭ ‮
BLAME was great. Might re-read it. Shame the Netflix film was so dodgy, I mean the animation was just plain bizarre. Horrendous CGI, choppy as hell. Really sad.


Harbinger O Great Justice
YMMV clearly, but I thought that they did a solid job with the animation on BLAME! though I'm more familiar with the work from that animation studio from Knight of Sidonia and the Godzilla films that they've done, so I'm probably more acclimated to the style that they use. Especially compared to some other studios that use it to mimic traditional animation, like they did with The Dragon Prince, I didn't actually notice any choppiness.

That being said, I am slowly in the process of rereading the comic again, and it's just absolutely phenomenal.

X :neo:
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