What games are you currently playing?


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I'm currently doing Dark Souls 3! I'm at the end game I think (just beat Oceiros). Not sure if I should do Bloodborne, Elden Ring, or Metroid Dread next...
I have also been trying to complete dark souls with my friends in a dark souls. Its really easy for this one friend that has already completed the game like twice already so hes guiding me. If you want to know anything, please reach out and we can play together in a dark souls discord server. Let me know if you come. My discord name is demetri
So my housemate just bought the new xbox (dude was flat broke for most of his life but in the last couple of years got into a v lucrative career where he mostly earns money he doesn't know what to do with, but every now and then he splashes out, that's also how we got the ps5)

I was scrolling through the X pass games, stuck something on download but then saw he'd already downloaded another weird looking little game I'd mentioned wanting to play, so figured I'd try it while the other game was downloading.

That game was The Artful Escape and I played it solidly for 5 hours until completing it. (I did repeatedly check whether my housemate wanted a go on what is literally his xbox but I think he was enjoying watching the game!).

Anyway this is an absolute gem of a game. It looks a lot like Broken Age and has a bit of that feel, but also definitely owes a bit to Psychonauts. I can't really describe it other than "what if Bob Dylan died when he was 27 and his nephew was David Bowie."

It's also just a love letter to crafting your own identity and being who you want to be, leaving behind what you don't need. The way the gameplay reflects the journey is brilliant as well.

It's kind of a testament to this game that large chunks of it are essentially a basic platform game and I do not like platformers. Worse, its a platformer with ever so slightly janky controls, but the game is so mesmerising and cool that you stick with it anyway. It's also super forgiving, difficult gameplay isn't really the point here. If you fall off you just immediately return to where you fell.

Anyway watch the trailer and if like me you go "wait what??", and you have the opportunity to try it out, please do. Although maybe don't play it for 5 hours solid because this game is Loud and Colourful and I had a pretty bad headache by the end. Worth it though.

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Very interesting. It shapes up fairly generically, and then suddenly cuts off with the main conflict unresolved. I can see how a lot of people would have problems with it, but after some thought it ends up very interesting. Like, they do all the setup to heroically tear down the system and then go. 'No, you lose, the villain gets away with it and y'all have to flee.' Very unique.


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I decided that the last game I’ll play in the States before moving is Breath of Fire IV on PS1. It’s got gorgeous sprites, a great world, and I’ve been meaning to get to it for forever. I’ll be leaving the PS1 and SNES and all of my other consoles at my house here, so I won’t be able to play them for some time. Anything on PC or on handhelds I can just play after I move.


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I've finally finished playing Wild ARMs 2 in Japanese. I played the English release of the PS1 game back when it first came out, and even as a teenager w/o knowing any other languages at all I could tell that the writing was really, really bad. Though thanks to the music and (what I could understand of the) characterization, it was always a favorite. And being from the southwest US, I was always appreciated games that gave a nod to that kind of setting (shout outs to Live a Live for also have a western level). I definitely have better appreciation for it without the insanity of the old PS1 translation, all it took was fucking learning a 2nd language. :mon: Would actually love to see this game remade cause the gameplay is super simplistic (turn into Knight Blazer as Ashley and kill everything), but the last Wild ARMs thing that ever came out was a gacha game that got shut down after a couple years lol.

Live A Live remake is next on my list of things to play. I played the fan TL of the SNES back when I was younger, and have been trying to avoid spoilers in case they added / changed stuff in the Remake, but earlier I saw the Remake OST track listing and I'm 99% sure I got spoiled about something based purely on a track title, I just don't know what I got spoiled. Exciting.

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What a pull, hito :lol:

Currently have Gran Turismo 7 and Triangle Strategy going. Not too far into the latter yet. The former is beautiful, and the racing feels great. But the always-online requirement for single player is bullshit.
I just saw an ad for Triangle Strategy for the first time yesterday; how has your experience been? I have a switch, but I think I'm gonna wait until it makes the jump to Steam. Regardless, I really like the "HD-2D" aesthetic. I just hope it's better than Octopath.
I just saw an ad for Triangle Strategy for the first time yesterday; how has your experience been? I have a switch, but I think I'm gonna wait until it makes the jump to Steam. Regardless, I really like the "HD-2D" aesthetic. I just hope it's better than Octopath.
While I'm not too far yet, it's quite good. It actually has a plot with characters that interact which puts it well ahead of Octopath, imo, lol. I did turn off the voice acting, but it wasn't terrible, it just make the dialogue scenes a lot longer and this feels more Tactics-y :P

It is not easy, though. Even pretty early on the battles put up stiff resistance. This is mainly a consequence of the flanking mechanic. If a character attacks a target with an ally on the other side, said ally gets a free attack. This can make a situation go from bad to worse very quickly, and is easy to fall into. It seems to encourage really keeping your force grouped up as a unit. (in the early game anyway, when I encounter more mages later that might stop being a good idea, haha. )
You can change the difficulty level at any time though, so that helps. (not mid battle I guess, but I mean without starting the game over.)


I haven't poasted in here since January, so, update? :monster:

I haven't done much PC gaming so far this year; tried starting up some things here and there, so here's a quick overview:

- Graveyard Keeper: It's alright, needs a lot of polishing. Getting some materials is just annoying.
- Convoy - Only played it once or twice, I've had it a few years now; it's supposedly a bit like FTL but doesn't quite hit the same buttons.
- Kerbal Space Program - A bit of a revolving door game for me, but I keep restarting it and never getting much further than Duna, lol
- Divinity: Original Sin 2 - I just have trouble really getting into games like this. But, enjoyable.
- RimWorld - Also a bit of a revolving door game. Enjoyable enough, but I... haven't got a clue how to get from "build a base" to actually beating the game, lol. Which is probably fine, I like base building, I don't like finishing games, :monster:.

Anyway, I don't play much on PC because it's right where I do work as well and I don't really want to spend my evening in the same spot as I spent most of my day, so, :monster:. PS5 games!

- Elden Ring - Great game, finished it twice, will probably do so again.
- Kingdom Come: Deliverance - It's kinda jank in many ways, but it's a great game, lots of charm; it made me salty about Skyrim all over again, lmao. I really hope they do a sequel but not in the CryEngine this time, performance is shit and there's tons of graphical issues. Also the difficulty is all over the place, and while the combat system is interesting and manageable enough, it breaks down when you fight more than one enemy - especially if there's five of them in heavy armor. I've played this before on PC but never finished it though. Will probably pick it up again at some point.
- Hades - Also pretty good, I'm kinda "done" with it at the moment but there's still more story going on it seems. High replay value, high "pick up and do a round" value.
- Days Gone - Is actually a pretty enjoyable game IMO for a game that follows the common "3rd person open world" genre. It combines 3rd person shootybangs like in GTA with survival horror games (e.g. limited ammo) with a simple crafting system (e.g. crafting molotovs and healing items), and puts it into an asthetic and storyline that is a mix of Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead. It's a bit rough around the edges in many places, but a respectable effort for what was a smaller studio that in recent years only did some handheld titles. Biggest pet peeve is that especially at the start of the game your fuel tank runs out after 3 kilometers or whatever, which is more annoying than adding tension and challenge.
This took me like 45 mins to pull this off I swear to jeebus.
Focus cancelling is such a nightmare. You have to dash out of a focus attack pretty much instantaneously. In this case, I had to cancel a heavy dp with a focus cancel twice before landing a final heavy dp and now my thumbs kinda hurt. Definitely gave me joy once I got it though :D

Don’t even get me started on links. Combo trials in this game can get nutty.
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Buying spree:

Dragon Age, Inquisition. Didn't know it was game three in the series, got as far as closing first rift, feels fairly generic.
Dead Space. Also feels generic, maybe will surprise me.
Chernobyllite. Eh, okay so far. Put on English audio because I can't read subtitles and shoot things at once, so my choice is not understanding what is happening or horribly jarring American accents.
Resident Evil: Dead Aim: Didn't work on my TV.
Resident Evil 7, I've Youtubed this, just buying it for completeness.
Final Fantasy: Type Zero. Know nothing about this, not tried yet.

So... not the most successful buying spree ever.
Because I sadly didn’t get a code for the SF6 closed beta, I’ve been playing around in 3S again. Pulled this off and captured it on my PS5. It doesn’t look like much and it didn’t kill but simply doing this felt like a level up moment for me as a fighting game novice.


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Put in close to 200 hours with Xenoblade 2, and it's safe to say it's one of my favorite games ever :monster:

I definitely slept on the Xenoblade series, and was wrong for it. Just got XC1 Definitive Edition, and anticipate thoroughly enjoying the hell out of it. It's Shulk time!

Then onto XC3.

This is the type of Sci-Fi Fantasy I've been itching for. Xenoblade is giving my Switch the most use it's ever gotten in years.
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