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    Happy Birthday Kat!

    Thanks all :monster: ps kimble i will eat every goddamn cookie in this city and YOU CAN'T STOP ME
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    The X-Files

    ngl it could be 6 episodes of mulder and scully shopping for new socks and i would probably buy the bluray i'm pretty certain even chris carter isn't chris cartery enough to fuck up this chance at wrapping up at least the major plot points of the original series (). also, fuck yeah for skinner...
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    The Last of Us 2 (Unnamed Sequel)

    give me ellie as the main character or give me death tbh i liked joel but i feel ellie has far more room for growth than he does after the ending of the first game
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    I finished watching this show a couple weeks ago - I really enjoyed it. It's definitely slow the first couple of episodes because it's so focused on introducing all its characters, but it gets better and better as the season progresses (as the sensates get used to their powers they start...
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    Sports discussion

    im so sad we lost omg like possession wise we were dominating but you just cant afford to make mistakes like we made and miss the opportunities we missed oh well go japan i guess (also i got to go to the 7 games they played here! it was awesome and now i really wanna play soccer again)
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    Hopes for the remake (story/content)

    While I don't mind if they allude to stuff from the Compilation - maybe a mention of Angeal/Genesis, or a passing comment about old Turks - for the most part I hope they avoid it, because the Compilation as a whole is still a mess. No Genesis at the Nibelheim reactor, plz. Other than that: -...
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    i call and raise you red xiii in a sailor outfit tbh i think of all the things im most excited to see in hd its gonna be cloud riding mr dolphin
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    wait i just realized this means theyll be orchestrating the entire soundtrack HEAVY BREATHING
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    :cloudstairs: i have lost all ability to function what a time to be alive
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    Once Upon A Time

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    The Last of Us

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    Doctor Who!!~

    k well it was far less terrible than i thought it would be and for the most part i enjoyed it
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    Once Upon A Time

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    Doctor Who!!~

    @aaron: But the Time Lords weren't killed until after The End of Time. The entire point of EoT was them trying to not die. Anyways, I'm done participating in this debate. I could handle the arguments claiming the retcon made sense/wasn't really a retcon but tbqh you lost me the moment you...
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