Character Battle Final: Cloud vs Tifa

Which of these characters do you prefer?

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I was going to make a witty joke about Cloud taking Tifa from behind, but a couple other cuntwaffles already beat me to it, so, instead, I'll just post my regret for not having a chance to participate until it was too late.

Still not sure who I would have voted for, though.
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*comes into the thread and sees that Cloud has won*

And people shouldn't vote for Cloud just to make the race closer.
Yeah, I find it stupid that people voted for Cloud because IT WOULD BE FUNNIER AND A CLOSER RACE. That's a dumb reason to waste your vote. At least say why you prefer Cloud because I actually like reading those view points.

witty joke about Cloud taking Tifa from behind
lol sure


wangxian married
i'll be honest cloud's mental instability makes him more endearing to me

i always see this white text

this white text on a black screen

panda screen :sadpanda:

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anal jokes are terrible because no one really likes anal.

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Mr. Koiwai
Wow... so close


i voted tifa and would've liked it more if she won but meh... i'm not gonna kill myself for this. :P

thanks for hosting this character battle flint. it was fun, for me at least. :)


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Then your point literally is moot and completely unnecessary. No one implied you cared or should care, it reeks of defensiveness that is totally uncalled for.
Not to put too fine a point on it, but calling out my post could be taken to be saying just that, and I was trying to be funny with it, tweak a few noses as I went. Hell,

If you don't give a fuck, I don't see the point in saying you don't other than to draw attention to yourself.

These silly contests I tell you what.
These silly every time there's a poll here, recently.

Seriously, they're polls. On the INTERNET. Just have fun with them. Apart from the dupe voting risk, the fake Vivi and Aerith attack ad posters at least have the right idea. Have fun with it.

anal jokes are terrible because no one really likes anal.
No one specified Anal. That's just your assumption
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never coming back...
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Much to my embarrassment, I started working on a front page report for the final stages of the character battle back in June, but never finished or published it. I've now fixed that. I filed the post with a date of June the 1st so that it doesn't appear out of the intended chronological order. It will be our little secret (except for the fact I'm telling you about it here, whoops).
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