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Sweet Potato
If I had ever visited the S-E store in Tokyo, I'd have brought a pick-ax and began trying to carry out the Sephiroth statue that was displayed in the floor xD
I've been wondering whatever happened to that. Is it still there?
"Oh ho, where did you find this strength Play Arts Kai?" :awesome:
I know where you got it lol. I'm just not gonna get as lucky as you on that one.


Phantom Lord
Recently got a Detolf cabinet for organising my collection more ornately. It's not absolutely everything I have but it's most of it:


Particularly proud of the OG special edition soundtrack, got it for an extremely good price with the original plastic wrap and sticker. One of the inserts is damaged but it's otherwise in remarkably good condition.

I've been wondering whatever happened to that. Is it still there?
Nah, the store was closed and replaced with Artnia which is a separate building. As far as I'm aware it's inside SE HQ along with the 1:1 scale Compilation Buster Sword and the model of Midgar.


straight out of the fairyland
I've been at this for awhile.:monster:
Your collection looks terrifyingly enormous for me as a minimalist hahaha I'm genuinely impressed! I keep asking myself if I would like to obtain anything for a start, but it takes courage, space, and my money too, so I don't even bother :mon:

No, maybe I just lied a little. I'd love to see the two SOLDIER boys hanging out somewhere on my shelves, preferably polygons, since they are relatively small and nostalgically adorable. So maybe someday. Maybe. Maybe baby.
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