kickin' it old school


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Holy shit I've been here since 2009, when did that happen?
i can't think about how much time i've spent on fandom cause then i'll just get really upset

but would i do it all again?

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I remember when they didn't have to say stuff like "dolls do not move on their own" in commercials... because apparently people back then weren't fucking stupid


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i just realised that you flounced into the club section with some old school threads

good show zee

bad show me why didn't i realise sooner


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i still have a bunch of official buffy tapes

i recorded over the ones i taped off tv because i ain't made of blank tapes

good times


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You know I think they need to update We didn't start the fire because a lot of things have happened since it was first sung.I mean this time it would be about the events from 1990 to 2013.I have been aching if someone did an updated remake of that song.Although that person should be a good singer.

My favorite 90's memories as a preschooler would be watching Winnie the Pooh tapes.Man,even after seeing them again I can say they still entertain me.I can say they got good writers for the show if they can get people outside the targeted demographic to watch it.

As a matter of fact I loved Playhouse Disney in the 90's.I am kinda of bumped that it was changed to Disney Junior.On the other hand they are bringing back older shows that was on when I was younger.


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remember when ferris bueller complained that he got a computer instead of a car?

I still laugh when I see that scene.

Anyone had a tamagotchi here when they were kids? I found one of mine in my closet. My pets never survived more than a few days. -_-
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