SPOILERS LTD Remake — It's like New Coke except ... no, it's exactly like New Coke


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Yeah, that one. I gotta say that "That's very one-sided" and "Do I get a say in all this" sound basically identical to my ears, haha.
English isn't my first language, but wouldn't "That's really one sided" be more direct than the translation? Since one is a question and the other is a statement, and leaves less room to misinterpret. How would you spin "That's really one sided"? Lol

And everyone is right, "Its not real" is more powerful and ties directly to Cloud's core issue but "That's really one sided" is said by Cloud himself. Like even in a resolution following the players preferences Cloud still tells us about where his own feelings lie. Anyways, thats what i meant by LTD killer phrase.
Sort of, but both renderings are him remarking on the fact that she's telling him what he feels, when something like the nature of a relationship would tend to involve at least two people. I've given up on guessing the gymnastics shippers are currently working on, so I don't know if you're hearing it as evidence as for or against C/A, but "Do I get a say in [how I think I feel about you]?" and "[You telling me whatever I feel's not real] is really one-sided" come off about the same to me.
It doesn't need to be spun, because he's telling Aerith what she is saying is really one sided.

"Don't fall in love with me, even if you think you have it's not real"

"That’s really one sided"

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That's how I took it, just tought the japanese was more direct.

I like everyone is more level headed here, because in other places if I try to engage in conversation, it quickly devolves into a bunch of crazy or out of context misinterpretations.

Thank you guys


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I've given up on guessing the gymnastics shippers are currently working on, so I don't know if you're hearing it as evidence as for or against C/A
I remember when I first came to this forum, there was a Clerith who would just not stop. "Cloud doesn't love Tifa. He just uses her since Aerith isn't around." "Clerith is the real love because Cloud and Aerith reunited in WoF" blah blah blah
Does the meaning of Clouds answer really matter when she already said "it not real"?

When I saw Aerith's resolution, I took everything she said at face value. A character that was shown throughout the game to know more that what she'd let on, when she said "it's not real", I took it as a confirmation, that she knows exactly "why" those feelings are not real.

Didn't they said in an Ultimania (from the OG) that her powers allow her to sense someones essence or something like that? I feel like I have no business caring about Clouds opinion at this point (regarding the nature of his feelings at least).
That is... a really good article actually, which sums up the whole thing really well!

...and I had a vague hunch and went on a hunt and it turns out I used to follow the author on twitter, back when I had a twitter, because she's friends with someone I know from uni!

The internet is very small actually.

Also yeah she is VERY aware of the hell she's wading into because she already lives there lol, I remember half of the crazy LTD shenanigans I used to hear about about were through her tweets.
I appreciate the calling attention to Pattinson getting his descriptions of the characters wrong. Because that drove me nuts every time people shared that clip, lol. Not that I blame him, I'm sure he played it once 25 years ago and moved on like a normal person :monster: But I'm cursed with the knowledge that he was way off base :lol: And worse, misrepresenting it to his costar!
Ah, once a place to experience all of the love triangle wank, TLS carries with it a small vestige of shipper toxicity. I'm no angel; I certainly contributed to it back in my day. With that I say, not a bad article! I don't think that they are pushing the "Aerith loves Cloud" possibility so hard in Remake, but I can see where she is coming from here..
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