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At which point should I do each of the Lost Chapters? By that I mean, how far in the story should I be before doing a given Lost Chapter? It doesn't say until you actually start it, and sometimes it doesn't say at all. So it's a little confusing. Is there a guide for this sort of thing somewhere?
Mr. Ite
I was making one but honestly the game gives no fucks about story cohesion. Characters appear out of order and the dialogue doesn’t make sense because some scenes were written before others, so just nab the characters you want, LC’s all go from level 10 to 50 (in regular mode)

Edit: here’s a snippet of that guide, but things stop being quantifiable around Chapter 8

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Author of FFVII: Lifestream
Thanks, Ite, that helps a lot! Picked up Aerith first and then Rydia, though I haven't finished her LC yet. Got Garnet back when I got one of her gold weapons from a 10+1, hadn't realized at first that you could get characters that way, too.


Author of FFVII: Lifestream
I hope they bring in Red XIII sometime, it'd be fun to play as him. They've already brought in Cait Sith, so there's no excuse for not adding Red at some point. He doesn't need to be left out yet again (looking at you, FFVII Compilation). And do you have to keep manually backing up, or does it do it automatically once you've initially connected it to a SE account?
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All right so my "character guide" was a bust, but I feel like this could actually be useful to folks, especially with how the chocobo boards have been going. This is a google sheet that you can sort by enemy name, type, number, and node name.


As I build this sheet, is there anything else I should be adding to it? Bearing in mind that my time on earth is finite. I don't know why I do this data entry stuff. I find it fun ^_^

(edit: I initally had number of waves and number of enemies per wave, but 1. that would take forever and 2. it was hard to make such a thing sort-able if you're looking to find the most enemies per node)

(edit 2: by the way, if you want to know the node with the most Splashers, it's Act 1 Chapter 10, Under the Ruins Pt. 4)
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So how's everyone enjoying the CHAOS era of challenges?

I can honestly say never before have I felt a game throw me back into feeling like a n00b than the CHAOS version of Fang's Lost Chapter. Fuck those Sahagin Shamen.

The Colorless Queen and Leviathan weren't too bad but..

The Count Steam from Deuce's Lost Chapter were hellish. Dear God.

Managed to complete them all but they weren't easy. Hope everyone's hanging in there.

Countdown to Ultimecia and Dimension's End, baby! This is gonna be one helluva week!
Here's a roundup of today's stream:
https://www.reddit.com/r/DissidiaFFOO/comments/e1npbv Next one will be December 30th. They brought up Beatrix's lost chapter, it's due early next year. They didn't release it earlier beacuse she'd be too powerful for the content we'll be getting. They once released Sazh's 35cp really early and it just broke the game.

As for AoE attackers, you really want Reynn and Laan with their MLB 15/35 and their ex weapon. The 15 and 35 passives grant 100% damage to all targets, and their EX makes sure you start the battle with them already active. They destroy so much content if you give them high bravery.
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I "cheat" and just pay gems to clear CHAOS stuff. The important bit is less Completing it, and more clearing it to get a steady source of refining materials so that when my core team's EX weapons can be refined, I have all the mats available for that right from the get-go.

Current list of characters I am saving up Refining materials for...
Garnet - Enchanting goddess and amazing brave battery if you play her right. Sacred Prayer auto-casting at the start of battle is... rather crazy. Free Enchants and BRV Regen on everyone!
Sephrioth - Meshes well with literally any buffer. Black Materia looks at any boss that is holding on to high BRV and laughs. Starting out fights with both Jenova and Reunion stacks is really nice.
Aerith - Another crazy brave battery and one of the only ressers in the game. Her EX + limit breaks fix the majority of her slow set-up which is currently one of the main reasons I bring Garnet over Aerith.
Lyale - The knock-up god. Seriously, having a guaranteed knock-up on an EX ability with a low recast time is nuts. Having his BRV damage be increased by a lot is nice.
Kuja - More or less the AoE magic version of Sephrioth. Having him around makes clearing content with lots of AoE waves much easier. Starting out battles with Dark Messenger is very welcome.
Serah - One of the best combinations of party buffs and enemy debuffs. Having Ultima Arrow give Unshaken Will fixes a lot of awkwardness about what order to use her skills in.
Tidus - Very nice debuff set. The ammount of hits you can get out of him is really crazy. Energy Rain getting made better is very, very welcome as it was kinda odd Slash Combo hit harder then it did.

Tidus is almost done. I just need one more ingot...

Unfortunately, one of my favorite characters to mess around with, Auron, doesn't even have his EX + stats released for the Japanese version yet... But man, is his meele resist down still as nice as ever...

Had an absolutely crazy set of draws for Garland's banner... drew two of his EXs and one of WoL's EX with nothing but draw tickets...
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