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September kicked my ass.

Am seriously going to have to chill in October and recoup resources.

My string of good luck diminished a bit. I picked up WoL in like 5 pulls.

Got Porom in 5 pulls too.

But then I got enchanted with Shantotto and it took me like a fuckton of tickets and 3 pulls to get her EX.

Paine EX took 10 pulls.

Noctis took 6 pulls.

Tried to get Cinque with tickets but that didn't work out.

Thankfully I got Ramza in 3 multi-draws.

Selphie EX took 10 pulls.

So gem-wise and ticket-wise I gotta chill. Next character I'm gonna pull for will be Sherlotta. So here's to skipping every banner in October :monster:

... I say that but I'll probably toss some tickets to Noel and hope for the best. But gems are definitely off limits. Don't know why but OO has ramped up A LOT.
Mr. Ite
Those doing the Chocobo Board on GL might notice that sahuagin aren’t found in Leon’s LC. I’m sure they’ll cross our path before the board is done, but if you want to farm them now I found a good node:

Kain’s LC, Part 10 (northwest corner) you can kill all 40 sahuagin in just 8 fights!

^anyone not playing OO must read that as total gibberish lol. I love how games create their own language.


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Just got back into OO today, and dang, I forgot how much fun it is. And how awesome the battle music is compared to BE (which wasn't bad, just not up there with OO's). Unfortunately I lost everything from before because I'd been away so long I didn't know about them ending Facebook backup and I couldn't transfer my data - the utility couldn't find it for some reason even though I do remember backing it up. So I have to start over, but that's okay, I get to experience it all again. And playing it on my 50" TV with Nox makes it even better. Got ex weapons for Squall and Lightning from the free pull for the start dash banner, but I'm gonna keep using my gems to pull more from it until I get one for Cloud - he was always one of my mains, and I hope I can still get his AC outfit like I had before.


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I thought the realization thing was new, yeah. I hadn't seen that before. Is it still worth it to power weapons that can't be realized though? I'm guess it is, OO's always been more generous than BE to players, but there's so much in the game to do and keep track of it feels overwhelming at times.
Mr. Ite
I’m F2P and focus most of my stuff on my top 4 characters (Terra, Zidane, Cloud, and Vivi). It looked for a while that I was stockpiling more than I’d ever need, but this Realization thing costs a loooooot.

It’s up to you! I like using whatever party the Chocobo Board wants me to use, MLB-ing whatever equipment I have for them (and getting their basic armor), but I’ve arranged everyone’s Crystal strength based on who I think would win in a battle royale (that’s why my top 4 are in the top ^_^ )


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The SE backup doesn't want to work for me for some reason. I've got an account at the SE members site and I put in my login info but it keeps saying it's invalid. Anyone else have this problem?
Mr. Ite
I was chatting with Jairus in the DMs and realized I was making a "How to Build Your Character" guide, so I figure I'd post it here too! (edit: these are just my musings and anecdotal advice, for the GL version). I use Squall as the example, but this really applies to anyone. Sorry for the inconsistent capital letters. You'll be able to take advantage of all the different aspects of character progression in roughly this order:

1. Levelling Up/Crystal Strength
2. Passive Abilities
3. Weapons
4. Armors
5. Realization
6. Artifacts
7. Summon Boards
8. Bloom

----------1. Levelling Up/Crystal Strength.----------

Levelling is the most straightforward part of the whole thing, so I won't spend much time thinking about it. Use chocobo feathers if you like, or just play through the chapters on the world map, and visit the Events tab to do the daily "Pursuit of (Color) Crystals" quests and you'll be progressing nicely. While you're doing so, pay attention to Squall's ability, Solid Barrel, and later, Renzokuken. These have a basic form, and they'll be upgraded by passive abilities later. Think about how they might buff/debuff him, or how they might work when other characters buff/debuff him. Knowing how to play your character is vital to your success, especially at higher levels and in co-op quests.

Crystal Strength comes through using that character's colored crystals. Squall uses black crystals, you'll get them from the "Pursuit of Black Crystals" quests as well as the "Golden Cactuar" daily event. After spending 211 black shards, you'll get Squall's Crystal Strength up to 20 and unlock his second special ability, Renzokuken. You'll want to devote all crystals of your main character's color to them, you get a lot, but those high levels start really costin' ya. Don't sweat it and use the crystals as you accumulate them.

----------2. Passive Abilities----------

Every 5 level-ups and 10 crystal strength levels, you'll get a passive ability. These have to be equipped in the character screen. These cost CP (similar to Final Fantasy IX) and you'll find that you won't have enough CP to equip all your passives - you can increase your CP by upgrading your equipment (below). When equipping a passive that affects one of your abilities, such as Solid Barrel Extension, you'll notice that it alters what the ability does - usually by providing a buff. It's pretty rare to come across a passive you don't want to equip, but it's a good idea to know what the special ones do.

----------3. Weapons----------
Squall can use any greatsword-type weapon that isn't a Unique for another character, so sure you can give him the Buster Sword if you want, but what you really want to do is collect Squall's "affinity" weapons. Every character has a silver affinity weapon (in Squall's case, it's Revolver) , a base gold affinity weapon (Squall has two: Twin Lance and Fury Blade), a Unique gold weapon (Cutting Trigger), and an EX-weapon (Shear Trigger). The affinity ability of each weapon is in the weapon description, but the real fun begins when you limit break it. To level up a weapon to it's max potential, you'll need to limit break it three times.

Materials Needed: Limit breaking a weapon requires either 4 copies of the weapon (total) or 1 copy of the weapon and 12 power stones. You can purchase a power stone every Monday with Dissidia Points (the shop is frustratingly only available on the home screen) and if you do your daily quests you should get enough Dissidia Points to be able to afford a power stone every week. Whether or not you are using duplicate weaponry or power stones, you'll need 100-200 higher power orbs and 40,000-100,000 gil. Per weapon. So level up the one you plan to use first, and level up the worse weapons later.

Why Limit Break weapons?: In addition to raising the weapon's level cap, each Limit Break increases the amount of CP the weapon gives you to use on Passive abilities. If you limit break a weapon 3/3 times and level it up to its maximum level, it's called "MLB-ing" the weapon. Each weapon that is MLB'd teaches you its affinity ability permanently, so that you can equip it from your Passive menu even when you don't have the weapon equipped. In the friends menu, you'll often see users write "all wpns max" or "all mlb" which means that character is using every weapon passive at the same time. Pretty dope.

How to MLB A Weapon: In the Enhance/Realize screen, select the weapon you'll be upgrading. If you're using duplicates, select the duplicates, if you are using power stones, you can select them from the Limit Break tab. Then, auto-select orbs from the orb tab, and tadaa, your gold weaponry will become blue! (or your silver weapon will become gold).

Ex-Weapons: As you may well know, Ex-Weapons give you an Ex-Ability - a third attack option that functions similar to a numbered Final Fantasy's limit break system. Until recently, you could only get them in the Draw banners. Some of them are available in the token shop, but that could just be for a limited time.

----------4. Armors----------

Every character has a silver armor (Squall: Balamb Garden Uniform) a base gold armor (Lion's Belt) and an advanced gold armor (Lion's Necklace). The advance gold armor is only available to you in the Armor Token shop, after you've MLB'd the base gold armor. MLB-ing an armor is much the same as a weapon, although armor grants you more CP than weapons as a general rule.

----------5. Realization----------

In truth, because this just came out for GL today, and we don't even have the means to MLB them yet*, I'm only including it because they are related to weapons and armor. Don't worry about this for now, I've been hoarding every currency in the game and I couldn't even fully "Realize" a single piece of equipment, even if the game would let me.

*The new chocobo board just rolled out, omgaisudfbaewuicbnaweu brb gotta mlb force stealer...

----------6. Artifacts----------

You gain artifacts from the World of Illusions quests (and really, other than Ifrit, Shiva, and Ramuh, it's the only reason to use your World of Illusion stamina). Artifacts can be equipped as armor (hah!) but they suck worse than bronze armors so don't do it. If you MLB an artifact, it teaches you a special artifact passive. Aside from the basic-style passive abilities such as increasing Max BRV, Atk, or Def, each character has a list of unique artifact passives. You can learn up to 5 artifact passives and you can equip a maximum of 3. As a general rule, don't bother mlb-ing silver or bronze artifacts, better to use those as fodder for mlb-ing gold artifacts. When you get a passive, it will either look like "MAX BRV +200" or "Low BRV Attack Up**" The best ones are orange, but you can settle for less at first.

(sidebar: be warned, artifacts are the most gacha part of this game. Not only do you get them from the stamina-based World of Illusions quests, mlb-ing them costs lots of gold, and you'll waste so. very. much of it on bad combinations or sub-par numbers. But, imo, its better than making characters gachas, and they've made three great improvements to it recently. The first is adding the Gold-to-Blue artifacts, because you're almost sure to get a good one, even if it's not the one you were looking for. Next is increasing the total knowable passives to 5 - having two spare slots to play around with is a lot of fun. Third is putting silver and golds in the token shop. Now, I actually have a lot of fun combining artifacts, rolling the slot machine, humming over which old ones to replace. Anyway)

----------7. Summon Boards----------

Don't even attempt these before you've levelled and mlb'd, and you should either have a good Quistis or have Quistis friends. This is, at the moment, the endgame content along with.....


----------8. Blooms----------

These were the newest thing before Realizations, and are still exceptionally rare -- you'll get a token every month or so. Neither Squall nor Lightning can benefit from them yet. Hoard your tokens until you're really sure you want to use them.

And that's all for now... phew!

Edit: Cloud's AC outfit just came back to the cash shop, if you wanna purchase it again. I also like Dagger's white mage outfit. I'm waiting for green haired Terra to come back :)
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Great guide, Ite! Thanks! Cleared up some things for me. I linked my game to Google Play, so does that mean it's backed up in that way or can I only do it through the SE members site now?

EDIT: Got the backup issue sorted out finally. Do you have to login to SE manually to do a backup once it's connected, or does the game do it automatically? And what are those bells for? There are so many different items in the game it's hard to keep track of them all, lol.
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I keep missing Lightning's EX 💦 I was thinking of using my EX tokens on her but then her EX might return on a banner within the next couple of months, I don't know if it's supposed to 💦👀 Dark Cecil is another I was thinking of using my tokens on but currently trying to get his EX along with Garnet's from that current banner 😎

I think you mean the co-op bells Jairus? When you host a co-op match it uses a bell, and also if you join a co-op as Guest you can choose to use a bell so you'll get extra drop like Eidoja 😮


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I've been using all my gems - they seem to accumulate a lot faster than in FFBE - to do 10+1 pulls on the start dash banner and have managed to get Cloud, Squall and Lightning's EX's (2 copies of Shear Trigger and Overture, actually), but I've kept pulling from it so I can build up enough of those green tokens to get another Force Stealer, to make it easier to LB it. Over halfway there now, about six pulls left. Is this a sensible thing to do, since you can't use green tokens from one banner on another, to just focus on one?

Oh and I think it's hysterical how Zidane hits on virtually every girl that joins the group. I'd forgotten about that, lol.
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That Spheres are one time use only per character sucks... since it really lengthens out the planning game for what EXs to get and what Spheres to give your main pool of characters... messing up can permanently ruin a character pretty much.

Fortunately we're the Global verion, not Japanese, so here's the list of what all the Spheres from the JP version do: https://dissidiadb.com/spheres


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So do the outfits cycle regularly or something? I picked up Cloud's but that's all I could do for now. Having a lot of fun being back and am currently on Chapter 6. Been using Cloud, Squall, and Garnet - trying for her EX now that I've got all three from the start dash banner. And also sometimes Aerith, she's great too. And I love DOO's rendition of her theme - I could listen to it for hours, it's that good. Oh man, I am so not ready for that moment in the remake...
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Yes, the outfit chests cycle around eventually. I got Garnet's EX when it first showed up and I use her a lot... she's a very nice Jack-of-all-Trades character. Decent AoE damage, Enchanting Goddess, BRV battery, and just enough healing to contribute to the fight without clogging up her other abilities. I often start out with her on long boss battles when I don't know what else to expect.

Aerith I like too... but she's so slow to get started and takes up a "utility" slot in my comp. That and she doesn't have AoE damaging abilities... She just has a little too much support and not enough damage for her to be on my main roster like Garnet or Serah or Layle are.
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