So, who’s on the no spoiler team here?

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Out of my love and respect for Final Fantasy VII, I'm going to do everything I can to avoid spoilers and leaks about the Remake.

Which will be insanely tough, because I'm always looking for pretty fanart and graphics to reblog on Tumblr....lolololadhkfhfjhf

Edit: it's kinda weird, but years ago I wouldn't have minded spoilers so much, but nowadays...spoilers and leaks have been taking the enjoyment out of video games for me and has made me less excited to play when the big plot twist has already been revealed long beforehand. I can't bear the thought of this happening to me with the Remake.
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I'm of 2 minds on this one. Beyond the demo footage (which doesn't really bother me because it is still promotional material even if it leaked early), I have a MAJOR problem with the remaining leaks. That said, my sense of curiosity is such that I will view whatever I can find. I'm not opposed to things being spoiled myself because I'm more in it for the nostalgia than the new experience.
I was frankly shocked at the amount of leaks that WhatCulture put in their recent video including a spoiler in the thumbnail itself. (I mean, they aren't my favorite source for video game news, but they are a big enough channel you'd think they'd at least be trying to protect themselves.)
That said my curiosity drove me to watch the whole video. I won't mention a single one of the spoilers they showed, but I will tell you that within the video, they clearly didn't know what they were talking about or even looking at in some of the images, and they even showed their ignorance toward things that have been addressed officially saying things like "Square really haven't addressed what they mean by episodic, will they be full games?"
Not only was the thumbnail spoiler annoying, but their attempts to decipher the spoilers were absolutely pathetic.


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My stance to avoid leaks for the sake of not spoiling the game are now secondary to my reason of respecting the developer's intent. Getting leaked suuuuuuuucks hard, it's something I've dealt with on a few projects before.

I think I'm gonna stay in the dark - even with official content - until Part 1 of the game is released. With BOTW, I had no idea what the game would be at all (successfully avoiding info was hard for that), and that paid off massively. FF7 is different because it's a remake...but I want to stay away from knowing the expanded content as much as possible. Apparently there's even a lot of battle mechanics we don't even know of yet? (unless they were included in the leaks, lol)


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TBH, I think when the 2nd part comes out.... I'm leaving digging through the data (if it's even possible to decrypt the 1st, 2nd.... etc parts) to someone else until I finish the game. There are some aspects of the 1st part I wasn't expecting to be different, and I imagine the same will go for the other installments.... so I'll be joining this thread for the "No Spoilers pt2" party.


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Yeah - it seems like it’s really tempting to know at first, but the surprises are better left when everyone plays the game. At this point, is it worth pinning this on Sony’s security? They seem to have really breachable servers.

But I read over Kazushige Nojima’s tweet again, and seems to really have been a morale blow to the developers.


“Leaks...they really just trample on all kinds of things, you know.”

I have no doubt that people opening the data don’t intend on this, it’s more about curiosity and excitement than anything else. But people need to look at the bigger picture. (Also, I don’t blame anyone who looks at leaks)


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They seem pretty devastated about it.. :( I feel kind of shitty now, even having looked at just minor spoilers.


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I'm with you guys. When I play the remake I want it to be, as much as possible, an awesome surprise for me. Also, I get really tired of all the endless speculation. The people who orchestrate these leaks don't really have the welfare of the fandom at heart, they just want their fifteen seconds of internet fame.
This, very much. I share people's enthusiasm at seeing what they had on store for us, but it has alrady gotten out of hand already. I think I'll go dark on FFVII stuff until it gets released. Anyway, my mind is already pretty busy with XV, lol.


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The leaks are getting out of hand.

I was looking for a FF7 reaction gif using WhatsApp's built-in gif search and ran into a spoiler THERE of all places.

It sucks because now the community is fractured. When a new trailer drops, every community you go to is posting their reactions together. It's great. Now when the unspoiled players post about their surprise, it'll be old news to half the community.

Beyond being disrespectful to the developers, looking at leaks lessens the shared experience for everyone, which is a hidden consequence that I wish more people considered.
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Yeah I was thinking about that last night. By the time people who didn't look at leaks see some of the new stuff, others will have known for months. All the discussion about those things is happening now, so by the time the game actually comes out there might not even be anything to talk about. Maybe that's hyperbolic, but it still makes me sad.


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Everytime screenshots or a trailer came out I did nothing else than reading discussions about it for hours. Sucks that I can't have that from now on. Even discussing the upcoming demo will be hard. Oh well, game comes out in less than two months. That's the only thing that matters. (Imagine they're delaying it...)


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I'm doing a weird mix of checking out some leak stuff but also not wanting to know anything :huh:

At this point I think I'm good though. Stopped the EZA preview video a few minutes in, didn't check out Max Dood's stuff etc.
I just wanna play the game now. If there's a launch trailer I'll avoid it.
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