Sonic the Hedgehog

I'm on my Knuckles playthrough now and I freaking love the
S3&K bit with the Master Emerald, when Knuckles remembers getting electrocuted. Hilarious artwork, and the boss battle itself a knockoff of Knuckles' final boss in S3&K

I still have barely found any of the giant rings in this game, though.
Today I cleared a Sonic game...legitimately! For the first time!

Years ago, when I tried the classic Sonic games on a Sega Saturn emulator, I would usually find myself bored with the games (no offense) after five minutes but then for the sake of seeing all the stages I pushed through with heavy use of save states.

Today I tried the decade-old mobile phone game "Sonic Jump" and I actually found myself invested. I completed the game in about 2-3 hours, collecting all the Chaos Emeralds and thus unlocking the best ending.

A full playthrough recorded by StreMix Tim

My nitpicks:
- The Green Hill Zone theme sounds like two themes playing at the same time and competing for attention. It's not at all good on my ears. The rest of the soundtrack is good enough though.
- The button for Super Jump doesn't always feel responsive and I fell to my death many times because of it.
- Hit detection feels dodgy and this happens both for- and against your favor. At times it feels like your fault for being hit and at other times it doesn't.
Completed Sonic Mania a while ago - didn't try getting all the Chaos Emeralds, but it's good enough to me :P
Anyway, as much as I enjoyed the gameplay and creativity, my favourite thing about this game is its music.
Was in the mood for a post like this:

1. Can't even remember it much while playing the level, but after getting the OST and hearing it all clearly, this has stuck as my favourite for a while now.

2. Zone 1 may as well be here, too. Almost No. 1, for me.

3. Also my No. 1 or, at least, second favourite.

4. Can't actually decide between Zone 1 or Zone 2, but after listening to both, I decided Zone 1 - that opening, especially, does it for me.

5. Not as much an impact as Zone 2, for me, but oh so very catchy.

A special shout-out to Oil Ocean Zone - I've listened to it so often because I died there more than any other zone on account of being too hasty and getting squashed by those platforms that shoot up every so often :lol:
Studiopolis Zone 1 and Stardust Speedway zones are fun, too! (And Metallic Madness Zone 2, too)

1. The intensity is...intense. Coming to the final boss in a game without any particular story progression is all the worth it to be rewarded with music like it (and a distinct battle).

2. That opening funk!

3. To round it off at 3, this one.

Anyone else to express favourites? :)
Sonique, Quexinos, Pinkie Pie, Derpy Hooves
Anyone pick up Sonic Forces? I'm undecided if I want to or not but I'm hearing bad things... which is for some reason making me want the game more :monster:
I only read Polygon's review which I didn't find terribly helpful. Basically I want the reviewer to compare it to Generations and they made no mention of it or Colors. They only talked about Mania, which is wildly different. I want to know if people who liked Colors and Generations would like this. Though I could not possibly care less about the making-your-own character crap, lol.


I'm quite likely to enjoy it tbh, I'm just not fussed about getting it until it's completely slashed price-wise (which I suspect will be fairly soon).

I enjoyed Jim Sterling's video on it:

I'm quite likely to enjoy it tbh, I'm just not fussed about getting it until it's completely slashed price-wise (which I suspect will be fairly soon).

I enjoyed Jim Sterling's video on it:

That may have just sold me on it, actually :) He did exactly what I said I wanted above, talked about it relative to Generations, about which he and I seem to have identical opinions. Thanks!
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