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It came to light yesterday that Shadow wasn't originally meant to return. Heroes was planned without him, the teams were as follows:

・Sonic, Tails, Knuckles
・Amy, Cream, Rouge
・Chaos, E102, Big
・Espio, Charmy, Vector
・Fang, Bean, Bark
・Metal Sonic, Ray, Mighty

Imagine how different things would be if that happened...

According to Maekawa-san, initial plan for Sonic Heroes was to make 6 teams of 3, preparing 18 playable characters in total - including Mighty and Ray. This idea was dismissed as the dev team knew they were going to see 'hell' if they were to realize that idea.


I can tell a lot of work went into that but I was never a fan of Heroes and I can't actually believe someone's managed to make the camera worse than it was in SA2.


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That poster looks really poor. Just from a design point of view. Did they hold a fuckin competition on deviantart or something to get people to do shit for free? cos thats what this looks like - slightly above average fanart.


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....Tets.. I-Is this.. Is this for real?

Is this optical abomination real or a sick fan's fabrication meant to instill fear and loathing within the Sonic Community?!

My God what the FUCK?

Why is Sonic the only mascot character who just can't stick to something that works and not go through a billion needless iterations that just dilute and ridicule his brand?! God what the hell am I reading here?!

EDIT: Balls. This is real. Jesus Christ.

Here's the link.

The PR marketing jargon is the perfect garnish for the turd sandwich that is this movie adaption.

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in the world who isn’t familiar with SEGA’s beloved IP, Sonic the Hedgehog. But global reverence does come with a unique price.In creating a licensing and packaging program to be used worldwide and to be applied against targeting multiple audience demographics, it was necessary to strike a balance between staying true to the Sonic brand, while appealing to a global audience, and differentiating from previous Sonic merchandise packaging.

The challenge of creating a global licensing and packaging program targeted to multiple demographics came with several strategic requirements: 1) signal a new modern take on the brand without abandoning its core essence, 2) appeal to a worldwide audience and 3) clearly differentiate from previous merchandising efforts.

Our approach was to create a system that was versatile and modular, so that various Sonic IPs including Classic Sonic, Modern Sonic, Film Sonic, Animation Sonic, and other events could be integrated seamlessly within the baseline packaging look.

Scroll down to see the final established packaging look HCI created for all of the licensed retail products within the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise!

This is why Sonic is doomed to have such a schizophrenic identity. Because he's a "designed by marketing mascot" to the Nth power. He's a completely corporate creation originally meant for a specific purpose. Which was to create pressure for a specific competitor in the video game market in the 90s.

Sega does what Nintendon't.

Beyond that, he's now like...a soulless vessel unable to find his purpose now. There's no overarching ethos or consistent creative vision grounding him in identity. It's pathetic and heartbreaking how Sonic Team has to learn and unlearn how to make a good Sonic game or just..a good Sonic, in general. Sega will just keep morphing him into whatever suits what they feel is best because they just don't give a shit.
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