Unpopular Final Fantasy opinions

Here's what Translation Party produced:

At the bottom of my heart I had always resisted growing up, but I hadn’t admitted it to myself.
Are you satisfied with the world? Please look at the lonely sky.
This is the difficulty of laughter. Understand that your personality is what happened long ago.
Your eyes can deflect your eyes and hug yourself. Lonely night, do you know the warmth?
So why cling to reason? Why open your mind? Most of it’s baggage.
I think I can accept that. Free people are clumsy. Free of charge is not a simple man.
Why are you looking up at the lonely sky? Why laugh and show me?
Understand, the word is your personality is weak. Please believe it.
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I didn't ever really feel one way or the other about "Why" but I'll agree it was terribly placed. One of my friends got invested in Zack's story while I was doing a CC playthrough and she burst out laughing when that song started playing then got mad because it ruined the moment.

They'd have done a far better job riffing on the price of freedom and VII themes in some kind of orchestral arrangement. There are also all sorts of rumours that the reason CC was never released digitally are due to the rights for "Why" so that's another reason to dislike it.
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Unpopular Opinion: “Eyes on Me” is the only lyrics song that should be in an FF. I like “Melodies of Life” but “Suteki da be” “Kiss me Goodbye” “Distant Worlds” and the others all fall into the “Why” unlistenable category for me, and the pop ballad style of “Melodies of Life” doesn’t fit with FFIX’s ost, even if it’s a decent pop ballad.

Every time I hear a pop song in an FF it reminds me of this sketch a pal of mine made:

Edit: “Otherworld” is immersively integrated like Eyes on me, and it doesn’t feel like it was designed with radio play in mind. Otherworld is fine.
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Orah, Iju
I'm 100% in agreement with you on this, Chewie.

I don't know anyone who likes Why.

Here are the lyrics, Google translate version:

The eyes of the eyes are fuzzy and can not be seen
Do you feel the bottom of your heart?
Even if you get everything in the world
Is that your happiness?
Why are you looking up at the lonely sky?
Why laugh and show me
I am not good at making words
Because I understand your personality
What happened long ago?
In your eyes that diverted your line of sight
I will be hugged by myself lonely night
Do you know that warmth?
Why Why are you particular about shape?
Why open your heart
I carried a big baggage.
Ability to accept you
Believe it is there ...
Free people are clumsy ...
A free person is uneasy ...
Why are you looking up at the lonely sky?
Why laugh and show me
I am not good at making words
Because I understand your personality
Please believe it.

Gonna go enter them in translation party now, it is good procrastination activity.
FF with the interpretations strike again :mon:
btw i like "chewy" :mon:

Cecil and Golbez are brothers, Faris and Lenne are sisters, FFII's Maria and Leon are siblings, Lightning and Serah of the FFXIII trilogy are sisters, making Snow Lightning's brother in law who calls her Sis all the time. FFXIV has Alphinaut and Alisaie for whom the mute player character is a supporting protagonist for.
oh wow, thanks for that! i'm already on FFX2 so i'm going to work even harder to catch up.
yuna isn't a mary sue but she isn't a very strong female character either. she's half sue, half good female character. it's like someone was writing her but didn't keep fleshing her out in their drafts.

also, going to throw my brother's opinion in here too, although i don't know if it's unpopular or not. FFX characters are boring and have no interest or growth.


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serah's theme >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>aerith's theme and that's a FACT not opinion 😤
I think in the compilation sequels, the alternative fuel source to mako sought for is actual fossil fuels, so I don't think it was a commentary for global warming n' such. The poisoning of radiation certainly makes far more sense. Raises the obvious question, that using the FFVII planet's life force kills it, but apparently global warming doesn't? :P. Probably wasn't on the developer's minds at the time, though I say that with no evidence. Granted, a majority of people in my country didn't take climate change seriously until quite recently. Perhaps the same can be said of the Japanese.
Ok, I can see that. On the other hand, mako is a liquid in the earth, like fossil fuels; it is the residue left behind by dead lifeforms, like fossil fuels; and it's a finite resource, like fossil fuels. As far as I know (waiting for some scientist to step in here), burning fossil fuel inevitably causes both global warming and pollution, just as using mako for energy inevitably saps the planet of life. Nuclear energy only does harm when something goes wrong.

The poisoning that comes from radiation certainly makes more sense from the Japanese viewpoint.

Not that it really matters; it doesn't have to be an exact analogy any more than Wutai has to be exactly analogous with China/Japan. The game's message wasn't to warn us off gas and oil specifically or nuclear energy specifically, but to be more mindful of the planet's health generally.
Why certainly :)

I generally prefer not to interpret themes, they get in the way. But if there's going to be a theme, then nuclear seems to fit better.

Mako reactors, not refineries. No smokestacks. It's green glowy stuff, which is the cartoon visual depiction of nuclear energy, and causes cell mutations, particularly in utero. Originally developed as a weapon relatively recently, can be used directly for superdestructive weapons.

Also aligns with the 'nuclear testing causes giant monster attack' trope.
Gotta remember just how significant all things nuclear has been on Japanese culture since WWII. Mako isn't a perfect analogy though, as you say, and I think the game/story is better for it.


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Blitzball was horrendous.

X-2 had the best battle system.*

VI > VIII > VII > IX > X > XIII.*

Lulu was cool. Lulu is lame.

* I haven't played anything after XIII (this is not an opinion; this is a note clarifying that I don't know what the newer games are like to compare to the older ones)
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Controversial opinion: Valkyrie Profile games should've been part of the FF mythos.

Fight me on this. I dare you.


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i kind of liked 'why' and thought the translation i did which i've not looked at in years of it was alright/better than other ones online ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i'm generally fine with the vocal tracks but having to licence songs from record labels seems like a lot of hassle when all the rights aren't with one company

also i'm kind of glad they cancelled ffxv dlc because maybe they will release an all-in-one package now and not just a half-in-one 'royal edition' or something
I really really dislike fanart that makes Tifa look thick or chunky. I have no objection to lovely thick chunky characters of all genders and in fact I would like to see more of them, but Tifa isn't one. She doesn't look like that. When I look at art of chunky Tifa, I'm not seeing Tifa.
This unpopular opinion should not be taken to mean I want to limit the rights of artists to draw whatever they damn well like, even if I don't like it. :monster:

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Many of the interactions between characters are cringy as hell. This doesn't apply to any one particular game, but the cringe has only gotten stronger as graphics improve and characters are given voices (as opposed to text boxes). A perfect example is the infamous laughing cutscene in FFX.

If you haven't already seen it.

I realize that it mostly stems from the difference in Japanese culture vs western, but it's still awkward AF.
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