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Unpopular Final Fantasy opinions

Erotic Materia said:
I realize that it mostly stems from the difference in Japanese culture vs western, but it's still awkward AF.
i'm not sure that's the case. people found it uncomfortable in every language. that being said, the awkwardness was very much intentional, so in that way its execution was extremely effective.

so for my contrifundible onyón, i'mma say that was one of the best scenes in the series.


Pro Adventurer
^ This. I don't know how people not get that it was done on purpose. Also people b. about it upset the voice actor : /

My unpopular opinions:
FFXIII is not much more linear than FFX.
Lightning Returns is awesome and fixed all XIII problems.
Paradigms are awesome.
Crisis Core made Zack's death worse - Yes, I cried, I have a heart, but it's soooo melodramatic. 100 soldiers?! Long, sad speech? Nah.
I don't like Amano's style. He draws all characters faces the same.
Rinoa is the most annoying character ever, Squall is boring, Laguna should be the main character of FFVIII.
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