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Guiding Moonlight
I left SFV idle on the main menu and this song came on (I swear there’s like 2 or 3 different songs that rotate) and it really caught my ear. They didn’t have to go so hard with the MENU theme lmao

Ghost X

I've been in a little Eurythmics mood of late. I'm pretty sure Missionary Man was the backing track to a nightmare I had as a very young child, especially the bits with the harmonica :P. I didn't realise Annie Lennox didn't sing everything in it either. Some significant input from Joniece Jamison.

I also think the solo in the Miracle of Love is pretty fucking awesome. Presses all my mind buttons so much, I think it is probably one of those things that'll make me lucid as an old demented man if played :P.


Pro Adventurer
Faysal - the look of love 2002 (Oscar Salguero Remix
Faysal – The Look Of Love 2002 (Summerchill Mix) [Instrumental]
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