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    I'm off to North America, bai

    I am already in America :monster:
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    Last Film You've Seen

    CA: Civial War it was pretty nice
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    What are you listening to?

    all I want is you by U2
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    Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (PS4)

    My wife asked me to play some games that had good plots and lots of action. So I bought the Uncharted Collection and I am more than happy to replay all 3 games before the 4th gets released
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    welcome buddy
  6. Carlos


    I'd be down for that.
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    2014 TLS Awards Results

    Thank yall
  8. Carlos

    10. Nicest Smile

    cher and dawn
  9. Carlos

    14. Member You'd Most Like to Bone

    That dawn though. mmmph
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    8. Hottest Male

    I voted
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    Happy Birthday Kikki!

    Happy birthday
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    Planning the 2014 TLS Awards

    nicest smile sounds like a good one
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    Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary Blu-ray Box

    I occasionally play the trading card video game on the playstation. never gets old!
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    Hello :D

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