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It just feels like the older you get the faster time goes by.
I know, right? So it's not just me! But it's unfair, time seems to pass terribly slow when you are bored at work or something, but when you are enjoying something, it seems to fly faster than the International Space Station. >_>


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Very nice and looking forward to it, but what about some info on the AVALANCHE trio? SE said in interviews they wanted to really dive deep and explore them, yet none of these info drops have featured them - hints at their stories, how playable they might be, hires renders (If FFXIII's Team NORA can get hires renders despite being secondary characters, the AVALANCHE trio should be able to get them, too), etc. Show us, SE! They should have some spotlight, too.
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Glad to get some more insight on Tifa’s moveset. I admit I was a bit perplexed by the Abzu fight, wasn’t sure quite what was going on. I’ll watch for those moves now!

Is “Unbridled Strength” the zoomy-air-bounce-star-kick?


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Introducing the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE development team

As far as new names:

Motomu Toriyama as Co Director (scenario design)
Shintaro Takai as graphic & vfx director
Teruki Endo as battle director
Takako Miyake as enviroment director
Iichiro Yamaguchi as lighting director
Masaaki Kazeno as character modeling director
Yoshiyuki Soma as animation director
It looks like Teruki Endo worked on Monster Hunter games (including World). If I have the right guy in mind, it seems like he might have had a hand in making the bosses so interactive (like Abzu jumping in the water when on fire). I've only played World, but MH was great for that kind of detail.
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