Final Fantasy XV (was Versus XIII)


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I'm bummed to hear about the other DLCs being cancelled, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. This project has had issues since it was Versus XIII, but it's sad to see it go out the way it came. I do hope that they'll go the Brotherhood-esque route for them since I loved that mini series. At least Episode Ardyn survived the chopping block! Excited for it and the anime prologue.

Though it looks like Regis met Ardyn when he was younger? How does this not translate in Kingslgaive or the game? Hmmm.

Not all that interested in the Comrades news or the FFXIV collab. Though I have been itching for a MMO lately and might make XIV it.

Just hope the next FF title goes more smoothly than this.


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I'm glad the game has impacted the voice actors as much as the fans. It's evident when you meet them at cons. I wish we'd gotten more of the actors in on that little video, but you can still find their reactions all over Twitter. It's heartening to see fans and actors passionate about the project.
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