Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Omg I would love for Sho to be in it. If they did that my day would be made, Sho is such a great/crazy villian ;w;. Kariya and Pinkie showing up would be pretty cool too. :'D


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It's cool that TWENY characters are being added into the mix, but... I don't know if it's because I'm a old fart or what, but Chrono Trigger characters would be better and so much more exciting... imo.

/ gets strange looks by everyone >>';
^Strange looks from me, for sure.

ARE YOU SURE YOU'VE PLAYED THE MASTER PIECE THAT IS TWEWY? :awesome: I over exaggerate though, it really is one of my favorite games and it doesn't get enough love. ='( I'm totally going to buy it and start playing it again... xD On my new 3DS after Christmas. *strut*

Chrono Trigger is awesome too, though.


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Jump Festa trailer translations and some info.
......... :c

I have disagreements. But will save my criticism for the stuff that looks really off.

Master Xehanort, the skilled keyblade master form has changed. He stood in the way of keyblade wielders from before who fought to protect the light, and has yet to be stopped.
'Stood before (in the way of) the keyblade wielders', not 'keyblade wielders from before'. (キーブレード使いたちの前に立ちはだかった and not 前のキーブレード使いたちに立ちはだかった)

Joshua: Well, it seems like we’ve both have been seperated when arriving in this world.
It seems our world has been split clean in two. (ヨシュア「どうやら、僕たちのこの世界はそっくりそのまま、二つに分けられたらしい」)

Sora to Neku: Noise?... What’s your name?
The script I have says this is Neku to Sora: "Neku Sakuraba, that's my name"

Mickey: Why would I know him?
:/ Yeah. You were in like, two games with about him. I'd say this is why does Maleficent know about him.

Notre Dome priest(?) approaches Quasimodo: It can’t be helped that you must leave here. It is for your own safety...
"You mustn't leave this place. You are only safe here." (「お前はここから出てはならない。ここだけが安全なんだ・・・」)

Mickey: Shh! I know. It came from another world. To be honest, that’s the reason why I’m in this world to be a Musketeer.
I would have thought 'you're from another world' would be better for 他の世界から来たんだね. And he doesn't really specify a reason why he's being a musketeer in this world, just that he has some reason for doing so (実は僕も訳あってこの世界の銃士をしている).

While inclining his head, Sora replies: You don’t remember being a king in your world?
"Is this the world you [the King] were in while I didn't know (about you/etc.)?

Rhyme: My memory!... I have to go back right now.
"It's totally fine! My (?) memories will come right back when something reminds me." (ライム「全然大丈夫!記憶なんて、きっかけがあればすぐに戻るよ」)

Sora: Neku, that’s a dream eater?
Neku: Ah, you can fight them too, right?
Sora: "Neku, that (thing you have) is a Dream Eater too, right?"
Neku: "Yeah, you can use them too, can't you?"

In the beginning, while the worlds engulfed in darkness were reborn, their rebirth was in complete and the worlds fell into slumber.
"On the first journey, the worlds engulfed by darkness were restored. However, for some among them it was incomplete and they fell into slumber." (Only some worlds were not completely restored. 最初の旅で、闇に飲まれた世界は再生されたしかし、その中には再生が完全ではなく、眠りについたままの世界がある)

Even though the worlds have gates to them, the heartless could never enter through them. Therefore, in the heartless stead and another threat from the darkness existed.
There weren't gates leading to them, and even the Heartless couldn't invade. But instead there was a different kind of darkness in the sleeping world. (そこにはゲートが通じず、ハートレスすらも侵入することはできないゆえに、世界の大多数のハートレスの変わりに、眠りの世界には別の闇が存在していた。)

These are the two creatures that exist in this world instead of the heartless. These creatures that live on the opposite side of the world’s gate, with the dream eaters guidance you can find the Key to Sleep.
The 'two creatures/beings' thing is talking about Nightmares and Spirits, it's not really related to the Heartless part.

The script I had isn't neatly formatted, but I'd read it like this:
ハートレスと世界の心の扉は対の存在だという (It is said that the Heartless and the doors to the hearts of worlds are the opposites of one another)
ドリームイーターを探ることが眠りの鍵穴への導きとなるであろう (Finding the Dream Eaters may lead you to the sleeping keyholes.)

Sora: Yen Sid said, the worlds that cannot wake from their dreams... if they can’t wake up, they won’t be able to be reborn.
"This is what Yen Sid was talking about, the inside the world's dream it can't wake from... If we don't wake them up, they can't get back to normal." "ソラ「ここは、イエンシッド様の言っていた、世界が見ている覚めない夢の中・・・眠りを覚まさないと、元の世界には戻れない」"

Joshua: It’s the same, however, it may be different for other worlds, if it’s only one is impossible to say, get it?
Riku: Dream?
"Another world, the same yet completely different. To put it in one word, do you know what it is?"
"A dream?"

Mickey, facing Pete onboard a steamboat: Over there is Pete!
That's enough, Pete! (That's as far as you go, stop right there, etc. 「そこまでだピート!」)

Joshua: Didn’t Mickey give up on you? If he gave up one you, isn’t that the same as giving up on the worlds?
Mickey's not giving up, is he? If you give up on yourself, it's the same as giving up on the world. (JOSHUA'S QUOTE FROM TWEWY COME ON NOW! I vaguely remember the game as it is now but still caught this. ヨシュア「ミッキーはあきらめないんでしょ?自分を諦めたら、世界をあきらめるのと同じことだよ」)

I came here to look, because I always get stuck with the dirty work.
I'll go look (for something) (俺が探してくる)

Terranort faces Sora: Your heart also wasn’t trapped?
am i the only one who thinks terranort sounds daft "Didn't you also close up [their?] hearts?" 「お前も心を閉じ込めているんじゃないのか?」

Terranort / Vanitas: You heart is the exception!
This sounds like it's adding to that last line, "hearts other than your own" (テラノート・ヴァニタス「お前以外の心をな!」)

lolz that was more disagreement that i thought i'd make. It seems to have come from the same script I was looking at, but since it's stuff people have written up from watching it on the show floor there's a chance some of it isn't right anyway. I just like to complain :sadpanda:
Rhyme: My memory!... I have to go back right now.
SHE'S ALIVE? AND NOT DEAD? though I shouldn't be surprised, they brought Aerith back too. :monster: And I guess technically at the end of TWEWY she's not obliterated any longer. >w>

despite having no attraction to his biological sex.
Liar of the day award goes to...YOU


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oh hey there

The darkness turns to light--

Yen Sid: Master Xehanort was a genius Keyblade Master. Several times had he altered his form, standing before the Keyblade wielders guarding the light. However, it is not yet over.

and the light falls into darkness.

Riku: This is...
Sora: This is...
Riku: Traverse Town?
Sora: Traverse... Town?
Riku: My clothes are different too.
Sora: Whoa, my clothes've changed!
Riku: Sora! Where are you, Sora!
Sora: Riku! Hey!

Joshua: It seems that this world we're in now has been slipt clean in two.

Neku: Neku Sakuraba. My name.
Sora: Neku... Sakuraba... that's a cool name!
Neku: No, it really isn't.

Shiki: Then you'll just have to protect this poor defenseless girl, won't you? My brave knight!
Riku: Kn-knight?! You've got it all wrong!
Shiki: ...You're seriously gonna have to learn to take a joke.

Mickey: What are you after, Maleficent!
Maleficent: I trust you know of Xehanort?
Mickey: How do you know him?
Maleficent: It was he who told me of the worlds' 7 pure lights. And that with those 7 lights in my possesion, the worlds would be mine.

Pinocchio: Huh? What's happened to my nose!
Jiminy: You must have told a lie.
Pinochio: I did not! There was a man in a black coat here, he told me to play with Sora.

Frollo: You mustn't leave this place. This is your only sanctuary...

Sora: This is a Keyblade--
Mickey: Shh! I know. You're from another world, aren't you? See, I've got my own reasons for being a musketeer in this world.
Sora: So this is the world you were in while I didn't know [you? where you were/are?]?

(I'm not really sure what's going on with this bit.)

Riku: Minnie!

Rhyme: I'm totally fine! I just need a little reminder, and my memories will come right back to me.

Beat: Come on out, Dream Eater!

Sora: That's a Dream Eater too, right, Neku?
Neku: Yeah, you can use them as well, can't you?

Riku: Not so fast!

Sora: You!
Neku: Hey, this wasn't the deal!
Sora: Stop, Neku!
Sora: ...Why am I... so tired...

Yen Sid: On the first journey, the worlds engulfed in darkness were restored. However, for some among them it was incomplete and so they remained in their sleep. With no gates leading to them, not even the Heartless could invade. Thus in the stead of the Heartless, the majority of the worlds' darkness, there exists a different darkness in the worlds trapped in their slumber. The Dream Eaters. It is said that there are two types of Dream Eater: the Nightmares, who devour dreams and leave nightmares in their place; and the benevolant Spirits, who consume only nightmares. Just as the Heartless and the door to a world's heart are the opposites of one another, so too might the search for the Dream Eaters lead you to the sleeping keyholes.

Sora: This is what Yen Sid was talking about, the inside the world's dream it can't wake from... If we don't wake them up, we can't get back to our own world.

Joshua: Another world, the same yet completely different. To think of just one answer, it seems almost like...
Riku: A dream?

Sora: Pinocchio! Jiminy!

Mickey: Stop right there, Pete!
Donald: You're not getting away with this!

Joshua: I know you're not gonna let it beat you. Right, Neku? If you give up on yourself, it's the same as giving up on the whole world.

Riku: Why are you...!

Axel: Guess I'll have to go look then. I always get stuck with the worst jobs.

Phoebus: Frollo is on his way here. You need to get ready to leave.
Frollo: Well done, Captain Phoebus.

Riku: Is that supposed to be Mickey, Donald and Goofy? No matter what world they're in, they're always together.

Pinochio: Goodbye, Jiminy...
Jiminy: Goodbye? Then I guess we're going to end up food for a whale. I'm coming with you.

Mickey/Donald/Goofy/Sora: All for one, and one for all!

Riku: You can't judge someone by what they look like. I've also got a friend who saw right through to my heart.

Sora: Don't worry, even if I'm not with Riku our hearts are connected. I know your feelings will get throught to [him?]!

Riku: Who are you?
Riku: It's me?!

Xemnas: So even a soulless puppet has a heart...
Sora: Don't any of you have hearts too?

Axel: My name is Lea. Got it memorized?

Riku: Who are you?

???: Haven't you closed off [their] hearts as well?
Sora: That guy from before! What are you talking about!
???/Vanitas: The hearts but your own.

There's also a short version of the trailer (4 minutes long), but for some reason it says they haven't made the video available when I try it.
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...Okay, did someone just turn Kingdom Heart's timeline into a fucking pretzel or something?

Because how...the fuck is Lea...who is Axel..interacting..with..anybody?

Why is Xemnas (who's really just fucking Terra's hijacked body) still around?

How the hell is Riku seeing...a younger version of himself in Monstro, wearing an black coat?

And how many more fuckers are gonna keep taking off their hood?

I will say though that this is probably the most excited I've been for a Kingdom Hearts title since...forever. I can't help but feel this does feel like a rather important title. Maybe I just missed the main cast that much or something.


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Timeline was the reason Sora's 'is this where Mickey was' Musketeer line confuses me. I haven't followed this game at all until the last week or so, so have no idea where it's supposed to be chronologically expect this is what Re:coded's secret ending was talking about (Sora and Riku's Keyblade Master test thing is mentioned on the website). And Re:coded was the last game in the time line?

But then they're going into dreams of entire worlds or something so lolz who knows what's going on with KH anymore.


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With this whole dream thing going on, all this might just be mindfuckery and not be real.
Isn't that also the reason that Sora and Riku look young again?

I dunno anymore man.
I'm going to go into this game (if we're not sure of the script already by then) with the mindset that it's not real and all a dream, just so I don't get disappointed. =P I'm actually really excited for this game.. not just for the TWEWY okay that's a big factor but because we're with Riku and Sora again. ;u; Tbh, I didn't really give a shit about Roxas (enough to want to play as him), Ven, Terra, and Aqua. YEAH I SAID IT IDGAF. plus this trailer actually looks interesting and exciting

@The vid:
O fuck scientist!Zexion get in my pants :awesome:
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i will play the game


inbetween bouts of 'lolz Axel/Xemnas/Vanitas is here now for some raisin okay then'


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Timeline was the reason Sora's 'is this where Mickey was' Musketeer line confuses me.
From what I could gather, the worlds they explore are worlds destroyed during the time of BBS-KH1, that didn't fully recover when "Ansem" was defeated. As such I took that line to mean it was one of the worlds Mickey visited between BBS and KH1, or maybe while he was in the Realm of Darkness.

Also -
I think I wet myself.

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i would throw money directly in Wada's face

i don't even like the guy, but if i got my 3DS TWEWY i would gladly do so

i don't even care that much about 3D, i just want voices and those polygon models


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i would be considering which kidney i could live without if there was TWEWY 3DS

and this KH game might be fun too. but mostly TWEWY

can we called it SubaSeka i find that easier to remember :sadpanda:


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I'll never really understand why they went with the 3DS, when they can make beautiful FMVs... why not just make the PS3 KH game we've all wanted?

That said.... we'll probably have a full KH series remake one day... after all, they remade Chain of Memories, for the PS2 so....
Why is Xemnas (who's really just fucking Terra's hijacked body)
Totally read 'fucking' as a verb there at first and was a little :huh:

Tbh, I didn't really give a shit about ... Ven, Terra, and Aqua. YEAH I SAID IT IDGAF.
I wouldn't say I give a shit about them, but Birth By Sleep was a freakin' excellent game. I might go so far as to say it has the best gameplay in the series (of the ones I've played, but the ones I haven't don't sound like much).
And the fact that this game's timeline is baffling has me wary of disappointment because Birth By Sleep even managed to tell a coherent plot for the first time since KH1.


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That FMV bit was really pretty I have a feeling some of that is going to be part of the opening of the game. It's starting to look pretty interesting as a game but the fact that Sora and Riku appear to look as young as their KH1 appearances bothers me.
I disagree about Birth By Sleep in so many ways, but I don't feel like debating it so I'll just come here to post what I was going to. xD I don't know if music has been posted in this thread yet, but I just listened to the Dream Drop Distance version of Dearly Beloved and it is freaking gorgeous:


I need to listen to this entire sound track, like, right now. (kay judging by the dates of these uploads I'm late to the party but w/e)

but the fact that Sora and Riku appear to look as young as their KH1 appearances bothers me.
Actually, they appear to be younger than that. Riku's hair was much longer in KH1 than it appears to be in DDD. It could just be them being inconsistent, but idk, it bothers me. xD
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