Metal Gear Solid 5 (+ General Series Thread)

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Nani the fuck, weebs?
I forgot we had a general series thread for MGS.

Anyway, the past couple of days I've been on a quest to get the platinum for MGS2 which is a quest I had temporarily abandonded because I couldn't be arsed with the VR missions back then (temporarily meaning it's been on hold since 2012 :wacky: )
The VR mission trophy is literally the last one left so MGS2 has been sitting at 91% completion for eight years. This cannot stand. :monster:

Anyway, I finally reached the MGS1 Snake missions and JESUS the difficulty spike is ridiculous.
I generally have a low frustration threshold so I need to take breaks frequently when stuff takes multiple attempts to beat so I have a feeling these missions will break me.
But I got so far already, I don't wanna give up now
But on the other hand
it's really really really hard :sadpanda:

There is no radar and enemies see you from miles away and you have zero equipment and basically I just revived this thread because I need an outlet to whine and vent my frustrations
Y'know Tets, when I'm faced with situations like those...

I just say "fuck it" and leave. Maybe something to consider. :mon:

I don't often get 100% on many games, clearly. But then again, I have yet to break any controllers and/or televisions.


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I can't choose my favorite between 1-3. Each is so unique. If you're trying to decide if you want to continue the series, then at least go for 3. It's just as good as 1 and 2.

Side note: I consider 4 a "necessary evil". I don't care for the story decisions or cutscene/gameplay ratio, BUT it was my first MGS, so I wouldn't of played 1-3 without it. Whether or not I like MGSV is such a complex topic for me to talk about that I'd rather not ever go there haha.
I haven't hundred percented any game since Donkey Kong 2 and 3.

I'm playing mostly for the story. MGS2 grabbed and held my attention from the start, and the recent replay made me realise how good it actually was.

MGS3, while a good game, doesn't really give me the urge to replay it.

MGS4 was the perfect end to the series, it ties up enough but not too much. Lot of long cutscenes, but that's what I'm here for.

Peace Walkers was okay.

MGSV has great gameplay, but is very obviously unfinished and repeated too many threads from previous games.

What did you enjoy most about 1 and 2?
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Y'know Tets, when I'm faced with situations like those...

I just say "fuck it" and leave. Maybe something to consider. :mon:
I only have 45 missions left out of 511, I'm not giving up now :wacky:

Sometimes you need to rage a bit before you get that sweet sense of accomplishment and satisfaction :monster:

Speaking of rage, I hate those grenade weapon missions. Hitting anything is just awkward as shit. The targets move all over the place and getting a feel for the arc of the grenades and timing the shots with the grenade launcher is difficult. I got SUPER annoyed with the previous ones. Then I get to the grenade missions with MGS1 Snake and...they don't even give you the grenade launcher. Just the throwable ones.
"Oh for fuck's sake, this is gonna suck" I think to myself.

Cue me getting the top score on all of them on the first attempt :wacky:


I was lost a bit with MGS 5; I played it, then you get to a mission / climax that feels like it's the end... then it just keeps going?

My interest in the game just er, trailed off slowly after that. Maybe I should try replaying it again sometime.
If you've been paying attention over the past month there was a twitter account under the name of Tom Olsen that was playing the day to day life of an employee at MGS2's Big Shell and his reaction to the games event, on top of that the official Metal Gear account played along with, this lead to many fans and insiders going nuts about the account teasing something Metal Gear related, now on April 30th, we have our answer.

Hope we could take away something from this.


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I played MGS1-4, but I heard 5 was very different and kind of threw the story out, which sounds......bizarre, considering the previous games. I never ended up playing it.

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MGS2 was a disappointment when it was first released but goddamn, that game gets better the more I play it.

It's Kojima having a go at 'sequel culture' and he comes up with a clever way to basically remake the first game with a small amount of narrative changes. Raiden was put in to troll us all, to play off of our expectations about what a sequel could/should be. The man can be a genius, he just has a tendency to rattle on a bit with exposition heavy dialogue.

The worst thing about MGS2 is the character of Fat-man, shallow, boring, laughable and that's not even mentioning that fuck-awful boss fight. raving.
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