Playstation 5

I wonder if we are actually missing on some kind of geopolitical issue related to that.

From what ive read/heard on npr is this. Due to covid automobile manufacturing slowed. Then computer sales and console sales took off like a bat out of hell due to covid. Now auto manufactuers are trying catch up. They use up a lot more chips than they have in the past. Now along side all of this gathering materials, manufacturing, and shipping have been a complete shit show this past year.

I dont know of any political issues driving this, but theres is bound to be some somewhere. That is how the world works and we just live in it.
Dont forget the semiconductor/microchip shortage due to covid. 1st world problems
Apparently a significant portion of the shortage is also being driven by the further spread of cryptocurrency, like for new server farms for mining or whatever they do. Which are also huge carbon emission contributors. Really hope cryptocurrency will be banned in the future, it’s literally worse than burning piles of money.


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Well, unless if my order gets cancelled, looks like I’ll have a PS5 in time for Intergrade after all. $800 bundle from GameStop for the PS5 with the disc drive, extra controller, $20 gift card, the new Spider-Man game and the latest Call of Duty. Was planning on getting both games anyways so I’m trying not to cry too much as my poor starving wallet yells at me for giving in to temptation. Oh well, better than paying $800 to a scalper on eBay for just the console, I suppose...
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