Resident Evil Series

Cheerful title.

Wow, CG has come a long way. I'm kind of sick of Leon, he's overexposed by now.

I've always liked Resi's ability to let non main characters be competent. The Prez's detail sweep up the outbreak fairly easily.

His 'screw the US' attitude is a bit weird. You don't actually have to sign up for the secret service, you know.

How important is Claire that she gets a personal appointment with the Press Secretary? Still rocking that red jacket, I see.

The motel room is quite accomodating in letting her stick pins up over the walls.

The politics is hilariously on the nose. Gee, an island off the coast of China that they don't want US influence over, eh? It's difficult to take seriously. I know these take years to make, but woow.

So is this before degeneration in the timeline?

Dammit Jason, stop making villain monologues. He's probably not dead. Hey, it's just a gunfight in the middle of a tenement in Shanghai, nothing to see here.
Ended up being pretty disappointing, Resi telling a big story badly instead of a small story well.

Sir, you have a working vaccine for the T virus. Just sell that. You don't need to start a war with China. Why do you even think that's a good idea?


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Holy shit, they brought in Lisa Trevor?!?! This movie's winning already :monster:

The actors look good, although I'm not a fan of Leon's haircut. He'd look pretty damn similar to Leon if he had the same haircut, the one he has doesn't really suit him lol.

For a second I thought the other woman in the Spencer Mansion shot was Michelle Rodriguez and got hyped but alas... xD

But yeah, this looks great.


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If Leon’s haircut was styled like his signature cut, I would be pretty pleased with his casting. Indian Leon would be pretty cool, actually…

The races and other characteristics of adaptations don’t need to be the same as the OG; as long as they give the characters their iconic traits it should work out.
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