What games are you currently playing?


Am I supposed to have a problem with the guard of Priwen? So far they've been completely honourable and provided a totally necessary vampire slaying service. (Just come out of the theatre).


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I'm almost done with Judgment. I have many thoughts. tl;dr it's not Yakuza. It does have its own interesting gameplay which feels a little unpolished, will probably improve with the sequel (which I presume will happen.) Fuck that thumb turn lockpicking though :monster:
Also I have about 10% interest in the protagonist. His sidekick is far more interesting x) xD
(Also re: it's not Yakuza - my main problem is not with the main story, but with the side quests. They feel poorer in quality (the writing) and more repetitive. At least one dating side quest is fun, but it's sad
you only get to date people you save from some type of sexual assault. That feels iffy to me and is a definite trigger for some.
So yeah I was nose wrinkling through some of the quests and fast forwarding through some because they were simply dumb. The Yakuza games managed to make the side quests interesting and fun without resorting to stereotypes. I'd want more of that.)
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Recently got Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Donkey Kong Country Returns. I'm 9 years late on those. :wacky:

Been in the mood for some jolly platforming games lately.
Completed everyone's Chapter 3 in Octopath Traveller. I'm gonna try and rush through what I can before the 14th. Really excited to restarting No Man's Sky when the update drops.


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I'm playing Diablo. I've actually finished Diablo II but never played the first one until now. I'm using the Beezelbub mod, which adds some nice tweaks and extras like D2's stashes, running in town, extra classes, and more. Playing as a Warrior for my first run and I like it so far. I also am making my way through FFVII's PC version as I write my novelization since I'm also working on a mod for it which, among other things, includes a script revision based on many (but not all) of my dialogue changes from the story.


Just finished Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak or something; it's been on my wishlist for a long time but it's always been pretty steep in prices and not often on sale. I think I got it for 15 in the end.

...which is about as much as it's worth TBH, at a stretch. The graphics are dated and the singleplayer is short (it's showing 9 hours of play on Steam but I don't think I've played for that long), not much of a replay value unless you're into multiplayer and the reviews are not too thrilled about the MP.

On the plus side, it's got a compelling storyline, you really feel like you're on a lone expedition with a carrier on tracks in the desert and for that it's an enjoyable game, I had trouble putting it down because it just keeps going. It's got something of a survival aspect to it as well (like the original Homeworld games) in that you take your leftover units and resources with you - meaning you're at a huge disadvantage if you've lost units in previous levels. But, the difficulty level is not too bad (I believe they toned it down compared to Homeworld which was hecking difficult IIRC) so it's not too bad.

Have to agree with one reviewer though, after the first couple levels the game becomes highly reactive - you're constantly under attack and don't really get time to settle in. It's also lacking in things like formations (even if you can move and orient your fleet in a certain way, you're stuck with the default formation, meaning your repair crew is somewhere in the back and long range dudes are a bit too far away. Some micromanagement / grouping can sort that out but it's not ideal) and other modern-day strategy game quality of life things.

Anyway, back to XIV :monster:. The MSQ of 'sbringers is a fucking drag.
- Recently played Carcassonne, where you try and accumulate points by placing down and completing features like roads and towns and churches and people, etc. I think the game is fun with more players. I played both a two and three player round. I think I enjoy games like this involving spatial intelligence and little else, since I think it is my super power :mon:.

- https://youvegotcrabs.com/ <-- Played that yesterday. Highly recommend. Involves trying to get 4 identical cards and signalling your team mate that this is the case, before others do, or pointing out that others have 4 identical cards before their team mate does to get points. Incorrect guesses and detections by the opposition cause you to lose points. Lots of opportunities for amusement, as fake signals and other tactics are deployed to attempt to throw off your opponent. I'm pretty shit at these kinds of games, but somehow managed to win the first round. Lost the second round as my team mate wasn't detecting my signals, and I couldn't decipher my opponent's signals :mon:. The folks who made this game also made a game called Bears Vs Babies, which I didn't enjoy very much. They also made at least one other game, I think, but I don't think I've played it.

- Also played Slapzi. Can be amusing at times like when the cue card is something like "Fits in your pocket" and someone slaps down "Fire Truck", but I imagine that'd get old quick (along with playing the game itself). You have double sided cards with something on both sides, so remembering 10 different things (as you start out with 5 cards), their features, and where they are in your hand is a bit difficult (at least it was for me :P). There's also the Slapzi card, where it is basically a free for all of who can get rid of a card the quickest, where people slap down their empty hand accidentally instead as a reflex action. Comes down to speed of comprehension and speed of movement, and I'm a bit slow on the uptake at the best of times :P.
Resident Evil 2 Remake. Got bit (wounded) in the opening sequence. Sorry Claire, you're infected.

I was expecting some kind of grapple mechanic when a zombie got close, the lack of one makes things pretty dangerous.
Still Resident Evil 2. Enjoying it a lot.

Secret passage was a bit weird, though. In the original it led to the chief's secret torture dungeon, in this one it leads to... the parking lot?

Also, thank you Sherry, for being amazingly unhelpful in letting Birkin sneak up behind me.

Didn't die beyond the once, since the start, I'm being super careful, but constantly running on edge of running out of ammunition and curatives.


Random stuff; I got back into KSP for a bit, and done some Celeste but it's not great on PC (keyboard controls); should either get a controller or buy it again for ps4 or something.
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