What games are you currently playing?

Still obsessively playing FE3H. It's kind of monotonous but that makes it almost like meditation. TBH the reason I love it is that it's perfect fanfic fodder: adult themes of war, loss, pain, betrayal, sacrifice, etc... packaged for children, which means there's a lot left to say about them; distinctly drawn, charming characters who are nevertheless open for further development; and a complex world with a long history, most of which is barely touched on.
I'm currently on chapter 11. Kind of curious if they'll somehow work in the traditional beach episode given we're in the middle of winter. "14 characters froze to death. Now back to the story."
Little Towns - Basically gotta make sure you feed your people every turn, while building structures to complete goals and earn victory points, with any money you have left at the end also contributing to victory points, etc. I feel it requires strategy and understanding to properly enjoy, and probably wouldn't have a lot of replay value, but I only played it the once, so am not sure if I got the adequate level of perspective to comment.

The Grimm Masquerade - I suspect Masquerade is the franchise, and Grimm is like a skin of it, for lack of better description. Anyways, basically everyone is given a character with strengths and weaknesses, and you gotta try and prevent people from giving you 2 trait cards that are your weakness and/or hoping they don't guess who you are. If you collect 3 trait cards that match your strength, you win the round. You couldn't hide what cards you have either, so memorising your opponents actions isn't a component of the strategy. You can spend 2 matching cards to use a special power card that might give you an edge over other players, re: information, but that's it. When myself and some friends played, usually the round was finished before anyone managed to collect their strength cards, because you also have to identify who you are not upon getting 2 of the same type of trait card (as this would rule out that you're not a particular character with said weaknesses). I'm really bad at these kinds of games, because I am a bad liar, so when people speculate about who I am, I tend to give it away through giggle fits, etc :mon:. Also why I suck at poker :mon:.
Finished my time with the Nioh 2 beta this evening. I think it may have overtaken FFVII as my most anticipated game, at least at the moment. I can understand the criticism that it's just Nioh 1.5, but honestly, that sounds more appealing to me than most games. Can't wait.
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