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Awesome! As far as I know, ff7citadel has the most complete version of the OG pic, so I did the honours of compiling four ultimate comparison shots:

I made three edits by tweaking and shrinking the picture in paint.net while using transparency sliders to check my work.

OPTION 2 - link
The full OG pic, resized to proportion at two points: the Buster Sword crossguard/sharp edge, and Shinra HQ floor 70

OPTION 3 - link
HQ-only, which required more resizing and tilting of the OG:

OPTION 4 - link
Cloud-only, same deal as the others:


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Is it just me, or does it seem like the original key art is way wider than whatever has been shown? I feel like Cloud's angle is slightly off on the ones where the image is narrower.....


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Them running out of 1st Class Editions makes me wonder exactly how big this game is going to be. I mean, financially speaking. Think it's gonna smash records or anything?
Wait, they ran out of the 1st Class Editions? I didn't know they were a limited thing.


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Aw, bummer. I was gonna get it with my Christmas bonus this year since that would have been the first chance I'd have had enough money to do it. At least I already preordered the deluxe edition from Gamestop, so I'll have that at least.


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They don't? It seemed like they did from looking at the website, but it's been a while since I've tried that. I remember it showing the full amount in the cart, which was why I didn't get it when it was first available.
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