Posts by Ryushikaze Podcast #8: Closing out the year

The Lifestream crew take a look at the Playstation experience, and talk about our games of the year.

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Glenn, Carlie, Dennis, and Tim look back at 6 years of The and their favorite articles.

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Wow that was a long gap between podcasts, but after several false starts and several very hectic year ends, Carlie, Glenn and I are finally back in the saddle, joined in our journeys by forum members Fangu and Gabe. We

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Join Tennyo, Carlie, Tres, and Me (Ryushikaze) for this rather eclectic episode of the Lifestream podcast Contents 1:38 Discussion of the Infamous X Box One Eighty Policy shift and other Console Talk 12:30 Lightning Returns discussion, including the DLC costumes

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A Fan’s Eye View: Let’s Play Dirge of Cerberus Chapter 3

Did you miss us? I know I missed us. But fear not, because we’re back! Back with another glorious chapter of Dirge of Cerberus. Okay, maybe glorious isn’t the word. But chapter definitely is. This time it’s chapter 3, Silent

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A Fan’s Eye View: Let’s Play Dirge of Cerberus Chapter 2

It’s been about a month, a little longer between chapters than I originally planned, but we soldier on, and deliver, and what we deliver this time is a quickish chapter 2 with some admittedly bad sound quality, but considering the

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TLS Presents: Final Fantasy XIII -Episode i-

You all know and love the On The Way to a Smile books that our forum member Pixel has produced, yes? Of course you do. Well, he’s back with another, entirely different project this time, the FFXIII Audiobook! Information and

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