FFVII Compendium

Here you’ll find information on each subsection of our Final Fantasy VII compendium. From release information, to hidden game file analysis to in-depth fan written works, we aim to explore every inch of the Compilation.

Franchise Guide

This is where you’ll find simple spoiler-free summaries of each title in the Compilation of FF VII, product guides, a list of FF VII cameos, etc.

Canon of FFVII

If you’re looking for essays from the fans’ perspective about what is and isn’t canon in the compilation, check out this section.

Guide Book Translations

Fan translated Japanese exclusive guide books, such as the FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania.

Compilation Titles

Each of these contains a haven of resources for each title. For example, in “FFVII – The Original”, you’ll find lengthy articles such as “FFVII – The Unused Text” and much more. If you think you already know the Compilation inside out, something here may surprise you.

Novels & Novellas

Fan translations of the various Japanese-only FFVII-related novels and novellas, including Case of Tifa, Case of Denzel and Maiden Who Travels the Planet.