FFVII 25th Anniversary Stream

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Square-Enix have announced that a 10-minute long FFVII 25th Anniversary Stream will be held on June 16th. The content is unknown, other than previously announced updates to Square-Enix’s battle royale style mobile outing, “FFVII: The First Soldier”.

It also seems likely that the episodic mobile game “Ever Crisis” (developed by Applibot) will make an appearance, as it’s slated to release later this year.

Does that leave room for FFVII Remake “Part 2” news? The official Twitter account posted this:

With statements like “co-stream the broadcast and share your reactions” and the use of #FF7R, it’s hard not to be a *little* hopeful.

Come find out with us tomorrow! We’ll be streaming with the community on our discord channel, feel free to hop in!

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